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* CNN Crashes And Burns - Falls For Fake Strzok Account, Defends Antifa, Sat On Dem Ellison Abuse Story, And Continues Sick Obsession With Alex Jones
* Democrats Plotting To Take Over Entire Internet As Big Tech's All-Out War Upon Independent Media Claims Another Website
* Media Spin Has Liberals Outraged Over Peter Strzok Being Fired By The FBI As President Trump Suggests Clinton Investigation Be 'Properly Redone'
* Livestream: As DC Prepares For Violence, Antifa Attacks Police And Reporters In Charlottesville, VA With 'Protests Bubbling Again' On Sunday
* CNN's Creepy & Psychotic Obsession With Alex Jones - Openly Admits The Media Targeted Infowars For Destruction
* Antifa Plans Violence For August 12 In DC And Across The Country - 'Take To The Streets' & 'Occupy An ICE Office, Shut Down A Police Station'
* Jeff Sessions Calls SPLC A 'Hate Group' - DOJ Targets Slanderous Southern Poverty Law Center For Using Hate Group Designation 'As A Weapon' Against Religious Groups
* 'Mad Max Radicalists' Have Taken Over: Time To WalkAway From Liberal Antifa Mobs, Censorship, Hatred & Harassment - These Are The Faces Of The Democratic Party
* Antifa Mob Attack Against Black Conservative Woman At Philly Restaurant Ignored By Liberal Media That Was Outraged Over Starbucks Incident
* First They Came For Infowars....... Tomorrow We Will All Be Alex Jones: Independent Media Silenced - They Are Coming For Us All Now
* As The World Burns, Are We Witnessing Geo-Engineered Genocide By Laser Fire? More Evidence Weather Modification Programs Are Wreaking Havoc Upon The Planet
* OPEN THREAD: Violent Antifa Thugs Head To Portland To Face Off With Patriot Prayer Rally - Livestream Begins At 3PM ET

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* Globalist Mouthpiece Hints 'Breaking Point' May Be Only 2 Years Away As Thin Veneer Of Civilization Begins To Crack
* Profiles In Treason: James Comey - This Pathetic, Treasonous Coward Weaponized The FBI To Assist In The Destruction Of The Rule Of Law In America
* More Evidence The 'Invasion And Overthrow Of America' Is Being Orchestrated By Our Own, Corrupt Elite Who Have, In Effect, Declared War Upon Our Nation
* Orwellian Censorship Of Independent Media Hints Horrific False Flag May Be Ahead: 'Enemies Of America Within' Will Stop At Nothing To Take Down President Trump And Destroy America
* Why This Serial Liar, Perjurer And Leaker Of Classified Information Hasn't Yet Met The Noose And Scaffolding Is Proof Of A Deeply Corrupted System - America's Most Wanted: Profiles In Treason - James Clapper
* Big Tech's Full-Scale Information Warfare Backfires: Censorship Of Alex Jones And Infowars Blows Up In Their Faces!
* America's Most Wanted, Profiles in Treason: John Brennan - This 'Stooge For Jihad' Should Be Facing The Gallows For Subverting President Trump In Deep State Plot To Overthrow America
* Monstrous Terror Plot Thwarted In Canada: Jihadists Had Enough Chemical Weapon To Kill Every Person In North America - Why Isn't The Canadian Government Talking About This?
* As Globalists And Big Tech 'Identify, Vilify, Nullify And Destroy', Totalitarian Attempts To Ban The 1st Amendment Could Lead To Rivers Of Blood Flowing Through The Streets Of America
* Barack Obama And The Globalists Wanted America To Accept A MAD Suicide Pact: While The DC Elite Were Asleep At The Wheel, 'Marriage Made In Hell' Between AI And Nuclear Super-Weapons Was Consummated
* Democrats And ISIS Jihadis Keep Blabbering The Same Talking Points - ISIS Warns: 'We Will Make You Fear The Air You Breathe' - This Is How America Could Rapidly Descend Into A State Of Utter Chaos

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