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August 22, 2015

Red Alert! We Hope You Prepared This Weekend - Monday Could Bring Disaster! The X22 Report Tells Us What The MSM Won't!


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

As shared in this recent story from Bloomberg, the richest 400 people in the world have just lost a combined $182 BILLION dollars after the disastrous stock market crash on Thursday/Friday. If Americans think that we will somehow escape the coming pain, the newly released video below from the X22Report Spotlight should help us to regain our focus as special guest Bill Holter joins Dave from X22Report to tell us why we all better be prepared now; Monday could quite easily bring absolute disaster. In the 2nd video below we learn that there's a strong possibility that the DOW may soon lose 10,000 points in an 'epic Wall Street' rant while in the 3rd video below, we learn what could soon happen if the dollar collapses in 2015.

Telling us that the economic collapse could quickly help turn America into a 3rd world country, Dave and Bill tell us that we should be prudent, especially if we haven't been preparing for what ANP and other alternative media outlets have been warning readers about for some time now....the clock is ticking viciously away and the sand in the hourglass counting down economic armageddon has almost run out.


The story in the Telegraph from August 17th, days before the most recent Wall Street crash (the 2 day market crash was bigger than ANY 1 day crash in US history!), told us that the doomsday clock for a global market crash had struck one minute before midnight. China's currency devaluation, we are told, signaled the coming 'endgame' and left equity markets teetering on the edge. As one trusted ANP source has told us, if we are NOT prepared for what's coming, disaster awaits and it could be terminal.

Only a week ago, international news agency Reuters warned us of the possibility of worldwide food shortages leading to civil unrest. While this linked story by Susan Duclos told us about what the 1st 72 hours after an EMP attack upon America might look like, we learned that the difference between life and death is most often based upon preparation and while an economic collapse would not bring the exact same circumstances that an EMP attack would, the overall situation remains the same. 'Get There Before The Food Runs Out!' Susan warned, 'for when catastrophe hits, it will already be too late!'


Susan also shared that should an EMP attack strike America, millions of Americans would die in the 1st month alone. We also know that civilization is only 9 meals away from anarchy and if America is soon turned into a 3rd world nation with the collapse warned of in this video, if we're not prepared, our next meal may only be obtainable at a local FEMA camp.

With Venezuela having just declared 60 days of martial law in 5 municipalities of the border state Tachira as warned in a new story from Zero Hedge, we can only wonder how long it will be until the US is forced to do the same thing as the economy completes its apocalyptic tumble, leaving America just the latest country to taste what China is tasting now as their central bank loses control... they certainly won't be the last.


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