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September 23, 2015

UN Sets Up Mysterious 'Field Hospital' In Sandy Hook New Jersey Ahead Of Pope Francis Visit - Why Were The Tweets Showing The Existence Of This Hospital Deleted? And So It Begins...


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline

With everything else now going on around the world on this long dreaded day of September 23rd, we learn in the 1st video below that the Pennsylvania State Police has sent out a memo to law enforcement warning that terrorists might be using the uniforms and identification cards of 1st responders such as law enforcement, firefighters and EMT's to get access into secure areas and launch attacks against the Pope and/or innocent Americans. We also see in the 2nd video below that the United Nations has set up a mysterious field hospital in Sandy Hook, New Jersey after which the tweets showing this facility being set up were deleted.

Why would the UN be setting up a field hospital in Sandy Hook, New Jersey as seen in the video and pictures below? Why would the person who posted the pictures of this field hospital seen on this story to Twitter suddenly removed them from their Twitter page? Was this UN field hospital in Sandy Hook, New Jersey supposed to be kept secret? We can see in another Tweet from this same person below that they previously took part in a 'Pope briefing'.


A look at a map of the New York, New Jersey area as seen below finds Sandy Hook, NJ across from Staten Island and UN's headquarters, separated by approx. 17 miles 'as the crow flies' as seen in the Google Earth screenshot below - easily within boating distance should some sort of disaster occur and likely most importantly, out of NY city. With this hospital set up, this is likely more proof they are expecting some kind of 'event' or was setting up this hospital just a matter of preparing for a 'worst case scenario'?


The 1st video below shares the new terror warning that has gone out that law enforcement is very concerned that terrorists will impersonate police officers, firefighers and EMT's to launch deadly attacks within the United States with Pope Francis now here.

If we look back we can find many recent incidences of uniforms being worn by such officials being stolen from laundry stores, amongst other locations. Is all of this another sign that we are we about to witness another attack upon American soil, one that might be used to completely lock down our God-given and Constitution supported civil liberties?

In the 3rd video below, FaceLikeTheSun asks if there will soon be a terrorist attack upon Pope Francis and asks, "Will they blame it on ISIS?" In the 4th video below we see the arrival of Pope Francis in the United States in a video of which Elite NWO Agenda says "and so it begins...". 

A memo distributed by the Pennsylvania State Police’s Criminal Intelligence Center to law enforcement warns that imposters pretending to be first responders could use false identification to gain access to secure areas, according to an NBC report.

“The impersonators’ main goals are to further their attack plan and do harm to unsuspecting citizens as well as members of the emergency services community,” said the bulletin, as reported by NBC News.

The document cited instances at home and abroad where suspects possessed police uniforms in a bid to carry out an attack. In March, U.S. authorities said derailed plans by Army National Guard soldier Hasan Edmonds, 22, and his cousin to kill dozens at a U.S. military installation in Illinois using his uniforms, according to the report.

An emergency field hospital has been set up in Sandy Hook, New Jersey as shared in the next video below. Good common sense? We feel that after learning of this recent warning from the Pennsylvania State Police that is exactly what it is. Let's hope it's never needed.

As pointed out by the videographer in this next video, it feels like there has been an awful lot of stories in the news recently that deal with death. Was the horrific crain collapse in Mecca that killed 118 people on September 11th an act of God's judgement? With Pope Francis's arrival in the US, we should all take a look at a story on News With Views from Paul McGuire called 'Born Again Babylon: U.N. Plan To Bring In Luciferian Global State.' It's a must read with these dire words of warning.:

The United Nations and the elite are involved in a great seduction of Humanity. The same satanic system, which began in ancient Babylon, has now returned exactly as Bible prophecy predicted it would. Babylon the Great and “The Mother of Harlots” has come again. Ultimately, it is Satan’s counterfeit version of the Kingdom of Heaven. However, as we read in the Book of Revelation, Babylon will fall and it will be totally destroyed.



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