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February 26, 2017

'Beauty Boys' - The Destruction of America Shown In Two Pictures

- Males Are Being Eradicated By Social Engineering

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

With all the recent attacks against males in American society recently, including the insistence via college courses lamenting about "male toxicity," and the deliberate attempts to indoctrinate children (3-7 year olds) into the LGBT lifestyle, evidenced by YouTube channels like "Queer Kids Stuff," along with push to confuse and blur gender lines with "gender identity vs biology," we are now seeing companies like Maybelline, Covergirl, L’Oreal, Vogue and others using men as "covergirls," and creating fashion for men by way of female dresses and skirts.

How on earth did the simple concept of men looking like men and women looking like women become politically "incorrect," to the point of where we are seeing articles titled "beauty boys are the new face of makeup," and where fashion gurus are putting male models in dresses and skirts, cosmetic giants are now using men in their ads slapping on the mascara because "boys deserve just as much cosmetic recognition?"

Since when? Oh, and why?


Let me be very clear here..... the "men" above are not attractive to the majority of women in the world, they look confused, which is what the attempt to emasculate men in society today is all about, to confuse the genders, to indoctrinate our young into thinking that you can simply "identify" as the opposite gender your were born and viola, you are now another gender. This is inherently untrue, fake, a lie.

If you have male body parts, you are a male. Period. For women it is the same, you can dress any way you want, you can claim anything you want, but if you have female body parts, guess what? You are a woman. Period.

There is no such thing as "gender fluidity. It is a made up term to justify this outright attempt to emasculate males and make women more masculine.

(Manny Mua at a Maybelline show)

Let me be politically incorrect for a moment here. Mr. Mua, above, as well as those male models in dresses in the first image,  does not look "normal" in the eyes of the majority of the population that is not part of the LGBT community, and that is a large part of this long-term plan to emasculate men and blur gender lines, in order to push their LGBT agendas, and wipe out significant portions of the male population.


According to research four in ten people that consider themselves "transgender,"  commit suicide, when the national average is around 12.6 percent, and while the LGBT community consistently attempts to claim it is because they suffer from discrimination, bigotry and hatred, it has been pointed out that other minority groups that suffer the same type of discrimination, bigotry and hatred have a much lower rate, pretty much blowing those attempts at victimization out of the water.

What the LGBT community refuses to acknowledge is that many experts, such as Dr. Paul R. McHugh, the former psychiatrist-in-chief for Johns Hopkins Hospital and its current Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry, an expert by anyones standards, says that transgenderism is a "mental disorder."

While the majority of people with a mental disorder do not die by suicide, research does show that up to 90 percent of those that commit suicide have a diagnosable mental disorder.

While females tend to have suicidal thoughts more often, "Males take their own lives at nearly four times the rate of females and represent 77.9% of all suicides, according to the '2015 CDC Suicide Facts at a Glance' page. Another fact from that page shows "Suicide is the seventh leading cause of death for males and the fourteenth leading cause for females."

The largest group, demographic-wise to commit suicide are whites, which again discounts the assertion that suicide rates are analogic to groups suffering from discrimination, bigotry or hatred. Unless older white men are now those being discriminated against and feeling hatred geared towards them.


If suicide rates among other minority groups were comparable to the those in the transgender group at 40 percent, then the explanation of discrimination, bigotry, hatred and bullying might fly, but other minority demographics do not even come near being at a comparable rate, so any special interest group so - called experts" making that claim is ignoring the comparisons in order to push the LGBT agenda.

Here is one more statistic to add to the equation, as we have seen the attempt to normalize these "beauty boys" and cross dressing, and gender fluidity over the last decade, the suicide rate has increased, not decreased, as we see that from 1999 to 2014 there was a 24 percent increase.


If males and females decide to wear makeup and dress in the clothing normally associated with the opposite sex, once they have grown up, that is their choice to make, and they have the right to make it,  but this consistent push in our public schools, sometimes starting in elementary school to deliberately confuse children regarding their gender, could literally be killing people.

What we are watching is the destruction of America via social engineering.

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