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September 25, 2018

Critical Updates On This Whole Clown Show: Kavanaugh Accuser Whines About 'Experienced Sex Crimes Prosecutor' Slated To Question Both Her And The Judge For The Senate†

- Another Pathetic Attempt To Get Out of Appearing?


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

While the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee is set to hear both Christine Blasey Ford and Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh on Thursday, over her claim that 35 or 36 years ago, at a party that consisted of five people, Kavanaugh attempted to sexually assault her, now it appears her lawyers are still not happy with the arrangements.


As of now, all three other "witnesses" that Ford named have denied the get together or party ever occurred that involved the five people Ford claimed was present, including herself and Kavanaugh. One of those people is a female "longtime friend" of Ford's, but states she has no recollection of attending any get together that Kavanaugh was present at.

Now the New Yorker has come out with a "grossly irresponsible" article claiming another woman is making allegations against Kavanaugh, even though the woman has admitted to friends that she cannot be sure it was Kavanaugh, and nobody can corroborate the incident, nor that Kavanaugh was even in attendance.

Massive case of deja vu here.................



Since ANP's Sunday update on this Ford/Kavanaugh saga, a lot has happened. The media claimed the accuser, Ford, agreed to testify on Thursday, after the Judiciary Committee chairman Charles Grassley bent over backwards to offer multiple delays and concessions to Ford and her attorneys, while rejecting their unreasonable demands.

One of Ford's demands that Grassley rejected was that the Senators on the Judiciary committee be the ones asking the questions of Ford and Kavanaugh. As observers of congressional hearings can attest to, Senators tend to want to grandstand, make speeches, rather than question and listen to the answers of the witnesses.

Plus, the nature of the hearing to hear from someone claiming to have been assaulted, and someone vehemently denying those claims, indicates a need to have a professional be the one asking the questions, to avoid a circus like atmosphere as we saw with the original Kavanaugh confirmation hearings.

It appears even those reports that she "agreed" were conditional and not totally accurate as we see that her attorneys are now complaining bitterly over the fact that the Judiciary committee plans to have an "Experienced Sex Crimes Prosecutor" do the questioning of both Kavanaugh and Ford.

Below is the letter Ford's attorneys sent to Grassley:



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Judge Kavanaugh also wrote to the Senate Judiciary Committee, responding to the newer claims, calling them "smears, pure and simple, and maintaining that he looks "forward to answering questions from the Senate on Thursday," in order to clear his name.

Kavanaugh's letter is below:

Kavanaugh Letter††on Scribd

Once again we note the difference in tone. As Blasey Ford's attorneys have consistently asked for delays, and have complained about the Judiciary's scheduled hearings, and format, forcing delay after delay, Judge Kavanaugh has consistently stated he was ready to testify on any date the Judiciary committee asked him to.

Democrats, who have been trying to delay the Kavanaugh confirmation vote since day one, are now using the uncorroborated New Yorker report to demand yet more delays, but as of Monday night, and a notice sent out by the committee, the meeting will take place as scheduled on Thursday, 10:00 am ET.

"Dr. Ford has said she wants to share her story," said a GOP committee aide. "She will have a chance to do that on Thursday, and Judge Kavanaugh will have a chance to respond. Uncorroborated, thinly-sourced claims should not deprive them of that opportunity."

That is assuming of course that Ford even shows up for her testimony, which many on social media think she may not and others thinking she never really intended to in the first place, because the entire thing has been put forward, backed by Democratic politicians, to delay Judge Kavanaugh's confirmation until it is too late for him to join the next session of the Supreme Court after he is confirmed.

These latest objections by Ford's attorneys come on the heels of reports that Judge Kavanaugh kept calendars from his high school years, documenting events, including other gatherings he attended, which he is prepared to hand over to congress as the gathering Ford describes is not listed.†

Reminder: Senator Diane Feinstein sat on the Ford letter for approximately six weeks before revealing it to the majority on the committee. Then it took another week for the committee chairman to compel Feinstein to share the letter with them, and now there are even serious questions being asked about the original letter itself.

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On Monday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel blasted Senate Democrats in a speech on the floor of the Senate and at the end, he stated "I want to make it perfectly clear Mr. President (addressing the president of the session), Judge Kavanaugh will be voted on, here on the Senate floor, up or down. "


If Blasey Ford shows up on Thursday, the committee hearing will go forward, hearing from her first, then giving Judge Kavanaugh a chance to rebut her testimony, despite the requests by her lawyers that the Judge be forced to testify before even hearing her official testimony.

Following that, according to multiple reports, the committee could vote by the end of the week, to recommend Judge Kavanaugh to a full senate floor vote. Those same reports indicate that even if the committee fails to make a recommendation, Senate Majority Leader McConnell could still bring the vote to the floor for the full senate to vote on, which explains his assertion in the video above that there will be a vote for Kavanaugh.

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Below is an exclusive interview where Fox News' Martha MacCallum speaks with both Judge Kavanaugh and his wife Ashley. It is noteworthy that even when given the opportunity at the end to ascribe motivation to the Democrat politicians in regards to how this whole thing was handled, he answered in a non-partisan manner and refused to cast blame on them nor the accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, instead simply reiterating throughout the whole interview that he is looking for fairness, and a chance to be heard and defend his integrity and record.

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