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September 16, 2016

'Five-Alarm Warning' To America And The World - 'Dark Mantle Of Death' Buys The 'Most Evil Corporation In The World' For 'Perfect Marriage Made In Chemical Hell'

Bayer Buys Monsanto Creating A New 'Axis Of Evil' Aligned Against Humanity


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The new story from the Wall Street Journal tells us that a recent agreement that will allow Bayer pharmaceuticals to purchase Monsanto, 'the most evil corporation in the world', will allow Bayer to tilt heavily towards agriculture, Monsanto's 'forte' now that they've 'officially' gotten out of the 'business of death,' including the manufacturing of Agent Orange and the weedkiller Roundup. Creating a new 'global agricultural/chemical giant', this merger is a '5-alarm threat to our food supply and to farmers around the world according to experts.   

As Mike Adams of reported back in May, the union between the Nazi-founded Bayer chemical company and 'Satan-inspired Monsanto' sets up the perfect match made in chemical hell that we'll report is surely part of the globalists 'depopulation agenda' and could eventually lead to the deaths of tens of millions of Americans and people around the world. As Adams also told us back in March of 2016, the entire history of Monsanto has been one of creating deadly, toxic chemicals that devastate human populations. Meanwhile, they continue to lie about the toxicity of their creations while profiting from poisoning the planet. 


Back in 1995 according to this story from the NY Daily News, Bayer finally apologized for the inhumane acts of its parent company back in World War 2, including using Jewish slave laborers during the Holocaust. One of their slave laborers was 1986 Nobel Peace Prize winner and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel, who died back on July 2nd of 2016. Bayer's 'parent company', IG Farben, donated 400,000 marks to the election of Adolf Hitler one year before Hitler seized power. Not coincidentally, Bayer later became the single biggest profiteer of Germany's attempt to conquer the world. What more do we need to know? 

As we're told, back in 1947, Telford Taylor, the US-Chief Prosecutor in the Nuremburg War Crimes Tribunal against IG Farben aka Bayer, stated "they were the warp and woof of the dark mantle of death that settled over Europe." As we learned above, 50-years after their war crimes, Bayer finally apologized - should we be concerned that it took them so long to do so? Should we be concerned about the sudden marriage between Bayer and Monsanto? Even this story on CNN says the marriage will be a nightmare for America. 

The most powerful German economic corporate emporium in the first half of this century was the Interessengemeinschaft Farben or IG Farben, for short. Interessengemeinschaft stands for "Association of Common Interests" and was nothing more than a powerful cartel of BASF, Bayer, Hoechst, and other German chemical and pharmaceutical companies. IG Farben was the single largest donor to the election campaign of Adolph Hitler. One year before Hitler seized power, IG Farben donated 400,000 marks to Hitler and his Nazi party. Accordingly, after Hitler's seizure of power, IG Farben was the single largest profiteer of the German conquest of the world, the Second World War.


Shouldn't the fact that IG Farben experimented mercilessly on Jewish prisoners inside the World War II Auschwitz Concentration Camp, testing dangerous drugs and vaccines and killing thousands, send up a major red flag? As this 2012 story from Natural News also tells us, Auschwitz was the largest mass extermination factory in human history. After going 50+ years without apologizing for war crimes then finally doing so 20+ years ago, did they suddenly have a change of heart or are they still 'stealthily' in the depopulation business? We find this story from AnonHQ called "Here's A List Of The Most Horrifying US Government Experiment's" quite interesting in light of these latest developments. 

The Natural News story from back in 2012 also reminded us of the interesting 'coincidence' that took place soon after the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany. Only weeks after Germany's surrender, a massive influx of Nazi 'mad-scientists' began in what we now know as 'Project Paperclip'. What we're told next is infuriating and helps to tell those with a discerning eye a picture that much of current mainstream history will never tell us.:

Ironically, just two weeks after Germany's unconditional surrender, the designer of the Nazi guided missile, Herbert Wagner, arrived in Washington D.C. This was the beginning of the mass influx of "mad scientists" who would go to work in the United States for a mission called "Project Paperclip," headed up by President Roosevelt to supposedly "exploit the knowledge of Nazi scientists."

A few years later, the Nuremberg War Criminal Tribunal convicted 24 of the I.G. Farben executives for mass murder, slavery and other crimes against humanity; however, in less than 7 years, every single murderer was released, and began consulting American corporations. From 1950 to 1980, Bayer, BASF, and Hoechst filled their highest position, Chairman of the Board, with convicted mass murderers.

Currently, each of the three IG Farben "daughter" companies is far more powerful than Farben ever was during World War II. Today, these companies send lobbyists to Washington D.C. with millions (if not billions) of dollars to influence regulatory decisions made by the FDA.


The 'original pusher man', Bayer has been tied to mass death and the globalists depopulation agenda for many decades now. As we're told below, the IG Farben Pharmaceutical conglomerate has already been responsible for the deaths of a countless number of people. If you can think of any reason at all that we should trust the Bayer/Monsanto merger after reading this, please let us know what you're thinking in the comment section below. :

Hitler used the “Big Pharma” of the time – the monster-pharmaceutical-conglomeration of the early nineteenth century, IG Farben, as his means to the “end” – the proposed end of any human who was not of the “Master Race” he believed he could actually create, maintain, and use to rule under his New World Order. It was eugenics.

IG Farben was short for Interessen-Gemeinschaft Farbenindustrie, or the “Community of Interests” of chemical dye-making corporations. IG Farben was formed in 1925 from a number of major chemical companies that worked closely together since World War I.

Using chemicals to pollute the food and medicine of his enemies, Hitler conquered countries like it was nothing, one at a time. Without IG Farben, many historians say that Hitler could NOT have done all the damage he did. Hitler used Zyklon B gas in the gas chambers to distinguish humans. Hitler had his Nazi police feeding the Jews fluoride in the water to weaken them so they could not rebel or escape. Hitler had top scientists studying food additives, synthetic preservatives, highly experimental vaccines full of toxins. Sound familiar?


The IG Farben Pharmaceutical Conglomerate simply morphed into U.S. Pharma. Eventually, scientists of the early 1980s figured out a way to transfer the genes of anything that kills bugs and weeds and put them into the seeds of corn and soy, two of the MOST POPULAR staple crops for the basis of most US food products. Corn, soy, canola and cottonseed oil are in just about everything processed, and because they are genetically modified they contain carcinogens, which help pathogens destroy human cells, causing others to mutate, multiply uncontrollably and then turn and attack the same human body that created them.

This is cancer. Cancer proponents were engineered (not invented) by arrogant scientists who microscopically inserted poison into seedlings that causes sickness, and all of this to meet another goal – – that the companies could address with chemical medicines and make a fortune. This is allopathic QUACK America, where the doctors do what the politicians designed them to do, push pills, is pathetic, unethical and demented. Most MDs are slinging chemicals and looking the other way, while they make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year doing so. Big Pharma invented food chemicals and Biotech calls them science! IG Farben was a monopoly and Hitler used it to poison and kill people he needed to control. IG Farben was the Pharma monopoly of yesteryear, in other words, like Monsanto, Johnson & Johnson, or Pfizer is today.


Should Americans and people around the world be concerned about the merger between Monsanto and Bayer? The recent headlines in stories involving Monsanto/Bayer in the last few weeks include: "FDA Finds Monsanto's Roundup In Honey Samples Across America"; "Monsanto's New Illegal Poison Kills Neighbors' Crops - EPA Does Nothing"; "Why Bayer's Massive Deal To Buy Monsanto Is So Worrisome" and "Monsanto, Geoengineering And The Chemtrail Agenda" among others.  

If you're looking to avoid Monsanto-owned food producers, this story from Natural Blaze is a good one for you and you can see an entire list of companies with Monsanto ties below the videos. Another excellent resource is "The World According To Monsanto."

The videos below take looks at the Monsanto - Bayer merger from several different directions including the CEO's of the two companies talking about the merger in the 2nd video below. In the 1st video below, we hear about some of the recent as well as the ancient scandals that these two companies have been involved in while in the final video below, we hear from Mike Adams and many other experts in a full documentary about Monsanto, Bayer and their 'axis of evil' aligned against humanity. 




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