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January 12, 2015

"Bank Runs Could Come To America" Former Top Reagan Economist Warns! 2015 "Earth-Shaking" Event In Store?


By Live Free Or Die - All News Pipeline

Dr. Laurence Kotlikoff, a former top economist during Ronald Reagan's Administration, joins USA Watchdog Greg Hunter in the brand new video to below to talk with us about what might happen if "things get out of control", warning that if Americans begin to believe that the banks in America aren't sound, there is a strong possibility that bank runs will begin: "Yes, it could also come to the U.S.† If everybody believes the banks are going to be solvent and they can get their money out, thatís fine.† But if everybody starts to run on the banks, you want to run before they do because you want to get you money out before itís all gone."

We were recently warned that 'our' bank deposits are NOT REALLY OURS while experts such as Dr. Jim Willie have spoken out that "everything is breaking in 2015" while "economic reality is hitting like a ton of bricks."

Are runs on US banks on tap for the year 2015? Could bank runs in America lead to martial law here? Is an 'Earth-shaking event' really on tap, the 'ultimate betrayal, as warned by YouTube videographer Jason A in the 2nd video below called "Something Is Going On - Earth Shaking Event In 2015" which details events across America in only the first few days of this new year which point to a huge event unfolding.

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