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December 8, 2015

#AskSean: Is This Enough To Send Obama And Clinton To Jail?

Submitted to All News PipeLine by Bobby Powell of The Truth Is Viral


This is my response to Fox News anchor Sean Hannity, who asked for video questions to be submitted to his show. My question is, "Is this interview with an official NATO spokesman enough to jail Hillary Clinton and impeach Barack Obama?"

Please tweet this video to @seanhannity and make sure to include the #AskSean hashtag. While you're at it, send it to @TGowdySC as well.

The Truth Is Viral 2.0 is nearly ready to launch. I can no longer sit back and lick my wounds while the world burns around us. I will continue my mission to "Save lives and win souls for Jesus Christ" just as I promised.

God bless & Semper Fi,

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