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* Liberals Attack Christians After Churches Bombed: 'Don't Send Your Prayers' - MSM Shows Their True Colors & Downplays 'Radical Islamic Terrorism' In Sri Lanka
* He Is Risen - Happy Resurrection Day (Easter) Everyone!! OPEN THREAD
* Now For The Real Collusion Investigation: The Obama Admin And Russian Misinformation Used By The FBI And DOJ, Also Known As The 'Steele Dossier'
* CNN & Washington Post Fake News In The Spotlight - With The Russia Collusion Hoax Over The MSM Owes A Lot Of People A Lot Of Apologies
* Creepy Photograph Tells Us What The MSM And 'Global Govt' Never Will: Notre Dame Cathedral Was 'Beheaded' For Islam- Why Were The 12 Apostles And 4 Evangelists Statues REALLY Beheaded?
* Radical Extremism Takes Over The Democrat Party As Media Incited Violence Against Trump Supporters Continues Unabated
* Normal Does Not Exist Anymore And It Is Killing America - Turning Alpha Men Into Beta Boys Will Lead To Extinction
* The Three Twits Of Tyranny Helping To Split Democrats In Half.... Toss In Bernie Sanders Attacking Liberal Think Tanks And Dems Are At War With Each Other
* Stumped By Trump: Media & Dems Trolled Into Admitting How They REALLY Feel About Illegal Immigrants, And It Is Ugly
* Snowflake Writer Ripped From 'Safe Space' Becomes Unhinged, Admits To Melting Down When Presented With Opposing Opinions, Blames Fox News
* Attorney General 'Red Pills' Americans - Confirms Review Of 'Spying' By Obama Admin Against Trump Campaign: Mass Hysteria From Liberals & Media Ensues
* Freaky Feminists & Leftists Triggered BIGLY Over Greeting Cards, 'Fart Rape,' Thin Privilege And The Appropriation Of Pepe The Frog

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* Why We Remain Vigilant: As The Table Turns, The Deep State's 'Window Of Opportunity' To Pull Off A Monstrous False Flag Closes Like The Nooses Around Their Necks
* China’s Social Credit System Will Be America’s New Nightmare: The Tools Of The Antichrist Are Already Here As The 'Mark Of The Beast System' Is Cemented Into Place
* Was The Torching Of Notre Dame Cathedral A Message From God? This Ominous Sign Comes As The Future Of Civilization Stands At Its Most Consequential Crossroads
* Scientists Playing God Bring Us One Step Closer To The Zombie Apocalypse, Planet Of The Apes, And Jurassic Park
* Men Of Fighting Age Make Up Majority Of Illegal Immigrants Attempting To Get Into America But MSM False Talking Points Say Otherwise - More Proof America Is Being Set Up For A Fall?
* Did France Burn Notre Dame Cathedral To Appease Islam? As Muslims Celebrated While Sacred Icons Of Christianity Went Up In Flames, Appalling Proof Christianity Is Under Attack Worldwide
* America's Blinded Younger Generations Are Steering Our Country Into A Death Trap: 5 Ways That Socialism Kills Societies
* As 3rd World Diseases Return To America, 'Warrior At The Border' Warns Migrant Caravans Are A Trial Run For Medical Tyranny
* An Open Letter To President Trump From A US Veteran: The US Govt Has Broken Promises To Vets For Far Too Long! The VA Must Fix Deep & Systematic Problems Still Plaguing Them
* The Globalists Depopulation Agenda Is Real: This Is What They And The 'Big Pharma Mafia' Don't Want Us To Know! In Jaw Dropping Study, Raw Garlic Killed Almost ALL Cancers!
* Only The Deaths Of The Globalists Lies Can Finally Lead America To Truth And Only The Trials And Executions Of Those Who Committed Treason Will Stop Future Coup Plots

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