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February 6, 2015

Family Of Banker Killed In Train Crash Was Told He Was Fine - Was Car Remotely Stopped On Tracks?
Another Banker Hit?


By Live Free Or Die - All News Pipeline

With bankers now being 'picked off' around the country and across the world like errant flies, the heartbreaking story in New York of a commuter train crashing into a car that mysterious stopped upon the tracks has taken a  conspiratorial turn as we learn that 2 bankers were killed in the crash, one of them whose family had been told 'was fine' and could be picked up in the morning after what is being called a 'heartbreaking hospital mixup'.

Aditya Tomar was one of the good guys. In the 1st video below, the mother-in-law of Aditya shares with us "I don't think another person can be as kind as he was" and "nothing was too big" for him to tackle.

While the 2nd video informs us that they still have no idea why the car was stopped on the railroad tracks, we've been warned that this was likely another banker hit with the car being stopped remotely on the tracks by those having that capability, leaving one of the good guys dead and, as a 41-year old JPMorgan employee, someone who may have known far more than someone else wanted him to know.

While the 3rd video tells us more about each of the victims, including another banker, Eric Vandecar, the 4th video below from corbettreport reminds us of the well known technology of taking over cars, such as the car driven by reporter Michael Hastings, and the ability of those who might have that technology to create 'crashes of convenience'.

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