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November 8, 2015

'They Are Coming For Us' - Whistleblower Talks NWO, Gun Confiscation And Martial Law - Pastor That Exposed The Clergy Response Team For FEMA Says 'The Battle Is Here, The Battle Is Now'


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Pastor Walt Mansfield who has been dubbed "Pastor Revere" for blowing the whistle back in 2006 about the "FEMA program which had started training Pastors and other religious representatives to become secret police enforcers who teach their congregations to "obey the government" in preparation for a declaration of martial law, property and firearm seizures, and forced relocation," joins Gianluca Zanna  from Love, Guns & Freedom Radio for a wide ranging interview about recent events and statements by politicians which he believes indicates that "The battle is here, the battle is now."

Zanna and Pastor Mansfield kick off the interview with a discussion on the step-by-step creation of a "global government" where like minded communities that are banding together, people that believe in the U.S. Constitution and the rights guaranteed under it, are now targeted and labeled a "resistant rebellious force" by the government but in truth they are only people that are "taking a stand as human beings," and doing the right thing.

Mansfield speaks as to how he has noticed that many church goers now are "bowing down to a higher authority but it's not their God" they are bowing to, it is a "central government, a system that will dictate every move of their lives."

The Pastor highlights statements made over the last two weeks on gun control and the specific references we are hearing from Democratic politicians about the "Australian Model," to which Mansfield says people have not stopped long enough to look at what that model really is, asserting "It is a lot more that just restriction of gun ownership and rights," stating it is "pretty much a clamp down on free thought - thoughts on liberty and expression." Mansfield adds "It a very dangerous thing to see this central government oppress folks underneath them and then acquiesce to a world system."

Mansfield continues on to say that is probably the most frightening thing to come out over the last two weeks. While pointing out how people are starting to understand what is happening, things he and others have been warning about for years, his fear is that "The Titanic is going down and people are just beginning to see that there is a problem."

According to Mansfield, "This government is pretty much, and this is the right term, hell bent on our destruction and enslavement."

The discussion then turns to the persecution of Christians, not just in other countries but in America where bakery owners are fined and penalized for refusing service to gays, yet Muslims are able to sue employers for making them deliver beer.  

Points are also made about how we are witnessing "flat out tyranny," and how the UN is not just trying to wipe out geographical bounderies, but are in reality attempting to wipe out "people groups," as we are watching the "wholesale destruction directed at one group, the white Christian southerners," but the persecution extends to anybody that stands up for liberty." 

The interview also details the dangers of the UN and Department of Justice program "Stong Cities Network,"  and concludes the the signs are all here now that "They are coming for us."

Other topics covered are the oppression of those that stand for the First and Second Amendment, the eroding of the Fourth Amendment, martial law,  as Mansfield states that it is his belief that things have gotten to a point where less than two percent of churchgoers nowadays will actually do anything or stand up against the oppression. 


Via the interview description:

On Love, Guns & Freedom Radio show with Luca Zanna 11/1/2015 broadcast - Pastor Walt Mansfield, also known as Pastor Revere, the pastor who blew the whistle about the Clergy Response team by FEMA, talks about End time prophecies, the New World Order, gun confiscation, martial law, and the duty of every Christian and free human being.

Hard hitting and perhaps the most important message of all is that it is the duty, the right, the responsibility of every free human being to stand up for their freedom and their rights..... otherwise they will all be gone.


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