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* 'This Should Send Chills Down The Backs Of Every American Who Wants To Live Freely' - National Call To Action Announced - This Is How You Can Help Defeat Tyranny!
* 'You Should Be Worried' Warns FCC Commissioner On Internet Giveaway - China Already Drafting Totalitarian Laws To Govern Internet
* Insider Warns: 'Everyone I've Talked To Thinks We're Doomed' - 'They Say The Future Is Going To Be Rough' - 'None Can Escape What Is Coming To The Earth'
* 'Nightmare Scenarios' That Lawmakers Have Been Warning Us About - Imagine Waking Up To No Internet
* Mass Awakening And Insurrection Ahead Of Presidential Debate - 'The American Public Are Starting To Really Wake Up'
* Chaos Erupts And Insanity Ensues When Social Justice Warriors Crash Conservative Group Meeting At Kansas University
* Hillary Clinton Completely Melts Down On Camera - Is She Having A Psychotic Break?
* Clinton Supporter Films Her Own Humiliation, Becomes Completely Unhinged Over Trump/Pence 2016 And Hillary For Prison Yard Signs
* 'Thugs Of Charlotte': Black Cop Shoots Black Armed Man And Black Lives Matter Activists Attack White 'Devils' And Burn Down The Town
* Americans Must Give Up 'Freedom Of Action' Obama Tells United Nations - Final Push For One World Government Begins
* New Media Meme: Clinton Health Questions Are Really Just Sexism And Gender Bias!
* 'Erasing The Obama Presidency' - Far Left Liberal Writer Just Provided The Best Argument For A Trump Presidency!

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Alternative News

* A Very Strange FEMA Alert Issued As Terror Cells Are Activated In America - What The MSM Is Refusing To Report
* 'Catastrophic And Unprecedented': Is Massive Grid Down Scenario In Australia A 'Dry Run' For America? Is Washington DC Now In 'Weather Warfare' Bullseye?
* Code Red Alert! Something Huge Is Coming Before The Election - Infiltration Of America Completed Ahead Of NWO Endgame
* 100% Proof Emerges Next Debate Already Being Fixed For Hillary Clinton - Open Debate Coalition Deleting Top Rated Questions From Americans Regarding Benghazi, Email Scandal
* Days Away From Internet D-Day, This Is How The Globalists Go For The Kill - Hillary Tells Americans Why We Should All Vote Trump
* 'Continuity Of Government' Gets Beamed Into Homes Across America - Is Hollywood Foreshadowing Another Catastrophic Event? 'Predictive Programming' Or Just A 'Coincidence'?
* 'If You Want To Stay Alive, Stand Up Now' - Liberals Call On Trump To Be Jailed For 'Hate Speech' As War On 1st Amendment Reaches Critical Stage In Obama's 'Orwellian' America
* Insiders WWIII Warning: 'Five Or Six Satans And The East Coast Of The US Disappears' - Globalists Pushing America And The World Closer And Closer To Nuclear Armageddon
* Hip-Hop Artist Drops 'Revolution Bombshell' As 'Riot Zombies' In Charlotte Fan Flames Of George Soros Race War Upon Americans
* Has A 'Manchurian Candidate' Just Gotten His Trigger Words? Bizarre 'Trump Will Go 26th' Video Catches Internet On Fire
* Days Away From 'Red October', More Shocking Email Proof Emerges The Globalists Are Planning On Stealing This Election Away From Trump And America
* Is The 'Nanny State' Preparing A 'Martial Law Crackdown' Upon America? 'Every Day We See We Have A Government Of Wolves, No Longer Able To Hide Their Sheep's Clothing'

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Scare Stories Will Not Stop Populist Insurrections

Polls Show Public Starting To 'Really Wake Up'

Growing Number Of Race Riots

Top US General Warns Syrian 'No-Fly' Zone Means War

Debate Chief: Candidates Should Fact-Check Each Other

HS Chair: 'Good Chance' Mall Shooting is Islamic Terror

Yahoo Sued For Gross Negligence Over Huge Hacking

Zuckerberg Downplays Facebook Advertising Screwup

Shooting Near University Of Illinois Campus

Gennifer Flowers To Join Trump At Prez Debate

Charlotte Police Push Back

Bernie Sanders Voters Will Not Vote Hillary

NOONAN: Year of Reticent Voter

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Ted Cruz Endorses Donald Trump - Statement

5 Killed By Gunman At Washington State Mall
FBI: Obama Used A Pseudonym In Emails With Clinton

Russia Views Clinton As An "Existential Threat" To Peace

Charlotte: 70% Arrested Out Of State IDs

27 Senators Rebel Against Arming Saudi Arabia


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