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July 28, 2015

Surgeon Who Blows Whistle On National Food Takeover Fears For Safety - Report Of Extreme Crop Failure As Elite Use Food As Weapon Against The American People


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline

“Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.”

All News Pipeline recently published a story in which we warned that several preparedness stores had run out of stock on several food items and expected huge business in the next few months due to what many Americans believe to be an upcoming 'September event'. We also shared with you that if all-of-a-sudden panic hits, most of these companies emergency food would be gone in one day.

After reading this new SQAlert from a reader warning of extreme crop failure in some mid-Atlantic states (republished below video) and watching the brand new must-watch video below from Josh Tolley who is joined by a surgeon who details for us a 'national food takeover' in America that has left him fearing for his safety, we've decided to double down on this warning in hope that those who are not taking 'food security' seriously will begin to do so, before it's too late.

With the recent actions by Congress attempting to pass 'The DARK Act', a law that would destroy state efforts to label genetically modified foods, we have to ask why this surgeon would actually fear for his safety for merely speaking up about this issue? Imagine going to the grocery store and seeing this.:


Seem farfetched to you? We're actually MUCH CLOSER to that point than we might think!
HR1599 recently passed in the House of Representatives by the 'luciferian terrorists' in Congress in Washington DC who clearly want Americans DEAD and they may soon get their wishes due to THEIR DECISION to make GMO food labeling illegal. These same war-criminals and mass-murderers have also been outed as collecting MILLIONS OF DOLLARS from THE SAME COMPANIES who are pushing deadly GMO's onto Americans plates.

With companies such as Monsatan and PepsiCoInc steadily pushing death onto Americans plates and into our glasses, the fact that our own Congressional Reps are ALSO pushing death onto our plates is just another sign that there is indeed a 'depopulation agenda' and these people in Congress will do ANYTHING to make sure that Americans have NO IDEA what we are REALLY putting into our bodies!


We also learn here that even if HR1599 doesn't pass the Senate, it likely won't matter one bit as Obama's 'Trans-Pacific Partnership' (TPP) will accomplish the exact same thing... keeping Americans IN THE DARK about what we're putting on our plates and in our stomachs.

With the current sitting politicians in Washington DC obviously going out of their way to make sure that Americans stay in the dark about what we are eating, with GMO's leading to deaths all across the country, we take solace in the fact that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has come out on record as being all for healthy, organic foods and actually has a health plan in his businesses that might work in America. Let's all hope we make it to 2016 and that by then, it's not too late to put Monsatan where they belong.

If you want to help stop the DARK Act, please visit here to sign a petition to prevent those who want us dead from stopping the labeling of the poisons they are trying to feed us. You can also contact Congress here if you'd like to leave a message directly for your judge, jury and executioner. The White House can also be reached at 202-456-1111 to weigh in on this extremely important issue.

(Pictured above: Monsatan sweeps across America)


I have lived in this area for the better part of my 66 years on this earth. Most years we have a garden. This year is no exception. Strange weather has taken it's toll on the plant life. I have never seen such a sorry growing season as this one. Squash and cucumber plants have all died!! Tomato plants are spindly, and most tomatoes rot before they can be harvested. We have to pick them green and let them ripen on the windowsill. The same for the pepper plants. Normally, at this time we have an abundance, and are able to share with neighbors. Not this year! The other day we went to a local Amish farm stand that we frequent. Their stand should be brimming full of produce. They had maybe 25% of normal. It was sobering, to say the least! They had no squash, as theirs also died. They didn't have much of anything. Their fields look as bad as our garden! The only crop that seems unaffected is the (most likely GMO) corn - which is doing great!

Flowers are faring no better. In years past there has been an abundance of butterflies, as we plant flowers that attract them. So far we have only seen one or two butterflies!!! The flowers that attract them are a sorry looking lot. We have an almond tree, which the local squirrel's enjoy in the fall. We noticed a frantic squirrel the other day, devouring the not yet ripe almonds. The way the plants are looking, this area will be blessed to have any vegetables or flowers left in August. No way will any make it until fall!

We have also noticed a return of buzzards. At our local park they are now everywhere again. They are not afraid of people or other animals. They will let a human get as close to three feet from them before they move away. So arrogant! They seem to know that they are soon to partake of a feast, as "where the carcass is, the vultures gather". So says Jesus. Walking our five dogs past them was rather creepy.

The local health department says bird flu is heading to this area by September. The Delmarva peninsula is home to many, many poultry farms - including Perdue, and supplies much of the mid- Atlantic and beyond, with poultry and eggs. It looks like we are heading into a fall/winter of shortages. I hope everyone has heeded the watchman's warnings - as if not - time is just about up!

On a different note - my son entered a room at one of the places he works in Baltimore, Maryland. Two employees, who didn't know he was there, were saying how much they look forward to killing white people. The trial of the six Baltimore police officers is set to begin in October of this year. If they are acquitted - well, I need not say what will no doubt transpire.

There are many people who are struggling with serious illness. This includes the Lord's people! The "churches" in this area died a long time ago. A church on just about every corner, but making NO difference in the community. There is little to no fellowship. A famine of the word of God!!!!! Our country is gone. We have stooped so low as to build a statue of Satan in Detroit, Michigan. This, on the heels of same sex "marriage", abortion and selling of baby parts, siding with Iran against Israel............................

Just about everyone I know is having health issues, family problems, financial problems, or all of the above. Some are ready to give up on the Lord. I know our area is no different than any other. I pray that each of the Lord's people will be able to endure to the end. May Lord Jesus bless all who are his! Shalom, Dolores


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