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November 25, 2015

Banks Rehearse 'Quantum Dawn' Cyber Attacks  - Prepare Now For Total Collapse! Take Your Money Out Of The Banks Before It's Too Late!


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

According to this new story from Market Watch and the newly released 1st video below, more than 80 financial institutions recently practiced their 'cyber-attack' game plans, simulating hacks of exchanges, breaches of data and outages, the 3rd cyber war exercises held since 2011.

Telling us that a 'system-wide' attack upon the financial sector is of a very low probability, we're also told that if it were to happen, it would be immediately become a 'high impact' event and one that could lead to absolutely devastating consequences nationwide.


We're told that in Quantum Dawn there were 5 different categories of 'attack scenarios' as outlined below.:

1. Domain name hacks, in which traffic to the company’s website is redirected to a fake website mirroring the original, designed by attacks to steal user credentials.

2. Threats to knock the company’s website offline unless it pays the hackers a ransom (The FBI told MarketWatch earlier this year that hackers are increasingly shaking down financial firms.)

3. Breaches of customer data.

4. Losses of connection to trading data processors, or a compromise of that information.

5. Failed transactions due to malware in clearing systems.


After hearing about this we have to ask, should we even be concerned? As Spiro mentions in the video, it's good to keep an eye on what these big, criminal banks are doing, Even of more importance, when we see such big 'drills' or 'practice runs' going on, we realize that they are preparing for an 'event', whether that event is a 'real cyber attack' orchestrated from the outside or a 'false flag' attack, orchestrated from within.

We have been witnessing many cyber attacks recently geared towards either the government or the private sector and as our videographer tells us, in his own opinion, if we witness such a devastating event upon our banking system it would likely have been conducted from within.

With our nation in very deep trouble with an ever-rising national debt that we'll likely never be able to pay off, would these mega banks who have caused much of the problems we are now facing simply launch a coordinated series of false flag attacks upon themselves in an attempt to get out of the mess that they have caused? They could then blame it on whoever they wanted to, hackers, terrorists, and then proceed with the biggest heist in history as they wipe clean everyone's bank accounts while riding off into the sunset.

Knowing that during Quantum Dawn 2, Wall Street banks got a grade of "F" as shared in this story from Cyber Arms is quite disturbing and leads us to ask, how many of our readers would be prepared for a complete collapse of our banking system here in America? While we expect that most ANP readers will be much better prepared than the large majority of the country for such an 'event', most of the country would quickly turn into a 'danger zone' as the unprepared masses hunt for food and basic necessities they should have stocked up upon long ago.

As Dave with the X22Report tells us in the 2nd video below, it's time that everybody gets seriously prepared for the economic collapse as it may be only weeks away. With events in the Middle East rapidly spinning out of control, we all know that the 'elite' love to launch their world wars once a financial system spins totally out of control without any chance of recovery as ours now has in America. The clock is ticking on the next huge false flag in America.



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