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* If You Are White, 'Deplorable' & Don't Believe CNN & The MSM's Reporting, You're Already Being Targeted By The Same Agency Attempting For 3 Years To Overthrow The 2016 Election - Guilty Until Proven Innocent, This Is Fascism & Goes Against The Founding Principles Of America
* Wisconsin Losing Two Farms A Day The Latest Sign Of Hard Times On The Horizon As 'Global Crop Loss Map' Keeps Growing - American Farmer Suicides Punctuate How Badly 'America's Breadbasket' Is Being Hit
* Something Very Strange Going On In Drudge Land - Drudge Report Bleeds Traffic As Conservatives Wonder If The Reclusive Owner Has Been Compromised
* Democrats Have Unleashed A 'Blue State Blueprint For Disaster' Upon America: Just Imagine What The Entire Country Might Look Like In The Future Should One Of THEM Win In 2020! Exploding Homelessness, Poverty And 3rd World Diseases Would Be The 'New Norm'
* Democrats Pathetic Hatred, Racism & Sexism Towards Whites, Males & America Should Lead To Their Self-Destruction: Liberals Have Gone Completely Insane Over 'White Supremacy'
* Democrats 'Star Chamber Impeachment' Aims To Put Final Bullet In America's Head: The Complete Overthrow Of America Is Almost Complete As Globalists Declare War Upon The American People
* Globalist Mouthpieces Foreshadow The 'Grand Purge' Is Ahead: Whether 'Soft Kill' Or 'Hard Kill', 11,000 Scientists Try To Explain Why Billions Of People Must Be 'Eliminated' - Viral Story Is More Proof The 'Global Elite' Want The 'Masses Of Useless Eaters' Dead
* 'War' Declared Upon Tens Of Millions Of Americans With 'Impeachment' Nothing But A Seditious, Communist Coup - America's Founding Fathers Might Argue The 2nd Amendment Was Enshrined For Times Like These
* Two Questions That Destroy The Democrats! When Did Putting America First Become 'Racism'? And Why Is No One Promoting 'Diversity' In Majority Muslim Or Majority Black Nations? 'Democrats Have America On The Fast-Track To Being A Banana Republic, Without The Republic'
* America Held Hostage: A Breakdown Of How The Democrat's Communist Coup Attempt Is Pushing America Closer Every Day To The Breaking Point And A Brutal Civil War - When The Impeachment Debacle Fails, The Communist Coup Plotters MUST PAY For Their Sedition!
* Pay Attention, This Is Critical - Early Winter, Damaged Crops And America's Outdated Power Grids Should Be A Wake Up Call To Americans
* Obama Tries To Put The Crazy Liberal Genie He Released Back In The Bottle As Super 'Woke' Cancel Culture Backfires Against Radical Liberals And They Begin Cannibalizing Themselves

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* From 'Red Flag Laws' To 'Red List Roundups', History Proves The Road To Tyranny Includes Mass Mental Illness 'Hospitalizations' & 'Exterminations' Of People 'Opposed To The State' - 'Identify, Vilify, Nullify & Destroy' Is Monstrously At Play In America Today
* The Democrat's Soviet-Style Fantasy Impeachment In Search Of A Crime Has Turned 'The Rule Of Law' On Its Head In America - Impeachment Is An ATTACK Upon ALL Free Americans, Not Only President Donald Trump!
* The Inconvenient Truth & Disturbing Facts About Slavery Democrats & The MSM Pushing 'Divide & Conquer' Don't Want You To Know! All 'Free Americans' Would Be 'Slaves' If Democrats & Globalists Had Their Way!
* America's Gathering Storm Is How Dictatorships Begin With The 'Impeachment Coup In Progress' Nothing Less Than The Desperate Democrats Backup In Their 16-Year Plan To Destroy America - Remember! Deagel Is Proof The Globalists Wanted America To Be A 3rd World Nation By 2025!
* In The Showdown Ahead Between Patriots And Globalists, Don't Expect The Military, Completely Infiltrated By The 'Deep State', To Defend President Trump And The US Constitution - Leftist Traitors Shredding The Constitution Don't Care About 'The Rule Of Law' In America
* More Signs A Macro-War Upon America's Food Supply Is Underway With Nutrients And Everything Healthy In The Line Of Fire, Ending In 'Soylent Green'? Bill Clinton Set Standard For Lax Govt Regulation Of Supplement Industry
* Do Massive Nationwide & Global Food Recalls Portend A Coming Global War? Americans Led Like Sheep To The Slaughter - Starved Into Submission, Food Really Is A Weapon - Part 2 of 3
* ANP Exclusive! Congressional Aides Have A Dire Warning For Americans Nationwide: Democrats Are Ready To Impeach President Trump Without Even Hearing The Evidence! The 'Greatest Danger To The US Constitution' Is Playing Out Before Our Eyes!
* The Age Of Rage And Days Of Global Unrest Now Upon Us Are Signs Of Great Upheaval Ahead, With America In A Death Spiral, Being Herded Towards The 'End Of The Age'
* Impeaching President Trump Will Allow The Communists To Complete Their Destruction Of America & Finish Turning Our Country Into A Third World Hellhole
* Ongoing String Of Mysterious Deaths Lasting Over 30 Years Following The Clinton's Wherever They Go & Covered-Up By The Deep State Have Warped Truth And Justice In America - The 'Clinton Body Count' Cover-Up Is Pushing America Towards 'Banana Republic Tyranny'

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