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January 27, 2016

After The Apocalypse - What The Luciferian Elite Have Planned For Their Endgame In The Illuminati 'Mein Kampf'


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

The video below was sent in by Sheila Zilinsky of the Weekend Vigilante, where she interviews Fritz Springmeier, author of 'Bloodlines of the Illuminati' where the dots are connected between the past, the present and what the luciferian "elite" have planned for "after the apocalypse."

From presidential advisors to some of the most well-known names in the world's elite dynasties, Springmeier and Zilinsky touch on the information revealed in his 624 page book before discussing what Springmeier calls the Illuminati "Mein Kampf," which details what they have planned for the world and how it ties in to what we see occurring now in current events, what we saw in 2015, and the connections between the economy, the Nazis, Jehovah's Witnesses and more.

From planned martial law to the collapse of the global economy to the enslavery of human beings.. this discussion is utterly fascinating as it gives us a window into what the Luciferian elite have planned for their endgame.

Via Sheila:

Fritz Springmeier, the highly acclaimed author, researcher and minister to mind control victims, and author of  Bloodlines of the Illuminati drops by to weigh in on current events. What Does the Economy, the Nazis and Jehovah’s Witnesses All Have in Common and Why was Osama Bin Laden reading Fritz’s book?


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