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December 29, 2016

Creating A Nation Of Monsters Is Leading To The Destruction Of America

- The 'Addicted To Outrage' & Perpetually Offended Crowd Are Not What Is Destroying America, It Is the Spineless Cowards That Appease Them!


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

By now most have heard of the death of Carrie Fisher and one day later her mother, Debbie Reynolds died, with her last words being quoted as "I miss her so much, I want to be with Carrie."

Celebrities and fans across the world flooded social media with tributes to Carrie Fisher, lovely, heartfelt words from many who loved her, knew her and worked with her, but in doing so, managed to "trigger" social justice warrior Feminazis, because those tributes weren't appropriately "politically correct."


Example, Steve Martin, wrote a lovely tribute stating on Twitter,  "When I was a young man, Carrie Fisher was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. She turned out to be witty and bright as well."


Cue the outage from the perpetually offended snowflake, Claire Landsbaum of New York magazine’s "The Cut," who responded to Martin's tweet with  a by saying  "Steve Martin's tweet about Carrie Fisher is extremely bad," and a link to an article about how Carrie Fisher didn't like being seen as a sex symbol, somehow implying that Martin's original tweet would have been offensive to Carrie Fisher.


The title of this article comes partially from a response to those "outraged" by Martin's tweet, which said "If you were upset by Steve Martin’s tweet about Carrie Fisher, congratulations! You are officially addicted to outrage. Now seek help."


Others defended Martin as well, in fact, the majority of responses to "The Cut's" original tweet are ripping Landsbaum to shreds for using Fisher's death as "clickbait" and calling her "Another member of the Congregation of the Church of the Perpetually Offended," telling her to "Grow up or shut up!" (See all the responses here)

One more example before we get to the meat and potatoes of this article.... Cinnabon also published a Twitter tribute to Fisher, saying "RIP Carrie Fisher, you'll always have the best buns in the galaxy," along with an image of the "buns" Fisher wore her hair in for the Star Wars original movies, with the hair "bun" replaced with a Cinnabon."


Yes, the perpetually offended were OUTRAGED yet again, calling it an "epic marketing fail,"  among other things, with others having to explain why it was an appropriate tribute, showing a sense of humor, as the replies to the original snowflake show. (Note, via Twitchy - Cinnabon's referenced Fisher's "buns" in an earlier tweet back in May, while Fisher was still alive, and there was no "outrage.")



While the PC (politically correct) police might be annoying, showing no sense of humor, and an inability to even "get" a joke, and while their constant whining about their "outrage of the day" may be a problem, the real issue, the real thing that is destroying America..... are folks like Steve Martin and Cinnabon, because they bowed down to the PC police, deleted their tweets in the name of appeasing the little snowflakes, thereby encouraging those "addicted to outrage" to continue on with their antics because they won!

We are seeing this same pattern play out all across America, where so-called social justice warriors (SJW) complain, throw temper tantrums, conduct riots and instead of being called out over it, told to sit down, shut up and grow up. College administrators are appeasing them with safe spaces, trigger warnings, coloring books and play-doh.  Big companies like Kelloggs pull advertising from places like Breitbart because little crybullies didn't like the election results. Controversial speakers blocked from events because little snowflakes can't handle hearing things they don't agree with. College professors suspended for wearing blackface at a "private" Halloween party because little snowflake student witnesses reported "feeling and observing shock, anger, surprise, anxiety, disappointment, and discomfort."

Need I go on?


While it is heartening to see how many social media users came to the defense of free speech, called out the Feminazis and social justice warrior attacking Martin and Cinnabon, the sniveling cowardliness of both Martin and Cinnabon, is more dangerous to America than all the little snowflakes combined.

We are witnessing the creation of a nation of monsters by appeasing them at every turn, allowed to intimidate everybody from celebrities such as Steve Martin, to larger corporations such as Kelloggs and Cinnabon.

If we as a nation do not collectively "grow a pair," (Oh, how politically INcorrect of me!), stand up to the little crybullies, social justice warriors and Feminazis, then we might as well just tear up the constitution ourselves, because they will continue to walk all over us as a nation.

As we approach the end of 2016, it seems fitting that we show some of the top 10 social justice warrior insanity of the year we are leaving behind.


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