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September 5, 2014

"Beware Of What Is Next!" - Exclusive Interview With  Dr. Preston T. Bailey

By Live Free or Die and Susan Duclos

In an exclusive ANP/BIN interview Dr. Preston Bailey joins Live Free or Die from All News PipeLine and Before It's News and myself to discuss a variety of issues, including but not limited to; Specific cities targeted by terrorist groups already in the US;  and what the illuminati/NWO is already doing to prepare for those attacks in order to protect themselves and "certain" military members and politicians.

Dr. Bailey has a PhD in counseling and is a Psychologist who has spent decades working with illuminati and NWO victims as well as being a Pastor since 1972 and knowledgeable on the topic of end times events.

According to Dr. Bailey, he has received information from his CIA source and others regarding planned target locations where terrorists are planning simultaneous attacks in specific cities that hold great significance to these terror groups, such as the NYC and NJ area (financial sectors), Chicago (commodities sector), New Orleans and Houston (oil shipping sectors), Las Vegas (gambling), the DC and VA areas (political sectors), and specifically names several more cities/metropolitan areas in danger. This segment begins at approx. the 7 minute 30 second mark.

He also warns us the terror group ISIS is buying up real estate in the US and using it to house newly arriving Middle East immigrants as well as weaponry already in the US, all of which is coming across the open borders. Bailey also states that 9 percent of those crossing our open southern border are of Middle Eastern descent.

Dr. Bailey even takes a dive into the anti-Christ debate by succinctly telling us why Barack Obama IS NOT the anti-Christ: "Obama is too stupid to be the anti-Christ" we are told.

At approx the 39 minute mark, the conversation turns to the Denver International Airport and Deep Underground Military Bases. Dr. Bailey tells us that the illuminati and NWO members are preparing their underground cities and tunnel systems to allow them to survive the upcoming attacks, as well as how 128 Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMB) are to be utilized for some military members and politicians, but none are being set up the everyday ordinary American citizen and how all these DUMBs are come together at one major hub.... the Denver International Airport, to which Bailey states "look at the murals" in order to know what is coming next.

That and much more in the nearly hour long interview below, including warning us of the 9 key power grids that could be taken down to leave Americans living in the 18th century again, nuclear weapons under terrorist control already here in America, MKUltra/Monarch programming and the NWO/illuminati 'end game' that "could happen at any time". In closing, Dr. Bailey shares with us what we can do to help make sure that we and our loved ones have a fighting shot if and when this all goes down.


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