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October 1, 2016

Sheriff David Clarke Slams Obama, Clinton And The Mainstream Media - 'A Dragon That Has To Be Slayed'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The recent story from Rachel Caulfield over at US News and World Reports tells us that "Hillary Clinton's 'honesty problem' is a media creation." Yet, according to Donald Trump recently, the mainstream media is all his opponent has going for her and is actually fabricating stories from inside sources to help get her elected.

The fact that 90% of all media in America is owned by only 6 corporations should tell us everything we need to know. Much like our elections for the past 30+ years, if the globalists control all sides, we only have 'an illusion of choice' here in America. 


We also weren't the least bit surprised to read that according to claims made by some MSM, "Hillary Clinton's Not Sick -- Our Sexist Media Is". With the Washington Post recently begging their readers to "Please stop calling us 'the media'", leading this Infowars story to claim the Washington Post article was a "pathetic attempt at rebranding now that they're rightly the most hated people in America", we hear from Milwaukee Wisconsin Sheriff David Clarke in the 1st video below why the mainstream media is now so utterly hated in America, and so desperate.

Telling us that the MSM is a 'dragon that needs to be slayed', Clarke also tells us the 'liberal MSM' knows that they are on their last legs with the American people having lost all trust in them according to a recent Gallup poll that found only 32% of Americans still trust the MSM. And because of that, the MSM has become dangerous like a caged animal with their backs against the wall. In fact, it's quite clear that the MSM only has one purpose from here on till election day: Make sure globalist Clinton is elected or they're all toast.


Despite the fact that the Washington Post is the most widely circulated newspaper in what was once the capital of the free world and has been publishing news since 1877, the fact that they're begging their readers NOT to call them the media tells us just how desperate the MSM has suddenly become with their numbers tumbling while websites such as the Drudge Report have record ratings.

As Sean Hannity tells us, the mainstream media allows the Obama administration to continue to push their extremely liberal political agendas, turning names such as Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown into household names while in Obama's home of Chicago in 2016 alone, there have been more than 3,100 nameless shooting victims with 3 months remaining in the year. Why does the 'dinosaur media' give a 'free pass' on all of the death and destruction in Obama's home town while pushing Clinton and the globalists 'gun grab agenda' elsewhere across the country?

We get a great answer to that question in the 2nd video below, a video that Steve Quayle recently linked to on his website from Mike Adams of Natural News called "The War on Reality: How globalists occupy your mind to control everything".


As we're told by Sheriff Clarke in this first video also featuring former Governor Mike Huckabee, with the liberal mainstream media now realizing that this is the last chance they'll have to have any influence over the American public when it comes to 'presidential politics', they're unloading everything they possibly can upon Trump. However, as Sheriff Clarke describes perfectly, Trump is seemingly playing 'Rope-a-dope' with them, taking their every punch as if he himself were Muhammad Ali, preparing to deliver a devastating knock-out punch in return to help restore America.

Clarke further tells us that come November 8th, the American people are going to 'fire back' and get Trump elected into office, delivering a death blow to the MSM which Clarke tells us is scared to death that their run of control over the flow of information may soon come to an abrupt end.


As Susan Duclos told us this morning in a story on ANP, with the globalists 'lone wolf terrorist narrative now having completely fallen apart that the mainstream media had continually been pushing, why does the MSM continually paint a 'rosy picture' of what is happening in America despite the fact that the majority of the American people see our country falling apart?

If this coming election is a referendum on globalism, and the globalists are clearly getting their tails kicked despite the fact that CNN might have called the most recent debate as a Clinton win despite almost ALL of the 'flash' polls showing Trump had won, we turn once again to the internet changeover that happened today as something we should all be watching closely in the days ahead. 

It's clear that Trump has mastered the internet in ways that Clinton's campaign could never dream of and as Trump himself tells us in the first minute of this first video, everything is now on the line here in America in 2016. With the globalists now only weeks away from possibly losing America with Trump and the American people standing in their way, the 'big 6' companies seen above still hold a great amount of power over the information seen and heard by the American people and will undoubtedly use that power to the best of their abilities to get their candidate into office. Why would they stop now? They've clearly been helping get globalists to get elected in America year after year after year after year.


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