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November 17, 2018

Enemies Of America Within Or Without Take Heed: Tens Of Millions Of Awakened, Law-Abiding And Well Armed American Patriots Will Fight Against Tyranny To The End!

Just As Our Founding Fathers Made Sure Americans Were Able To Do

By William B Stoecker - All News Pipeline

The Demoncraps have won control of the House, so now is a good time to remember that we have not had a fair and free election in America in decades. First of all, the billionaire class is heavily leftist, and the Demoncraps can spend far more than can the Republicans. Except for Fox and some internet sites and a few small circulation print magazines, the left pretty much controls what has become the slimestream media, and is now trying to censor the internet as well.

The left also controls the indoc centers that were formerly known as schools and universities, and where entire generations of young people have been deliberately dumbed down, morally degraded, and indoctrinated in the wonders of socialism. And the left buys votes with welfare programs. When all of that is not enough they resort to out and out fraud; as I often say, twenty million dead illegal aliens can’t be wrong, especially when each one votes two or three times. Aleady some evidence is beginning to emerge of improper vote counting in Florida and illegal aliens voting in Texas.


And it is hard to have free elections when there is no real opposition party offering voters a real choice. The RINOs have controlled the White House, Senate, and House for two years, but have failed to cut spending, fund the border wall, or defund Planned “Parenthood” or the sanctuary cities. This is par for the course for them. And, dominated by the rabid, war-mongering neocon faction, they have continually antagonized Russia and have kept our troops in Afghanistan, Syria (where we have supported radical Islamists), and Iraq.

Trump has gone along with the wars and the hostility to Putin and Russia. He kept Little Jeff Sessions as Attorney General…and, for two years, Sessions failed to reform the DOJ, FBI, and BATF. At least, in his rallies, Trump has told the truth about a number of important issues. And he seems to be committed to stopping the latest “caravans” of invaders approaching our southern border.

As a result of this failure of leadership, and the American Sheeple’s failure to hold our leaders accountable, the US now faces truly existential threats. Our national debt is out of control, and our annual budget deficits are getting larger. Then there are the unfunded liabilities, the big banks’ exposure to derivatives, and the massive private debt of our citizens, including the misbegotten student loan program. Sooner or later the bills will come due, and our nation will suffer severe economic decline, possibly an abrupt collapse.

Our insane antagonism to Russia is increasing the risk of a nuclear war no one can win, that will end in agonizing death for millions of us, and the likely total destruction of Mankind’s last, best hope…Western Civilization. If we somehow escape this horror, the continuing invasion of illegal aliens is turning America into a Third World hellhole, an impoverished, overpopulated collection of warring tribes. Add to this the danger of an EMP or even a hacking attack on our electrical grid, and the continuing decline of our infrastructure.


Perhaps the biggest disappointment to those of us who still hold out some hope for the restoration of our Republic is the degree of mental and moral degradation that has spread to so many of our fellow citizens. We are witnessing escalating violence by Antifa and BM (Black Lives Matter). A possible majority of Arizona voters may really have voted for the despicable Krysten Sinema, who has publicly admitted that she despises Arizonans. New Black Panthers paraded with assault rifles in Georgia to intimidate anyone who might oppose the arrogant Black leftist Stacey Abrams, and the anti-gun media fail to protest.

Even without the massive vote fraud that is coming to light in Florida, the Black Demoncrap Andrew Gillum received a large minority of the votes…people continue to fall for the same old lies again and again and again. Minnesota voters reelected the Black Muslim abuser of women, Keith Ellison, and a near-majority of Texans voted for “Beto” O’Rourke. What hope is there for a nation with so many degraded and dumbed down citizens? How can we patriots ever hope to live in peace with them?

On the other hand, Trump finally got rid of Little Jeff Sessions, and, if his past record is any guide acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker may actually reform the DOJ and begin a real investigation of the Witch Hillary and her leftist comrades. Such an investigation, if it ever actually got started, would reveal greater and greater crimes by our would-be masters. But our greatest hope is us…the patriots who believe in limited, republican government and the rule of law.

For we are wising up to an unprecedented degree; literally tens of millions of Americans are fully aware of the Deep State, the globalist elites, and their sorry record of political assassinations and false flag attacks. As our awareness grows and as we continue to witness the crimes of Antifa, the vote fraud, and the arrogance and lies of the slimestream media, our fury and outrage grow. And (take heed, Antifa punks) we are armed.

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