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October 19, 2015

Ben Carson's 'End Times' Warning And Why He May Be America's Last Chance!


By All News Pipeline

Ben Carson was born into poverty. While his upbringing was anything but easy, Ben Carson overcame the odds stacked against him and persevered where others have given up or failed to live up to their potential.

While this story is not an endorsement of Ben Carson by ANP, the new video below from David Vose gives us a compilation of mainstream news reports that shows us just why Ben Carson might be the only person left standing who can help take back America.

Ben Carson wants to make clear that Americans are not Americans enemies - in fact, we are all in this together. Ben Carson knows that time is running out on America having not long ago warned that we may not even have a 2016 election if Barack Obama were to declare martial law due to civil unrest.

Ben Carson also recently warned that 'end times may be upon us'. The 1st video shows us why Ben Carson may be our only hope at this period in time in history. In the 2nd video, Lori Buelow shares with us more on Ben Carson's 'end times' warning. Can Ben Carson fix what's broken in America or is it already too late? Please let us know what you think in the comment section below. 


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