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* 'IneptOcrats' Formally Known As Democrats Have Gone Full-On Socialism And Those That Escaped Brutal Socialist Regimes Are Appalled
* Another Food Recall: A Great Reminder Of Why You Need To Know How To Survive During Food Shortages
* NZ Killer Created By The Media, For The Media - What The MSM Is Not Reporting From Killer's Manifesto Is More Telling Than What They Are
* From Covington To New Zealand Massacre, MSM Fails Spectacularly - The Media Madness All Stems From Their Collective Trump Derangement Syndrome
* The Endgame Is Upon Us: Destroy The Children By Indoctrinating Them Into Deviancy And Socialism And You Destroy The Future Of The Nation
* The Left's 'Identity Politics' Are Blowing Up In Their Faces! More Proof The 'Progressive Socialist Mob' Hates America And Wants Nothing More Than To Destroy Our Nation And Way Of Life
* The Outrage Mob Targets The Wrong Person This Time - Tucker: 'We Will Never Bow To The Mob - Ever. No Matter What.'
* The Canary In The Coal Mine Is Dead: No Power, Looting And Chaos In The Streets - Venezuela Is The Perfect Example Of Why Americans Should Run Far Away From Socialism
* WalkAway, Jexodus And Blexit, Along With Socialist & Communist Liberals Controlling The Dem Party, Are Causing Normal Democrats To Exit 'Stage Right'
* Liars! CNN Busted For Fake News Again - This Time Trump Admin Official Utterly Humiliated Them By Producing Audio Proof They Deliberately Lied
* Social Justice Warriors Causing Havoc - When The Raving Lunatics Get Their Way And The Victims End Up Being Those They Claimed They Wanted To Help
* The Children Are Running The Daycare Formally Known As The House Of Representatives - Pelosi Walks Out On Freshmen & Washington Post Turns On Hillary Clinton - They Are Eating Their Own

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Alternative News

* With Millennials More Stressed Out Now Than Ever Before, And Mostly About Their Smartphones, What Happens When We REALLY Arrive At TEOTWAWKI?
* We Were Warned Over 100 Years Ago Of This Moment In Time: Illuminati Warned They'd 'Provoke Horrific And Savage Social Cataclysm That Would Result In The Most Bloody Turmoil'
* Globalists Scorched Earth Policies Could Leave The Whole World In Flames Though 'Day Of Reckoning' May Be Ahead
* This Is Proof: America Is Already At War With Ourselves - We'll Either Win That War And Save America Or Lose Our Country And Lives To Global Government Tyranny
* Why Was John Podesta REALLY In New Zealand Days Before Mass Shooting? Signs This Was A HUGE False Flag To Demonize Nationalism And Further Censor The Internet
* Congress Was Warned Of This Very Real Existential Threat To America So They Shot The Messenger: One Missile Could Bring Down Our Entire Nation
* Think About What This Means - An Adviser To The FDA Issues Blunt Warning To America: 'Congress Is Owned By Big Pharma'
* Did Pentagon Recycle 'Nitro Zeus' To Take Down Venezuela's Power Grid, Pushing World Closer To WW3? Globalist Think Tank Shows America Would Be Destroyed In A War With Russia And China: 'A Gruesome Annihilation'
* If America Breaks Out In Civil War, After The Darkness And Bloodshed, New Republic's Will Rise Out Of The Ashes As The Lamps Of Freedom Are Relit
* The New 'Tower Of Babel' Is Now Being Globally Unveiled: Rush To A 'One World Religion' Is All Part And Parcel Of The Move Towards A 'One World Government'
* The End Of The Climate Change Hoax Is Coming: The 'Green New Deal' Is Another Step Towards Totalitarianism That Will End Up On The Trash Heap Of History

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