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February 10, 2016

'Bigger And Bigger False Flags Coming' - NWO Using Crisis To Bring In 'Medical Martial Law' - Are We Now Witnessing A 'Covert Medical Op' In Action? 


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

"Covert medical ops are the most dangerous, because they appear to be politically neutral, they fly under no flag, and they claim to forward only humanitarian aims. Every fake epidemic is, in part, designed to create fear and induce blind compliance to medical and government dictates. The germ is positioned as the “tiny terrorist” in this stage play." Jon Rappoport

From the East coast to the West coast, America is being hit by disasters that are poisoning us as detailed more below but as we learn in this story and the videos, we may be watching the ultimate 'depopulation agenda' false flag unfolding with the mainstream media rollout of the Zika virus and warnings for women to avoid becoming pregnant.

The fact that the nation of Brazil has begun sending out 220,000 soldiers to go door to door to look for those infected with the virus and 'educate' the population about the dangers of mosquitoes tells us much of what we need to know. The fact that the United Nations is now unveiling a 'Global Medical Command' to allegedly deal with the Zika virus and its' repercussions also helps to tell the story that the mainstream media isn't telling us. 

With US Congress attempting to give Barack Obama power to send US troops anywhere in the entire world in what is being called a declaration of international martial law, we can already see the Zika virus is being used by the elite to 'power up' their own deadly agenda and that agenda has already resulted in medical martial law in parts of the world. 


Since the Zika virus became huge news across the world as shared in the videos below we have to ask, are we witnessing more of the elitists 'depopulation agenda' in action as America is poisoned with radiation, gasses and other deadly diseases? As ANP reported back on January 28th, the Zika virus was first discovered and isolated by the Rockefeller Foundation which has a very long history and ties to the elitist depopulation agenda.

While many may laugh off such an agenda, they do so at their own peril. Anyone who has been paying attention to world events know all too well how real this agenda is and, as has been warned by ANP and many other alternative news websites, this agenda appears to have now been kicked into high gear. 

With a 'miracle cure' i.e. vaccine surely soon to be rolled out for this 'disease', are we now witnessing the Rockefeller Foundation's deadly plans in action? Is the Zika virus just a tool that is being used to allow the globalists to continue this evil agenda? According to Jon Rappoport, that is likely exactly what we are now witnessing as he informs us we are watching a 'sustained attack on human life'.:

As I keep stressing, the virus becomes the formidable cover story that conceals the truth.

And don’t forget the Rio Olympic Games, coming up in August. There are multiple scenarios which could play out in front of a global television audience. Will Zika be pushed as some sort of worldwide pandemic? Will a Zika vaccine be magically “discovered” and rushed into production, in time to show (as an advertisement) lines of people dutifully trudging up to receive shots?

Every fake epidemic is, in part, designed to create fear and induce blind compliance to medical and government dictates. The germ is positioned as the “tiny terrorist” in this stage play.

In my first book, AIDS INC.(1988), I indicated that covert medical ops are the most dangerous, because they appear to be politically neutral, they fly under no flag, and they claim to forward only humanitarian aims. But in fact, modern “Rockefeller Medicine” is built as a vast partner in the Globalization of the planet. Its vision is a universal in-utero-to-cradle-to-grave system for the human race: every human walks a bleak lifelong path of disease-diagnosis after diagnosis, receiving toxic drugs and vaccines at every turn, which weaken his body and mind, and make him unable to consider what is happening outside his perimeter of suffering or resist political totalitarianism.

Medical freedom means: the freedom to refuse medical care, and it’s based on knowledge of destructive effects. This freedom must win, against any odds.

“Official science” is a contradiction in terms, and a grand illusion.


Zika virus isn't the only thing that America is now dealing with as this latest story from ENENews tells us that once again, for the 2nd time in days, a US nuclear power plant has had an emergency alert declared after a fire/explosion happened at the Brunswick nuclear plant in North Carolina on Monday. Back on February 7th we learned about another emergency situation at the Indian Point nuclear plant in New York after alarming levels of radioactivity were reported...levels 65,000% above what is considered 'normal'. 

In between learning of those emergency situations, we learned the extremely dangerous situation in California had gotten worse as formaldehyde had been found to be spewing forth from the massive methane leak in LA. We're told the methane is turning into embalming fluid and breathing it in can make human bodies 'start digesting themselves'. We were also told that the company responsible KNOWS this is happening 'but obviously, they don't want us to know about it'

Are these events also part of the depopulation agenda, 'grey terror' as warned of long ago by Russian defector Viktor Suverov' in his book "Spetsnaz First World War"? We're certainly living in dangerous times with everything that is unfolding all around us. However, aren't we much better off in our own hands than in the hands of those trying to enslave us? Is the Zika virus a eugenics bioweapon as asked in the last video below from Infowars? 

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