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April 5, 2016

Livestream - April 5, 2016 Wisconsin Primaries - OPEN THREAD - Underdogs Favored


By All News PipeLine

An open thread for readers to discuss the Wisconsin primaries being held tonight for both Republicans and Democrats. 

Livestreams embedded below and Election results can be seen at NYT and CNN.  

The latest poll results favor the underdogs in the presidential contest for both sides. For Dems  the Real Clear Politics  shows Bernie Sanders with a 2.6% average lead over Hillary Clinton and on the Republican side Ted Cruz with a 4.7% average lead over Donald Trump. 

For Democrats there are 96 delegates at stake and for Republicans there are 42 and it is winner-take-most.  Primary shedule page with delegate counts at Election Central.

Delegate Count graphics for both Republicans and Democrats, showing the number of delegates each candidate has before the Wisconsin results are shown below the livestream coverage videos.



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