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April 30, 2019

Where Will You Be And What Will You Do When The Nukes Begin To Fly? Countries With Bomb Shelters For Their People Will Win

- 'When A Fight Is Inevitable, You Hit First' - Vladimir Putin


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Days ago on April 25th, we reported on ANP that Russia had unveiled to the world their new 'doomsday weapons' with the launching of Belgorod, officially now the world's longest submarine, a sub which will carry up to eight individual nuclear-armed POSEIDON 'apocalypse torpedoes'. Those AI-powered drone subs will each be capable of launching a nuclear attack against Russian enemies that would cause up to a 1,600' high tsunami along their shorelines, weapons which have appropriately been nicknamed 'city killers'. (Though this February 2019 story at Business Insider called them 'continent killers'.)

And while this NY Post story on the launch reports this doomsday monster won't officially enter service until the year 2020, the Washington Post reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin has said tests of the these doomsday weapons have already been successful. The Post story also reports that all of Russia's new nuclear weapons that have been unveiled, including their unstoppable SATAN 2 hypersonic nuclear missiles, have effectively rendered the US's missile defense systems as useless. 

With even a United States Air Force General and a US Senator also admitting that there is nothing that the US can now do to stop a Russian nuclear attack upon America, will cooler heads finally prevail in this new 'cold war' that we are in with Russia or will America, like The Nation writer Stephen F. Cohen has warned, 'sleepwalk into Armageddon'? 

In the cult 1988 movie 'Miracle Mile', a man out late at night answers a phone booth pay phone (remember those?) and on the other end of the line, a man (clearly scared out of his mind & who believes he is talking to his father) tells him that nuclear war had begun and nuclear bombs would be raining down upon his city within 70 minutes.  

Before the end of the phone call, we hear other voices on the other end followd by sudden gunfire as the 'whistleblower' is mowed down, apparently by his own fellow soldiers who then get on the phone and tell the guy on the other end to forget everything that he had just heard. As Vice's Motherboard had reported of 'Miracle Mile' within this May of 2017 story which Steve Quayle linked to on his website on Sunday, "This Cult 80s Film About the Nuclear Apocalypse Is Still Relevant, and That Sucks Steve de Jarnatt’s ‘Miracle Mile’ offers a grim look at the world hours before nuclear apocalypse, kicked off by a pre-emptive strike by the US."

Imagine for a moment if you will that you are the person on the pay phone getting the bizarre message that a nuclear attack upon America was sure to come as seen in the video directly below from 'Miracle Mile'. What would you do if suddenly you learned that the world would soon be coming to an end? At the very bottom of this story we have embedded Cresson P. Kearney's "Nuclear War Survival Skills" and in the final section of our story, we'll be taking a look at nuclear war preparation. 

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As this previously mentioned Business Insider story had reported of Russia's new doomsday weapons, Poseidon's real purpose will be as a "third-strike vengeance weapon", meaning if Russia attacks the US or a NATO member, and NATO and/or responds, Russia "would flip the switch on a hidden nuke that would lay waste to an entire US seaboard.

As we had reported within our April 25th ANP story, such a strike upon the East Coast of America could leave the entirety of it a barren nuclear wasteland for hundreds if not thousands of years with Cobalt-60 scattered across a huge area ensuring "every living creature would be killed". Potentially delivering a tsunami up to 1/3 of a mile high, practically the entire East coast for hundreds of miles inland would be completely deluged by a tsunami of that magnitude.  

Of important note, the 2017 population of the US East coast stood at over 118 million.

With one or two strategically placed Poseidon strikes upon the US East coast potentially wiping out 118 million within moments followed by potentially tens of millions more as the nuclear power plants all across the Eastern half of America completely melt down, does anybody really need MORE reasons why World War 3 against Russia should be avoided? 

Two interesting notes. All of this is going on at a time when NASA and emergency planners are training to tackle an impending asteroid strike upon the planet Earth, a strike which could also unleash a devastating tsunami should it strike any body of water around the planet, and as of right now, the world's highest tsunami ever to hit the planet at 1,720' tall actually hit Lituya Bay in Alaska on the night of July 9th of 1958 according to this entry over at following an earthquake and gigantic landslide. 


As Business Insider had reported in this July of 2017 story, should a nuclear bomb or even a dirty bomb go off in America in a location that is relatively close to you, one of the most important things one needs to do is to shield themselves from the radiation by preparing to hunker down for at least 24 to 48 hours and maybe more. 

While most Americans don't have a nuclear fallout shelter, very dense and thick materials, like many feet of dirt or inches of lead, can reliably stop the gamma radiation emitted by fallout. Back in 2017, ran this story titled "How to Build A Fallout Shelter In Your Home (On a Budget to Boot!)" so we're going to take an extended look at their story.

Where to go in the event of a nuclear blast

The key to staying safe during a nuclear attack is to place material capable of blocking gamma rays between you and the blast. If you live in a home with an underground basement, you're in luck—at least 3 feet of solid packed earth offers sufficient protection.

If you're living in a home with no basement, all is not lost. Lead and concrete are also listed among the best options to block the gamma rays of a nuclear blast, says Robert Richardson, author of The Ultimate Situational Survival Guide.

"While an underground shelter is going to provide more protection, even a concrete office building can act as an emergency fallout shelter," Richardson says. So if your house is made of wood and your neighbor's is sturdy concrete, you may be best off heading next door.

In addition to the type of building you shelter in, where you hunker down inside can make a huge difference. Richardson says that in case of a nuclear blast, you're better off choosing an interior room in your home, as low down as possible.

"The bottom center portion of a building will provide the most protection from gamma rays, since the upper floors of the building and the exterior rooms will act as a shield," Richardson says. Basically, "the more material you can place between yourself and the rays, the better protected you will be.How to build a fallout shelter

Once you've found the best place in your vicinity to go in the event of a bomb scare, there's more you can do to fortify this area.

"Sandbags, bricks, containers filled with water, or any heavy materials that you can find can be used to protect against a nuclear blast," Richardson notes. Just place these items against your walls—particularly the windows where radiation can still sneak through, or on the floors above wherever you are. Mattresses can be leaned up against windows, as well as stacked books, furniture, bags of clothes, and anything else with some heft.

From there, it's time to stock up! The greatest risk of fallout occurs during the first two to three weeks following a nuclear blast, Richardson says, so if you're intent on hiding out in a shelter for that time, get enough food and water to last. It might not be comfy, but we're talking about survival here.

As their story also mentions, it'd be foolish to attempt to escape a nuclear blast by driving away in a car or other vehicle.

"Your ability to know where the fallout's gonna go, and outrun it, are — well, it's very unlikely, because it would be carried by high-altitude winds often booking along at 100 miles per hour."

Other 'must-have's' in the event of a nuclear bomb exploding in America according to this Business Insider story and this story over at the Simple Prepper include: 

A battery powered radio

A Radiation protection kit

Long term clean water supply

Iodine tablets

Personal radiation detector

Emergency disaster kit

EMP Proof bag

And while the Russian government has built tons of nuclear bomb shelters for their citizens, here in the US, the only government built bomb shelters will house the Congress critters and the 'deep state' showing that even should the US make it through to the other side should the worst case scenario unfold here, most of those remaining will be the ones that got us into this mess in the first place. 

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