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June 6, 2015

Beyond Jade Helm 15 - Exercises Go Nationwide

Submitted to All News PipeLine by Aaron Wilson, PhD


JH15 which is a USASOC training exercise in the mid-west USA was just the start it seems now of a nationwide roll-out of training exercises of all sorts.
Midland Texas closed Walmart video shows police guarding it now and chasing off citizen investigators.


"This morning in Albion, MI
Driving around i've lived here 49 years and have never seen one on the streets before!"


In Texas, it seems to be developing more and more outside of the exercise parameters:

Just wanted to send in some information. There have been a lot of low flying military helicopters spotted in the Cedar Creek area of Bastrop county (Texas) as well as an unusually high amount of “car counter” strips throughout the entire county. Anywhere from country gravel roads to paved city roads in major neighborhoods of Bastrop. They are all over the place…

They are black strips they put across the road to monitor traffic patterns. Typically it’s only done on gravel roads to determine if they need to be paved. Over the past 2 weeks they have been all over the county… In neighborhoods such as ColoVista, Tahitian Village, Riverside Grove and Hunter’s Crossing as well as out in the more rural areas. I’ve lived here for almost 20 years and have never seen this many.

One element we are now seeing in many different forms is casualty training.
The ice cream trucks for cadavers, the UN vehicles with the Red Cross, thanks to FB group JH&Beyond, for the great updates on these exercises.


Toccoa, Georgia huge convoy rolling down city street.


Pretty much every state is conducting a drill of one type or the other that involves a catastrophe of epic proportions.
Considering what is going on geo-politically and how the US State Dept. is pressing for war with China and Russia, it is reasonable to guess that this is probably what all this training is about.
Prospects for War are not tapering off but ratcheting up.
If the reader could ask questions of the military on what they have seen around their areas of operation, what would these questions be?
It is time we get more involved in the process of determining the fate of our nation and its' people.


Razor wire on simple commercial buildings is the new normal for Wallmart


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