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April 1, 2017

Is America Being Turned Into A War Zone? The Month Of April Is Full Of Possible 'Flashpoints' In California

- 'Based Stickman' Speaks Out - Ann Coulter And Trump Supporters Going To Berkeley In April!


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In a series of stories by Susan Duclos on ANP this past week she outlined a very real and ongoing war against conservative Americans, Donald Trump supporters, traditional values in America and the independent media that has been unfolding since November 8th of 2016. The war against Christians is also accelerating on all fronts. While most of Congress and the 'deep state' has been hard at work sabotaging President Trump's agenda to put America first, we once again see California as the state to watch in the month of April with several 'flashpoints' possible in the weeks ahead on the 'free speech front' that could once again lead to 'fires in the streets' while the state of California tries to ban 'fake news'

While we'd love to call this story an 'April Fools Day' joke, events so far in 2017 prove that not only has America never been more divided but, as many experts have warned, we may be heading towards civil war upon US soilWill America soon become a 'war zone' in 2017? It's long been warned that a house or country divided against itself is sure to fall and in this story we take a look beyond Susan's recent stories with more indications that all hell could break loose in this country in the days, weeks and months ahead. Might that be exactly what the globalists want and need to 'take down America'?

In the 1st video below from Mike DePinto, sitting in for Gary Franchi of the Next News Network, he reports that Berkeley, California could soon 'go hot' with firebrand conservative commentator Ann Coulter visiting UC Berkeley in April, less than 3 months after a scheduled Milo Yiannopoulos appearance there triggered anarchists into burning parts of the campus down.

Coulter is scheduled to speak about immigration, a topic that surely will trigger anarchists even before she arrives on campus, during her appearance at UCB scheduled for April 27th. Coulter's appearance there may be the 'main course' as 'Based Stick Man' and a huge throng of Trump supporters is planning on making an encore appearance at UCB on April 15th, surely the 'appetizer' for what could be a very interesting April in California.


For those who may have missed it, 'Based Stick Man', aka California resident Kyle Chapman, went viral after defending Trump supporters who were being attacked by Antifa terrorists on March 4th in Berkeley. Wearing a helmet, gas mask, knee pads, and heavy clothing while carrying a 'Captain America' shield and a stick, Chapman joined his fellow Golden State freedom-lovers to fight back against the black block horde. Following his intervention, the masked, labor union-sympathizing pinkos retreated, giving America one of its greatest victories since Guadalcanal.

Also dubbed 'the Alt Knight', memes surrounding 'Based Stickman' have sprung up all across the internet in the weeks that have followed and as Chapman tells us himself in the 2nd video below, he and a bunch of freedom-loving Americans will be going back to Berkeley on April 15th to peacefully assemble to stand up for the rights of ALL Americans to speak freely and to support President Donald Trump. Will they be met by antifa terrorists once again?

44978e11f1f72b0f4d82d395a393f5a2468b60a1.png Screen-Shot-2017-03-05-at-10.27.52-PM.png

'Stickman' Chapman was arrested following the March 4th incidents but once the video showing him defending Trump supporters with his 'stick' went viral, conservatives have kicked in nearly $90,000 towards his legal bills. If you missed the video which turned 'Based Stickman' into a viral internet meme, you can see it as the 3rd video below. 

So....why are black bloc anarchists and Antifa so against the principles of freedom that our country was founded upon? As Chapman tells us in that 2nd video, these Marxists ARE one of the greatest threats to America that freedom now faces. Funded by George Soros and clearly backed by globalists such as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton who are intent upon taking down our freedoms in America, why are some people so intent upon stripping away the rights of Christians, Trump supporters and conservatives to speak freely and peacefully assemble?


While I personally may not like or agree with everything that somebody has to say, I'll staunchly support their right to say it as long as they aren't advocating violence against others. "If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear" is the original preface to George Orwell's 'Animal Farm'. Have some people not learned anything in the years since that book was written? Or, is that all part of the overall 'censorship plan'? 

Sadly, as we learn from this recent story from the Christian Mercenary Blog, all of the Millennials have been raised in Soviet schools, universities, churches, cities, states, counties. From their story:

We are at war for the very survival of liberty and we are losing badly. Would I pick up a Constitutional club with which to strike at the Marxist rule of mayors? Yeah, I would. Do I think that makes the Constitution some sort of, as Claire Wolfe recently said "some magical document that will restore liberty?" No, I don't. It is just paper, but if paper can be used to damage a Marxist, okay, I'll use it. I'll use any manner of weapon against the people and system that has robbed us all of the lives we should live.

We are long past the time when we could cull out the undesirables by a litmus test on certain ideas. We are at the point where we face extinction, obliteration, or complete disregard by other stronger and more supportive groups like Black Bloc, or Black Lives Matter, or some other group by their very actions inspire recruitment, because it really seems like the patriots aren't doing a dang thing for recruitment. Marxists are in the universities, recruiting young minds and bodies and on some campuses where the Army can't even recruit.

We have not done our duty and now we have to yell harder, bargain more, use whatever device is left to us to convince this generation not to abandon everything good about this nation in order to comply with the Marxist dictate. In the end, we may have to fight a war against our own children to preserve anything of what made this nation great so that subsequent generations might live in liberty.


Programmed in 'institutes of higher learning' to be snowflakes and terrorists, should we be the least bit surprised to watch what is now happening across America? As has been reported time and again, countless liberals are absolutely petrified of a coming 'Trumpocalypse', with many calling Trump a 'dictator to be'. Yet Trump urges Americans to 'arm up'. What dictator in history ever urged the people they were about to slaughter to buy guns? Meanwhile, doomsday bunker sales and survival preparation goes through the roof among the left as minorities 'arm up' like never before.

This recent US News and World Reports story warns that the current crisis America is now going through may be the gravest threat to the union of our nation since the Civil War. Warning the 'civic war' we're now in COULD turn into a 'civil war', they report "America has overcome previous periods of protest and unrest, but the ever-increasing unraveling of the last few decades has no modern parallel."

Listening to people such as Hollywood movie producer Michael Moore claiming President Trump could lead to the extinction of the human species while the entire establishment-left continues to go into meltdown over every Trump tweet or executive order proves to us how unhinged many already are. Watching Trump supporters being beaten simply for voting for him rather than 'body count' Clinton proves there's a new 'hunted species' in America. 'Based Stickman' has shown the 'hunters' that the 'hunted' won't be going down without a fight.

Of course we pray that any and all war and bloodshed will be avoided upon American soil. We've come way too far over the past hundred+ years to return to a time of fathers fighting their children and brother fighting brother. 

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