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August 10, 2016

Why Most Americans Are Sitting Ducks - Nation Descends Into 'Death Spiral' - Deadly Toxins Found In The Water Supply Of Millions Of Americans

'Elite' Using Food As A Weapon


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

A new story published on Tuesday by the Daily Mail drops a bombsell on possibly 100+ million Americans but is getting very little attention from the mainstream media because of the 'very real story' that lies behind their story.

According to a very disturbing new study, at least 6 million people living across America are drinking deadly toxic chemicals in their public drinking water. We're also told that the study done by Harvard University likely woefully underestimates the numbers of Americans drinking poisoned water because government data doesn't even account for a third of the country, thereby omitting almost 100 million people.

Coming amidst the ongoing crisis in Flint, Michigan which sent shockwaves across America when it came to light that possibly 12,000 school children were being exposed to potentially life-threatening chemicals, the new study suggests a similar crisis could be widespread across America and it only underlines a much bigger problem for this nation that continues to get worse, most Americans are completely unprepared for survival.


As we hear from Michael Snyder along with Infowars in the 1st video below, the large majority of Americans have less than 3 days worth of food on hand at any given moment. As we have also reported time and again on ANP, food has throughout history been used by corrupt government's as not only a weapon of starving their populations into submission but a way for them to ensure their own total control over the unsuspecting and unprepared masses.

Back in August of 2015, Susan Duclos warned us in a story on ANP that "The US Will Not Escape The Upcoming UN Agenda" in which she gave us proof that they are using food as a weapon for their 'depopulation plans' and to force the unprepared masses into FEMA camps, "just as they said they would!" She gave us a series of examples throughout history of when food has been used by governments as a weapon against their own people. 

As this July 2011 story from Activist Post told us, hungry people will do anything at all for food, which means that those who have control over food can use it as leverage against the masses. We have historical proof that back in 1974, Henry Kissinger himself suggested that food be used as a weapon to 'induce tarteged population reduction'.

Their story told us that there are six ways that food is being used to wage war against the population including food inflation, shortages, chemical additives, regulations, genetic modification and 'the weather'. As most ANP readers know, weather modification and weather warfare has been well documented by Steve Quayle

The new stories coming out all across the mainstream media as detailed below shine a huge light upon what our neighbors to the South in Venezuela are now going through and should be a huge alarm bell to the American people. 


The story from published Tuesday is called "Witnessing A 'Complete Collapse Of Society' In Venezuela" while the story from the Washington Post pubished on Monday is called "Venezuela's Death Spiral Is Getting Worse". The story over at Business Insider published on Tuesday is called "Venezuela's Inflation Rates Are Now Highest In The World Sending Food Prices Through The Roof" while Vox's story published Tuesday is called "These Tweets Show Just How Bad Things Have Gotten In Venezuela". We have screenshot several of those Tweets below.

If Americans think that we are completely immune to what is now happening in Venezuela, we clearly haven't been paying attention. While America is still nowhere near the level of Venezuela, what we see happening there should be a dire warning to us all of where this could be heading here.:

Things in Venezuela are terrible. The country is in the midst of a double-digit depression. Its inflation rate is the highest in the world, and its murder rate is the second highest. Basic goods are scarce: One Venezuelan citizen told the Guardian that she hadn’t found any milk in the past four months.

It’s difficult to appreciate the story these numbers tell abstractly; virtually anything can sound dry once rendered in the language of mathematics. But they’re telling a story of immense human suffering — one the Associated Press’s Hannah Dreier put into perspective in a heartrending series of tweets.

Dreier is based in Caracas, Venezuela’s capital. She has turned her Twitter feed into a catalogue of woe, using it to list the indignities and pain she observes during her time in the country. Recently, she’s focused on the country’s health care and child care, explaining the effect that chronic shortages are having on ordinary citizens. It’s terrifying stuff.


Might America soon take a turn for the worse and one day look like what we're now seeing happening in Venezuela? While some might think that could only happen in a 'worst case scenario', we're getting more and more evidence that America is moving in that direction.

While we may not wake up tomorrow or next week to find that the stores no longer have food being delivered to them or the banks no longer have our money because they've squandered it all away, those possibilities are still very real and are being 'war-gamed' by government's across the world who realize just how dangerous food can be. If the government is preparing for such events, it's clear that 'we the American people' have to be prepared for such possible realities as well. 

In the 2nd video below we hear more about the deadly toxins that are being found in the drinking water of Americans across the country and have to ask, how many more people are being poisoned by the public drinking water that comes into their houses? As we see in the graphics below videos, history has proven what governments will do to both 'attain' and 'maintain' control over their populations. With everything else we're now watching unfolding, we don't put anything past them.



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