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* 'Antifa Is A Domestic Terrorist Organization': Senators Introduce Resolution To Condemn Antifa And Calling For Antifa Groups To Be Officially Designated As Terrorist Organizations
* Is President Trump's Pandering To The 'Gay Mafia' A Political Ploy? POTUS Should Be Very Careful 'Feeding' The LGBT Bigots, Brutes And Bullies Who Want To Bite Off His Hand!
* Republican Women Drop Truth Bombs On Pathetic CNN Female Reporter As President Trump Makes Free Speech Great Again!
* With Democrats Proving Themselves The Ultimate Racists With Their Hatred Of Anything 'White', President Trump Has Completely Exposed 'The Squad' Spewing Anti-America Venom - The Left Continues To Follow A Long Practiced Plan To Divide And Conquer America
* Meet The Deranged And Crazed Leftists Protesting At Colorado Ice Facility Where Protesters Raised Mexican Flag In Place Of American Flag
* President Trump Forces Pelosi To Back The Socialist 'Squad' As Media Screams Racism Over Tweets That Do Not Mention Race At All - Part 2 Of Pelosi Loses Control
* All Hell Is Breaking Loose As Democrats Declare War..... On Each Other - Pelosi Loses Control As Dem Socialists In Party Target San Fran Nan And Cohorts In All Out Internal War From Within
* Total Media Meltdown After Social Media Summit At White House For Censored Independent Media - Lib Reporter Claims Attendees 'Eager For Demonic Possession' Then Whines After Being Called A 'Punk'
* This Extensive List Of Bill And Hillary Clinton Connected And Democrat-Tied Sex Scandals And Sex Traffickers Including Mysterious Deaths Are The Smoking Gun
* Judge Rebukes Key Mueller Report 'Russian Interference' Claim - Questions Emerge As To Whether Russia Actually 'Meddled' At All
* How Many 'Elite' Pedophiles Are Freaking Out After The Jeffrey Epstein Arrest? 'Quite A Few Important People, Powerful People Sweating It Out Right Now'
* 'They Are Running Scared': DOJ Inspector General Report On FISA Abuse Delayed After 'Reluctant Witnesses' Come Forward At 11th Hour

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* Is It Already Too Late To Stop What's Coming? A Full Blown War With Iran Could Unleash Death And Destruction All Across America And The World Unlike Anything Ever Seen Before - What If Iran Already Has Nukes And Actually WANTS 'Armageddon' To Bring On Their 'Mahdi'?
* Was Organ Harvesting Following The Globalists 'End Game' On China's Mind When They Stole The Medical Records Of Nearly 80 Million Americans? The Google - China Marriage Must Be Taken Down For The Good Of The Free World
* With 'Fukushima-American-Style' Only One Big Quake Away, Experts Warn That Quake Could 'Threaten The Ability Of The Human Race To Survive On Earth' - The Deteriorating Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant In California Is Surrounded By Fault Lines
* Adolf Hitler's Shock Troop Brown Shirts Are Democrats Model For 'Antifa': The Precursor To This 'Domestic Terrorist Organization' Ran Germany's Death Camps - President Trump, It's Time To Declare Antifa A Domestic Terror Organization
* As We Travel Along The Razor's Edge Towards The Future, String Of Current Events Proves We Are Living In Truly Perilous Times
* Enough! It’s Time This Heretic Pushing Christians Into A Satanic One World Religion Surrenders His Ordination Credentials And Leave The Ministry!
* The Democratic Party's Terrorist Arm Antifa Needs To Be Taken Down By President Trump's FBI And DOJ Before They Trigger Civil War, Thus Ensuring Their Own Annihilation
* With 'Diversity' And 'Multiculturalism' The Weapons Being Used To Destroy Freedom And America, We Must Rise Up To Face The Challenge Or Western Civilization Comes Crashing Down - 'Equipping A Warrior Class Of Christians For The Days Ahead'
* These Two Maps From 'Successful Farming' Help Explain Why We're Heading For A Severe Food Crisis As Experts Monitoring 'Global Cooling Earth Changes' Warn Everything Is Speeding Up
* With The Left Now Terrorizing Patriots With Democrats Approval, We're Nearly Out Of Time To Defend America: More Proof The 'Demoncrats' Hate Our Country And Want Civil War
* As West Coast Plays Russian Roulette With Mother Nature, Planet Earth Is Locked And Loaded - Preparing For The Next Big Quake NOW Could Make The Difference Between Life And Death Later

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