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April 12, 2016

Is 'Gabriel's Fist Returning To Destroy Earth Any Day Now' The 'Most Covered-up Story In History'? 'Planet X' Goes Viral In The Mainstream Media - Why Now?  


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Any record or explanation of ancient astro-catastrophism lacking the inclusion of spiritual examination is premised upon the inaccurate.

While the headline of a story over at the NY Post seen in the Twitter post above from April 6th sounding more like an April Fool's Day joke than a story headline we'd expect to be reading from a legitimate news agency, we learn the headline may be all too real considering all of the attention this story is now getting across the mainstream and alternative news medias.

Titled "Newly Discovered Planet Could Destroy Earth Any Day Now", we find out that some scientists actually believe that 'Planet Nine' aka 'Planet X' could cause a chain reaction with an end result of  "comet showers bombarding the Earth's surface, and ending all of life" according to Daniel Whitmire of the University of Louisiana. And not at some far distant future date but: "Some believe the apocalyptic event could happen as early as this month" we are told. 

According to this story from the Investment Watch Blog, inbound 'Planet Nine/X' is the 'biggest cover-up worldwide' and 'they know about it and are hiding it' as to prevent widespread public panic while 'they' go about preparing for the catastrophic effects of its pending arrival. 


As Susan Duclos told us back on April 7th, scientists believe this mysterious 'Planet Nine/X' is responsible for extinction level events throughout the history of our planet Earth with a bizarre, highly elongated orbit throughout our solar system that periodically disturbs the Kuiper Belt of comets, sending them cascading towards the Earth and other planets with possibly devastating outcomes for any living creature remaining upon the Earth. 

While a story Monday from The Independent attempted to debunk such an apocalyptic scenario with 'reports suggesting that life on Earth was about to be wiped out by the mysterious planet' now being denied by experts, the damage that the original release of such reports caused has been done despite us now being told that any forthcoming apocalypse isn't at all 'imminent'. However, as we are told by Steve Quayle, any attempts to explain ancient astro-catastrophism is incomplete without examining the spiritual and Biblical as explained in detail in our conclusion above videos. 

News reports suggesting that humanity is about to be wiped out by a mysterious planet are almost certainly incorrect.

A number of high-profile news outlets have suggested that the as-yet-unconfirmed Planet Nine could be about to wipe out life on Earth. Some have even suggested that it could happen as soon as next month.

But there is no clear reason to think that destruction is coming. The planet hasn’t even been confirmed as real, yet, let alone suggestions that it could cause doomsday.

Planet Nine is an as yet unconfirmed planet that could sit on the edge of our solar system, and astronomers are currently hunting for it. It is thought to be 10 times the size of Earth and sits 600 times as far away from the sun — but has as yet only been hypothesised based on the unusual motion of other objects at the far end of our solar system.


With researchers now telling us that there's a strong possibility that the actual location of 'Planet Nine/X' could be found by the end of the year we see once more that many in the alternative media and YouTube videographers were well ahead of the MSM in reporting the existence of this planet. And if researchers are correct, this planet clearly has Biblical and historical implications going back literally to a time long ago and may be that spoken of by such names throughout history such as Nemesis, Nibiru, Wormwood and Gabriel's Fist. Is 'Planet Nine/X' in Biblical prophecy?

Apsinthos in the Greek text, translated as “wormwood” in English language versions of the Bible, is thought to be Artemisia herba-alba. Wormwood is mentioned seven times in the Jewish Bible, always with the implication of bitterness. Although the word wormwood appears several times in the Old Testament, translated from the Hebrew term לענה (la’anah, which means “curse” in Arabic and Hebrew), its only clear reference as a named entity occurs in the New Testament, in the Book of Revelation: “The third angel sounded his trumpet, and a great star, blazing like a torch, fell from the sky on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water— the name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters turned bitter, and many people died from the waters that had become bitter.” (Rev 8:10–11)

In the videos below several different YouTube videographers take a look at this 'Planet Nine/X' including SkyWatch News in the 2nd video as well as two other looks at what one videographer calls a 'killer planet rapidly heading towards Earth' in the 1st video and a more skeptical view of this planet causing Earthly doom in the final video below.

Is this still unfound planet the most covered-up story in history? Why are we suddenly being pounded with it now? While we've always believed that no one knows the time nor the day and a 'planet killer' headed our way is certainly a possibility, just as it was for the dinosaurs, we cannot allow ourselves to be consumed with fear about such an event that may never happen in our lifetimes. We're all much better served by preparing ourselves spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally for anything that might come our way, preparing for the worst while praying and working for the best, each and every day.

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