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January 14, 2020

The Globalist Death Cult Has Used The Same Playbook Over And Over Again To Get America Into Endless Wars: It's Time To Honor US Veterans By Ending The Madness

- Globalism Has Brought Only Death, Destruction, Starvation & Despair


By William B. Stoecker - All News Pipeline

Predictably, when President Trump ordered Qasem Soleimani and some of his associates taken out, the Demoncrap/Deep State/slimestream media triumvirate howled with rage. Trump is leading us into a nuclear war, they shrieked. He is mentally deranged. The usual stuff. Actually, the Iranian regime is a brutal tyranny, and, if you assume that the US has any business keeping troops in Iraq and Syria, it might be argued that Trump’s action was appropriate. And the Iranians (so far) have limited their response to a largely symbolic face-saving gesture; no Americans were killed or injured by their missile strikes.

And Trump, to his credit, has stepped back from the brink and is (so far) showing restraint. And of course we all know that if Hussein Obama or the Witch Hillary had ordered a strike on a prominent Iranian, the mindless talking heads in the media would have praised their boldness. In fact, Hussein killed a great many people (not all of them terrorists) with its drone strikes, and the Witch cackled with fiendish glee when Ghaddafi was tortured to death in Libya.

But the US has no business maintaining troops and conducting military operations in Iraq and Syria, or, for that matter, Afghanistan, Somalia, and the countless other countries most Americans have never heard of where our troops are in harm’s way and our tax dollars are being squandered and our military contractors are getting richer than ever.

If I may summarize some points I have made previously, we have been at war in Afghanistan since 2001, nineteen years and counting, costing 2,216 American lives so far, plus many badly wounded or even maimed for life, and have wasted incomprehensibly vast sums of money while our national debt has continued to increase. We entered the war to punish Osama bin Laden for the false flag attack by our own government on 9/11/2001, and then let him escape. At first the war involved a masterful use of spec ops personnel (mostly Special Forces and USAF Combat Control Teams) calling in airstrikes. But, as usual, we soon got bogged down in an endless guerrilla war (we learned nothing from our Vietnam debacle) and are now supporting a government of heroin traffickers who rape little boys (much like our own elites).

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Our first Iraq war involved a brilliant use of airpower and a clever flanking move against Saddam Hussein, who was a brutal tyrant but who was also a counterweight to the Iranian mullahs we pretend are our worst enemies. In the second Iraq war we overthrew Saddam, replacing him with a Shiite-dominated regime heavily influenced by their fellow Shiites in Iran. There, too we got bogged down in an unending guerilla war that has killed at least 4,497 Americans so far. And Trump, elected on a promise to end our undeclared (hence unconstitutional) wars has even expanded our conflict into Syria, where we seem to be simultaneously fighting ISIS and the government of Assad, who is also fighting ISIS. That’s really a great plan…let’s fight on both sides at once. And Assad, by Middle Eastern standards, is a relative moderate; remember, Syria was our ally when we attacked Iraq the first time.

Trump at least strongly hinted that he would improve relations with Putin’s Russia, which, you may recall, is an advanced nuclear power with a missile force that can turn the entire US into a smoldering, radioactive ruin. Our media lapdogs are outraged that Putin dared to retake Crimea…a peninsula that had previously always been a part of Russia and then the USSR. They were enraged when he invaded Georgia over a dispute about some rebellious provinces. But Putin murdered and tortured zero prisoners, never bombed civilians, and ultimately withdrew his forces from all of Georgia save the provinces in question. But the ultimate insult to our leftist elites has been his support of the relatively moderate Assad in Syria against the ISIS forces, which Hussein and the Witch had effectively created when they armed and financed Sunni terrorists. Our Ambassador to Libya knew too much about this, which is why he and three other Americans were left to die and our military was prevented from aiding them.

The US has been at war for a good deal of our history, beginning with our Revolutionary War, and then our campaign against the Barbary pirates (our first war against the Islamists), and then the War of 1812. Mexico violated a border treaty their government had signed, giving us an excuse for the Mexican War and the seizure of vast territories. Of course, various Indian wars were virtually nonstop during this period. Lincoln refused to recognize the right of the Southern states to secede, although nothing in the Constitution forbids it and that document makes it clear that the states created the federal government, not the reverse.

At least 620,000 Americans died in the Civil War, out of a population much smaller than today’s, and state sovereignty was destroyed. In 1898 we pretended that the wicked Spanish were cruelly oppressing the noble rebels in Cuba, then a Spanish territory. In a provocative move we sent the battleship Maine into Havana harbor, and it was destroyed by an internal explosion that has never been satisfactorily explained, which was blamed on the Spanish, and the war was on. We “liberated” Cuba and seized Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines. Up to this point our major wars had been declared by Congress as required by the Constitution, although there were many undeclared minor actions all over the world.

But the Filipinos had wanted liberation and independence, not a continued occupation by a foreign nation (the US), and fighting broke out between US troops and Filipino rebels on 2/4/1899 with the Battle of Manila, beginning our Philippine American War, which was never legally declared. Some 4,497 Americans died in that war, and at least 200,000 Filipinos, mostly of disease and starvation. Numerous atrocities were committed by both sides…mainly by our side. The war ended 7/2/1902, but scattered fighting continued until 6/15/1913. This was our first Southeast Asian guerilla war, and most Americans have never heard of it. Nor have they heard of our invasion of northern Russia and Siberia at the end of WWI, an undeclared action with no clear goal, nor any plan for achieving a goal. We eventually pulled out.


The explosion of the Maine looks suspiciously like a false flag operation, and we were not told the truth about the sinking of the British liner Lusitania by a German submarine 2/7/1915, during WWI. American passengers died in the attack, on board despite having been warned by Germany to stay at home. It later was discovered that the ship was carrying arms for Britain. This, German sabotage against our armaments factories (which were supplying England and France), and the Zimmerman Telegram (it revealed that Germany promised to aid Mexico in regaining their lost territories, if, in the event of war between the US and Germany they attacked the US), gave Woody Wilson the excuse to declare war on Germany 4/6/1917, killing 116,476 Americans. The war to “make the world safe for democracy” made the world safe for the rise of fascism and militarism in Russia, Italy, Germany, and Japan. It also gave Woody and his comrades the excuse to create the League of Nations, the first attempt at a one world dictatorship. Luckily, patriotic US senators kept the US out of it, and the League ultimately collapsed.

So, after orchestrating the Great Depression, the elites launched WWII, a war that killed about 405,399 Americans, providing the excuse for the United Nations and for Truman’s National Defense Act of 1947, which created the CIA and gave us a peacetime draft. Note that the UN was supposedly going to prevent war, but war and democide have been nonstop ever since. Entire books have been written about FDR’s refusal to negotiate with Japan and the betrayal of our forces at Pearl Harbor.

And the Japanese, months before Hiroshima, were ready to virtually surrender, withdrawing from all their occupied territories, if we would forego occupation of their homeland, and let them keep their Emperor. We invited the Russians to aid us against Japan, allowing them to put a communist dictatorship in power in North Korea, which led to the Korean War and 36,516 dead Americans. That war would probably have never happened if we had adequately armed South Korea with our vast arsenal of surplus arms left over from WWII.

And our excuse for the Vietnam War was an alleged attack on two of our ships by North Vietnamese torpedo boats after we provocatively sent them near the North Vietnamese coast. In fact, the alleged second attack, on 8/4/1964, never happened. Some 58, 209 Americans died in Vietnam, and in the end we let the communists take the South anyway. It was all for nothing, and it left us weaker than before, with our military demoralized.

There followed yet more undeclared military actions. Few remember Ronald Reagan’s senseless action in Lebanon, where, as usual, we had no clearly defined goal, and the Marines at their barracks were left open to the terrorist truck bombing that Reagan and our military should have seen coming. And let us not forget Grenada and Panama. At least those two wars were short and final.

We now suffer under the military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us about, and we are losing our freedoms to the federal government and its corrupt, cowardly, murderous thugs in the federal police and intelligence agencies, especially the despicable FBI. The Vietnam protesters used to chant “all we are saying is give peace a chance.” It’s about time we did just that. But there is little to no chance of that happening under our current leadership…and that includes Trump, even though the Iraqi government we put in power has asked us to leave, and even though a majority of Americans and a very large majority of our veterans have said it’s time to end this madness.

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