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June 2, 2017

Is This How The 'New World Order' Could Still Obliterate The United States In The Relatively Near Future?  

- Can we stop an imminent attack by our enemies or must we obediently wait to be wiped out without a whimper?

Pastor Dick Carmack - All News Pipeline

At one time not too long ago, in the early 1960s, America had a tiger by the tail. A “Stripi” tiger that is. We still have it, but are we somehow being held hostage and not being allowed to use it?

We’re told North Korea or some other insane nation could take out the United States with an EMP weapon launched from a satellite and thrust the entire world into war. But is there any way we can stop an attack before it happens? The answer apparently is “Yes.” If so, why aren’t we being told of an inexpensive and quickly obtainable option called “Strypi” available for taking their weapon(s) out before they pull the trigger?

In the early 1960s, during the cold war, American scientists were charged with developing a method to take out orbiting satellites that might present a threat to the United States. Spurred by technology demonstrated by Russia via “Sputnik” in the late 1950s, America went to work.

It was late 1957 when Russia shocked the world with the launch of Sputnik and as the world watched and worried, a scramble quickly ensued to counter the threat. In the weeks and months that followed Sputnik, space technology entered the American vocabulary with amateur stargazers recording the beeps that emanated regularly from Sputnik. You could even spot it with the naked eye when highlighted by the setting sun, its orbit being so low.

Could a Sputnik bird carry an atomic bomb or some other method of mass destruction we wondered? Could we somehow shoot it down? Those questions went unanswered for the public though our scientific establishment was working overtime to discover ways to take out the threat. $Multi-billion solutions were quickly described and proposed but wonder of all wonders, a lower cost solution was actually sought by the John F. Kennedy Administration. Proposals went out and a relatively small laboratory in Albuquerque, New Mexico soon came up with a low-cost, practical plan utilizing existing, off-the-shelf technology. It was dubbed “Strypi.” Asked how they came up with the name, an engineer replied, “When the practicality of the project was demonstrated, someone remarked, ‘Looks like we’ve got a tiger by the tail!’” Another quickly responded, “Let’s call it Stripey.”

Here’s how it worked: First weather balloons were sent up with wind data sent back to launch headquarters enabling “aim” to be taken. Then a relatively light payload (the weight and configuration of a satellite large enough to carry a small EMP device) was attached to a “rail-gun (sometimes called a ‘space gun’ or ‘Verne gun’ after Jules Verne, who wrote ‘From the Earth to the Moon’)” which carried a vehicle mounted on a rail that in turn carried the projectile. The device was first aimed, then accelerated by means of propulsion agents attached to the carrying rail-gun vehicle to the point where it had obtained the proper speed. Whereupon, the device (rocket) was released, with the proper angle and direction, which then by its on-board power and guidance achieved a stable low-earth-orbit. The rocket was aimed to obtain an “elongated apogee” which would enable it to be in place (within 5 miles) when Sputnik or another target (North Korean satellites?) came by, whereupon the appropriate weapon (EMP or conventional) could then be used to take the target out of commission.

Fairly recent testing of variations of the idea have been done by the University of Hawaii in October of 2015


All this can be done for pennies on the dollar compared to other solutions. It’s not known, or at least not publicized, if large defense contractors quietly convinced Washington to bury the project, seeing no huge profits to be made, or perhaps it was just decided to not needed just then by the powers-that-be. No matter what the official view for taking out Sputnik, there are undoubtedly many practical uses for the rail-gun because it can quickly be re-loaded (a few hours compared to several weeks), with much of the hardware to be used over and over. Another advantage would seem to be very large propulsion charges could be used because they could be expended on the ground instead of being carried to high altitude before ignition, limited obviously by physical properties.

The theory behind Stripi goes all the way back at least to the Christian physicist and mathematician Sir Isaac Newton who toyed with the idea. It was later used by Hitler in his V-3 (as opposed to V-2) program when he attempted to build such a gun in France. His efforts came to naught however, when his device was destroyed by the RAF in July of 1944. After Sandia Labs presented our government with the solution to low-earth orbit dangerous satellites in the 1960s information petered out, with mostly only practical thinking scientists showing any interest in the project.

Too simple, too effective, too practical.

The level of duplicity, obfuscation, stone-walling and just plain lying by our national government (Democrats and Republicans alike) in order to keep the population in a dumbed-down and terrified state, is almost unbelievable. This article deals with only one facet of our current situation illustrating the problem and again warning the public to believe nothing we are told by the government or the “mainstream” media. “Pathological lying” is the proper term.

So North Korea has at least two satellites orbiting over our country several times each day. Do they have EMP weapons on board? Or, are they simply test devices? Nobody it seems, is willing to tell us the truth of the matter.

Can we stop an imminent attack by our enemies or must we obediently wait to be wiped out without a whimper? The short answer is we can neutralize almost any perceived adversary in a matter of hours if we have the will to do it. The long answer can only be understood by a reading and believing of God’s Word, which gives us insight into the devious minds of those who would attempt to rule the world. It also will help to study secular history, particularly the history of psychopaths who want absolute power over other human beings.

We are informed regularly by the controlled media, that America lies in mortal danger of an almost certain attack by the tiny rouge nation called North Korea. At any moment it seems, Kim Jong Un is apt to come completely unhinged and either wipe us out with an atomic warhead, or failing that, to detonate his nuclear EMP device that may be orbiting the earth at regular intervals. It is suspected (we are told) the little madman from the north may have planted a device in either both, or one of the satellites now reportedly flying above our skies several times daily. Or, if the present Korean birds are harmless, fears are NK may be capable of launching a new one at any time that would be able to do the job of crippling or wiping out our electrical grid thus throwing us back into the 19th Century, or “horse and buggy” days.


We ask then, “Why does our government then refuse to harden our grid, which reportedly could be done with less than $2 billion?” The answer seems to be it is to the advantage of the New World Order crowd to keep us believing we are on the edge of destruction, because a fearful people are much more compliant than a fearless people. It may also be to the advantage of the New World Order, to actually obliterate the United States at some unknown date in the relatively near future.

But are all the alarms about North Korea true, or is it just disinformation designed to keep Americans on edge and in fear where we will be eager to grant the Federal Government almost unlimited powers in exchange for protection from the imagined threat?

A few older readers will recall in the early days following the Sputnik scare there was much speculation about rocket weaponry with diagrams appearing in newspapers showing a Russian scheme to accelerate a rocket down a structure that looked much like a roller-coaster. The rocket (on its cart) would be placed at the top of the first hump, then driven downward with the help of gravity and propellants only to be launched into space at the top of the opposing rise. The carrying vehicle would stop at the top, then be repositioned at the starting point for the next shot. Gone would be the need for multiple stages of propellants carried by the rocket (being carried instead on the launching vehicle rather than the projectile), thus dramatically reducing costs and also increasing the capabilities of the flying bomb. Guidance would be used only after achieving orbit.

All this was but another variation of the rail-gun developed out in the boonies of desolate New Mexico. This writer remembers the articles and illustrations of the Russian variation but has been unable so far to find any further information, it either being suppressed or considered unimportant.

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