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October 15, 2015

Are Deaths Of 12 Holistic Doctors In America Tied To The TPP? Will Big Pharma Use Lamar Odom's Cocaine Fueled Romp In Nevada To Ban Herbal Supplements As Medical Fascists Continue Their Gestapo War Upon Alternative Health?


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Despite the fact that former NBA pro Lamar Odom had massive amounts of cocaine in his system after a recent 3-day romp at a brothel in Nevada, we found it quite strange that immediately after this story broke nationwide, the target of the wrath of the corporate-controlled mainstream media wasn't the illegal drug cocaine in his system but legal herbal supplements sold over the counter that can be purchased by just about anybody anywhere in America.  

After looking more closely, we see what may be a hidden agenda that videographer ExplorerOne talks about in the 1st video below, a big pharma drive to ban herbal supplements across America as being dangerous (to their profits) and a possible hidden connection to at least 12 holistic doctors who have mysteriously died across the country in the last several months. As Professor Doom2 tells us in the 2nd video below, the deaths of these doctors could also be tied to the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) trade deal that now threatens to also wipe out the 1st Amendment and free speech on the internet if left unchecked.


According to Dr. Marie Paas' LinkedIn page, her goal was to educate people to understand that food is medicine. She also stressed the healing powers of our own body but emphasized that everything we put into our bodies either acts as nourishing/healing or destructive. According to this posting on a Facebook page of hers, she also believed that vaccinations were dangerous. Dr. Paas' was recently found dead and according to authorities, she likely died via suicide though friends shared she was very happy and couldn't believe that she would do such a thing. 

Dr. Paas was at least the 3rd holistic doctor to have died whose mysterious death has been classified as suicide; families and friends of these doctors disagree with those findings. Erin Elizabeth at Health Nut News has done an amazing but painstaking job of keeping track of so many holistic doctor's who have met their untimely and mysterious ends in the last several months and several common themes seem to run through their lives. Like Dr. Paas, who spent 11 years in Western medicine, every one of these doctors healed their patients without using traditional treatment but treatments that led some to be called 'quacks' and others to receive visits from government agents shortly before their death. In the 4th video below,  KafkaWinstonWorld takes a look at the sad passing of Dr. Paas, the 12th holistic doctor to recently mysteriously die, may she rest in peace.


Is there now a big pharma war upon medical practicioners who are using non-traditional means of healing, doctors who are against vaccinations, using experimental treatments successfully and, as we hear from our 1st videographer, is a big pharma war upon herbal supplements in America's future?

For many years now, Stephen Quayle has been keeping track of dead scientists, beginning all the way back in 1994 and going all the way through to the present day, the astonishing number of mysteriously dead scientists and doctors is far too high. The recent spate of dead doctors consists of several who were strongly against vaccinations and using a chemical compound called McGAF to treat cancer patients.  

When we listen to the 3rd video below from TMZSports of the 911 call after Odom was found unconscious in Nevada, we hear the caller almost immediately putting the finger of blame upon the herbal supplements Odom was allegedly taking while denying that anything else was involved. The mainstream media has picked up and run with this story; you can now find millions of results on Google showing how hard they are pushing the supplement angle. 


We've known for several years now that big pharma and the American Medical Association were launching a war against holistic health practicioners and herbal supplements. As Natural Society tells us, big pharma is picking a fight with alternative health care to hide their own death toll (which is shockingly high.) As Dr. Mercola tells us, the medical profession has a long history of opposing alternative health providers and treatments. Back in January of 2015, Global Research told us about Big Pharma's diabolical plan to destroy the vitamin/herbal supplement industry

 Simply put, if Americans learn how to heal ourselves, big pharma and traditional doctors quickly begin losing business. Of course by now, many Americans know that big pharma and traditional medicines are purely driven by profit and sadly, most doctors prefer that their patients never learn how to heal themselves and prefer that they stay on drugs to keep the profits flowing and the patients coming back.

If only the majority of Americans took the advice of Dr. Paas and learned that they CAN heal themselves of many chronic and acute illnesses, largely by moderating our diets and eating habits, there would be many fewer return visits to the doctors who are simply padding their own and big pharma's pocketbooks. Is big pharma and/or their agents of terror now taking out holistic doctors with herbal supplements and vitamins in their crosshairs? In the 2nd video below our videographer tells us why the deaths of 12 holistic doctors in America may very well be tied to the TPP as the TPP also has the 1st Amendment in its' sight.


It’s been the longtime objective and unfolding reality that this privileged elite has been eliminating all competition in its ruthless path to absolute oligarchy. Big Business be it Big Pharma or other Fortune 500 corporations will stop at nothing to destroy anything and anyone that threatens its economic stranglehold over the people on this planet. This examination focuses on the militarized Gestapo-like tactics the elite deploys to take out Big Pharma’s biggest competitor – the vitamin-herbal supplement industry and how Big Business in this predatory cannibalistic dog-eat-dog world is bent towards taking out small business.

In the last twenty years more and more US citizens have turned to more affordable alternative health for treatment and health maintenance. And no larger outlet within this alternative health movement is the vitamin supplement industry. Because Big Pharma sees this emerging alternative to using prescribed toxic drugs as a direct threat to their profits and monopolizing theft, Big Pharma has descended on Washington to destroy the vitamin and herbal supplement industry. Through the lobbying power that pours millions into the pockets of our elected representatives, effectively bribing US Congress, Big Pharma has manipulated a 1994 law designed to keeping us safe to seventeen years later passing another safety law designed to kill the burgeoning natural supplements industry.

Some people point out the very strange anagram that Lamar Odom's name makes, "Alarm Doom", while others argue that Odom, part of the reality-tv show Kardashian clan, was an attempted 'illuminati sacrifice'. 

Our message to big pharma and those who would try to ban herbal supplements that have been on this planet  for far longer than they have, "keep your bloody hands off!"


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