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February 12, 2016

'Basic Necessities To Live Will Not Be Available' - Gregory Mannarino 


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Many have been watching how the Hell Stream Media has suddenly started talking more about "recession," finally unable to hide what has been happening any longer as the "recovery" narrative starts falling apart and U.S., Fed Chair Janet Yellen conceded that not only was there a "chance" of a downturn and dropping the bombshell that negative interest rates were on the table, meaning they will be considered.

While major news outlets seem to be a day late and a dollar short on this issue, what we hear from Gregory Mannarino below, explained in a manner easily understandable by those of us not considered financial gurus, is that the news outlets are still downplaying the scope of what America, and the globally economy, is facing.

Mannarino asserts that there are a "series of events occurring right now," to which he states outright has been done deliberately and which doesn't just encompass the finanical world, but is a major resource problem that will ultimately lead to what he calls a "population correction."

Telling us that we are facing a meltdown of "truly epic proportions," Mannarino says what the MSM won't.....  when the resources disappear "basic necessities to live will not be available."

(Article continues below the video)

Many, including ANP, has warned people time and time again to start preparing for the worst and by doing so you will be prepared for almost anything else, and one look at the chaos and empty store shelves seen in January due to a weather event as people went on panic shopping sprees, should be clear evidence of the assertion that basic necessities can simply disappear in just a day.


Bill Holter recently asked "are you ready for reality?" Stating in an excellent must-read article "Legal or not legal, were the Fed to move to negative rates, a “run” on everything will occur. A run on the banks and a run on the currency and thus a RUN ON THE CENTRAL BANK ITSELF!"

As an interesting side note for those that have the resources to "bug out" when it all hits the fan, Truthstream media dug up an old propaganda film, from the atomic age which made it clear how the government looks at preppers and survivalists, believing they should be regarded as "deserters" and considered treasonous. 

Considering the medias' habit of not informing the public until they can no longer hide the truth, people have to consider that by the time they are "informed," authorities may already have plans and resources in place to prevent people from leaving their communities for a safer location.


Things are falling apart quickly, if you do not have a bug out location, then make sure you have supplies, food, water, medical necessities etc... on hand to survive on and if you do have a safe location and plan to "get out of dodge" so to speak, then have a route mapped out, your bag packed and ready to go and be prepared to leave on a moments notice.

Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.... a motto to live by!


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