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February 25, 2016

The Biggest Mystery In America Today Is Why No One Can Explain This Phenomenon - We Have The Answer


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

I have spent the day going through political news, sites from the left, the right, the middle, watching videos like the CNN clip you will see linked below and everyone seems to be dumbfounded as to the rise of Donald Trump, in the polls and how he has managed to win the last 3 of the GOP primaries/caucuses after having taken 2nd place in the first.

That isn't the biggest mystery it seems, as Trumps actual rise is eclipsed by the incessant yammering over the fact that no one can "explain" this phenomenon.

We have the answer to why no one seems to be able to explain what they are calling the Trump "phenomenon" - They are asking the wrong people!

In this video clip they are asking Sean Illing of, a far left liberal website. The MSM is asking political insiders against Trump. They are asking pundits that are supporting other candidates.

We laughingly read pieces from liberal, progressive Democrats attempting to explain how Donald Trump became "unstoppable," or how conservatives "enabled" Trumps rise, or how Trumps rise is a "terrifying moment in American politics,".... etc... etc... etc.... ad nauseam.

In fact, do a search on "The rise of Trump," and carefully note the sites that come up on those first search result pages.... lets us know how many of them aren't from either liberals, liberal media, quoting liberals, Trump haters or conservatives against Trump.

Who are they rarely asking? Who do they very rarely quote? TRUMP supporters.

Call me crazy but it seems like a no-brainer to me that if all these talking heads really wanted an answer to why Trump supporters are supporting him, they would go straight to the source, leading me to believe that the majority asking the question don't want to know, they want to mock, they want to assign motives, they want to give their own spin on the Trump phenomenon, but they don't want the truth!!!

Notice I did say "rarely" asking or quoting Trump supporters because with enough searching we can find a few that are directly quoting supporters but the results seem to be buried, one has to play with key words to pull them, but they are there... but those articles aren't getting near the attention as the others.

So ladies and gentlemen, this one is for you, the Donald Trump supporters, where we go to the source, ask YOU, if you wish to share, why you are supporting Donald Trump.

To start you off, we did find YouTube videos showing Trump supporters giving their reasons, shown below:

If you are a Donald Trump supporter, lets help out the clueless pundits across the internet and the MSM in the comment section below, by solving what they seem to think is the biggest mystery in America....... explaining the Trump Phenomenon!

(Dallas - Trump Rally, Dec. 2015)

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