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March 18, 2016

Beyond The Pale - Threatening The Lives Of Children - Was Hacktivist Group Anonymous Responsible For Threat Against The Grandchildren Of Donald Trump?


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

It was very disturbing this morning to awaken to the news that a threatening piece of mail, containing white powder, had been sent to Donald Trump's son, Eric, along with a handwritten note demanding GOP frontrunner drop out of the presidential race or next time the powder would be real. According to ABC News the  note stated "If your father does not drop out of the race, the next envelope won't be a fake." It was signed "X."

The letter was opened by Eric's wife Lara and according to multiple other reports the children of Eric Trump were directly threatened in the letter. 

The NYPD released the following statement:

“At approximately 7:15 p.m., the NYPD responded to a residential building at 100 Central Park South to investigate a report of a suspicious letter received by a tenant. The letter has been removed and is being examined by law enforcement authorities. No injuries have been reported in connection with this incident.”

CBS News reported that the letter warned that "harm will come to the kids" if Donald Trump doesn't drop out.

A source close to the investigation said the letter had a Massachusetts postmark and warned that if Donald Trump doesn't withdraw from the race for the Republican presidential nomination -- paraphrasing -- harm will come to the kids.

The Joint Terrorism Task Force is leading the investigation, but other agencies are participating such as the Secret Service, FBI, New York Police Department and Postal Inspection Service. (Wapo)

This is beyond the pale. 

This comes just days after the hacktivist group Anonymous declared "total war" on Donald Trump, following up with what they allege is his personal details such as his Social Security number, phone numbers, his agent's address and phone numbers, coordinates to a location in Florida, his attorney's address and phone numbers and information on Trump's children.

With the information being released on March 17, 2016, we have to ask if it is a coincidence that just a day later  the threatening letter and white powder was mailed to Eric Trump?

Via Anonymous:

"We have attached a gift, of sorts: Trump's social security number, cellphone number and other details that may be able to assist you all in independently investigating this would-be dictator," says the computerised voice.


"Do with them what you will - bearing in mind that you alone are responsible for your actions," the voice instructs.

According to the  ABC News article on the threat to Eric Trump and his family, the Secret Service they are investigating the postings made by Anonymous with Trump's personal information.

"The U.S. Secret Service is aware of the internet postings of Candidate Donald Trump’s personal information. We are working with the Federal Bureau of Investigation in this matter," a Secret Service spokesperson told ABC News.


Note - ANP has chosen to not link to the Anonymous information released on Trump, nor to their video.


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