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September 27, 2015

UN Truck Photographed In Canada While Army Moves Under Cover Of Darkness In Texas - Is All Of This In Preparation Of Freedom Soon Dying Worldwide?


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline

Back on December 14th, 2014, the UK's Lord Christopher Monckton wrote a story for WND called "1 Year From Now, Freedom Dies Worldwide" in which he outlined a coming threat to liberty much greater than fascism or communism and in which he concluded:

For governments can never be wrong, and global tyrannywhich is what we’ll get if we don’t look sharp in the next 12 monthswill always have the power to force us to accept that it is right, whether we like it or not.

Freedom is our birthright. The forthcoming climate treatyif the failed Copenhagen draft of five years ago is any guidemay yet prove a greater threat to liberty than fascism or communism. For it is the same threat writ global, albeit with the jackboots and guns very carefully hidden – for now.

'1 year from now' is almost here in the form of the coming 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference beginning November 30th and running through December 11th and ANP is continuing to receive photographs, videos and tips from our readers across America and Canada and as we can clearly see, preparation continues for something huge, with 'guns hidden under the cover of darkness' exposed in the 1st video below from an ANP reader. Many questions remain unanswered such as one posed by an ANP reader in Canada who asked us why a UN medic vehicle is being driven on the streets of Canada as seen in the photo above and the photos at the bottom of the story.   


We see the massive military train completely loaded down captured on video by ANP reader Stacy White in the image above and in the 1st video below. This train was the 2nd train Stacy has videotaped in 3 days this week in Snyder, Texas and was headed west towards Lubbock, Texas under the cover of darkness. The UN vehicle was seen in Ontario, Canada and came along with this message.:

I was sceptical about UN vehicles being observed around North America until yesterday. I was pulling out of a gas station when a medical vehicle with standard UN markings passed me. This occurred at around 1pm EST on Ontario Street in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.

I did not see the crew. However it was loaded with some type of cargo that prevented the rear doors from closing. I lost it in traffic so I don't know the destination

We've also recently witnessed the 'police state' at 'peak performance' levels in cities across the United States this past week, from Washington DC, New York city and Philadelphia being locked down for the Pope's visit pushing the satanic one-world agenda to Seattle, Washington, where residents talked about how they felt their city was under martial law, we see what Monckton warned about no longer hidden but out in the open and if he's correct, it's about to get much worse as 2015 comes to a close and a tyranny greater than Fascism or Communism awaits us. From Seattle.:

Everyone wants to be accommodating to a visiting head of state, but I've noticed that for this visit, and the Pope's visit back East, we're seeing entire cities turned into airport zones.

If the threats are that serious, maybe it's time to hold these meetings elsewhere. Fix up a hangar at Paine Field. It's right near the Boeing Everett plant and you can helicopter in the dignitaries and even the Lincoln High School kids from Tacoma. You can protect President Xi from annoying demonstrators and the rest of us can get to work on time.

But that wasn't even explored.

Seattle's downtown core is closed down, a freeway system serving 3.4 million people is basically put under martial law, and it was all done without consulting the state's highest transportation official.

Are all of these more signs that global government is about to be completely unveiled under the cover of 'being a global citizen' as warned of by Professor Doom in the 2nd video below? The 3rd video from The Vigilant Christian is called "Pope Addresses UN & Pushes Satanic New World Order Agenda 2030" to help prove that while the naysayers are saying 'nothing happened in September', we've clearly seen another huge step towards the completion of the 'New World Order' agenda.

In the 4th video below from TeamWakeEmUP, our videographer proves to us we only have 15 years until all of the new world order's goals are reached and we see how the visit of the Pope to the UN and the implementation of 17 goals all tie into the globalist agenda and the final implementation of a 'new world order'.  



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