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November 28, 2015

Anonymous #OpSafeWinter Re-Engaged 2015-2016


By†thorfourwinds/EARTH AID CONCERT - All News PipeLine

Greetings, we are Anonymous.

We come to you asking for your help in making life more bearable for those less fortunate.

When compassion, tolerance and peace are hard to find, it falls to ordinary citizens - like you and me, the compassionate, loving members and guests here on the mothership ANP -† to show that there is still love and respect in the world.

Thank you, Susan and Stefan, for the platform to share our story.


We now stand at the crossroads in history, ready to embrace our destiny, where a small act of kindness multiplies fast and soon becomes a beacon of hope, unity, love and progress that lights there road for generations to come.

Operation Safe Winter remains focused on caring for human beings on multiple levels.

The first level is the human level: This is the compassionate act of giving time, resources, or just an attentive ear to those suffering in homelessness and poverty. This includes people who are homeless in urban settings, rural communities and victims of the global refugee crisis. These individuals may have much to offer the global community, but they cannot do so without proper support and respect.


The Second level of Operation Safe Winter activity is on the systematic level: This is the act of calling out the greed and injustices that put all people at risk of homelessness. This is not limited to awareness efforts, but also vindicating anyone that is demonized, criminalized or otherwise harassed for attempting to help those in need. Anyone standing in the way of Operation Safe Winterís noble mission should expect us!


#OpSafeWinter on Twitter

We ask you to help us help those who are suffering the most in our societies, we DO NOT ask for donations of money. Willingness to listen and even a smile can change a personís day, but a blanket, some warm clothes or even a sandwich can change a personís life.

Never underestimate the positive impact you can have on the life of another. After all, we are our brother's keeper.


There are many ways to participate in Operation Safe Winter.

You can build or contribute to existing interactive maps showing the locations of shelter, soup kitchens, advice centers, and services worldwide.


It is often helpful to list the resources in your community. These lists can be shared online, in your community and with other members of Operation Safe winter trying to connect resources with people who need them.†

It may also be beneficial to coordinate with nonprofits, churches, community support initiatives, and activists in your area so long as they are dedicated to the mission of helping the homeless.


Perhaps the most direct way to participate in Operation Safe Winter is to encourage volunteer units to help donations to be distributed out to those in need. Try to work with already established groups to maximize your efforts. Remember that donations such as shoes, socks, hats, gloves, coats, toiletries, food and water are most critically needed.


Anyone can join Anonymous and Operation Safe Winter. You do not need to be a hacker, you simply need to care.

Like this:

#‎OpSafeWinterPennsylvania engaged -†

As individuals we can save lives, together we can change the world.

We are Anonymous

We are Legion

We do not Forgive

We do not Forget

United as One

Divided by Zero

We are Uniting Humanity

We Are You

Expect Us


Peace Love Light
Liberty & Equality or Revolution
Hec'el oinipikte (that we shall live)


Our outreach last year:

We Are One.

We Are Our Brother's Keeper.


OpSafeWinter - Anonymous Worldwide

And a word from our friends at PirateSec:

And our Holiday Message:


Anonymous GHOPS

Published on Nov 24, 2015

Operation Safe Winter: 2015 - 2016

#OpSafeWinter #OSW #OSW2015 #Anonymous
Do Not Forget...

Anonymous #OpSafeWinter Re-Engaged 2015-2016

Fellow Anon and Citizens of the world, We are proud to† re-announce #OpSafeWinter.

In this age of consumerism there is very little love or care about each other and we are here to change that. No† longer shall we stand by and watch isolation and fear be spread by the establishment, which is killing and destroying community and lives.†

We all have a voice, so make yours heard, you are the power, your choice, your life, you are the motivation for justice.

OP mission is to highlight the homeless situation in areas throughout world and build up a resource network for food supply, blankets, clothes, socks etc. that can be donated, including amenities for warm showers, warm food, warm places to sleep and the like.

1st Mission:†Please list the current homeless count in alphabetical order by town/City Country.

Within each town contact local charities, shops, businesses that will support with any of the above list and more.

You can get the latest figures from your local council† by sending them a freedom of information request if you are not sure of† the figures in your town.

2nd Mission:†Coordinate with Anons and others willing to participate in the execution/distribution of services we are able to† provide, whether it's transport, collection of donations etc.†

This is not definitive, any other suggestions and ideas are welcome. Please list at the bottom of the pad as bullet points to† make it easy to follow.

Let's make winter as safe and comfortable as possible for as many people within our reach and beyond. †

Please share this OP with as many people as possible.

Work together online or RL, everyone can help no matter how small or big the activity.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

@OpSafeWinter #OpSafeWinter

(35) Anonymous OpSafeWinter on Facebook


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