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December 31, 2016

Bilderberg Elite Hacked, Threatened With Ominous Message To '1% Richest Dominant Pr*cks'

- Unprecedented Hack Makes It Clear The Elites Have No Safe Spaces


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

The website was hacked last night, with an ominous message and direct threats against the secretive group that meet annually to shape the globalist agenda for each following year.

Members of the so-called "global elite" have met privately since 1954, according to the Bilderberg official website that was hacked yesterday, with no records kept, no recordings, no public statements about what is discussed in their secret meetings. The meetings are attended by world leaders, bankers, with former heads of the CIA and M6 joining the ranks of the global elite in the list that was released about the Bilderberg Conference this year.

By their own admission on their website, which they have retaken control of, "the annual meetings have become a forum for discussion on a wide range of topics - from trade to jobs, from monetary policy to investment and from ecological challenges to the task of promoting international security. In the context of a globalised world."

In other words, the rich, the powerful, the "puppet masters" meet to decide our future, usually sacrificing the best interest of "we the people" in favor of globalization.


The Message is a direct threat to globalists of Bilderberg, telling them they have one year, 365 days, to work in the favor of humans and not their own selfish interests at the expense of others. The threat is that if they do not, the hacker group that calls itself "Hackback movement and Anonymous" says "we will find you and we will hack you." They go on to warn "we control your expensive connected cars, we control your connected house security devices, we control your daughter laptop, we control your wife's mobile, we tape your secret meetings, we read your emails, we control your favorite escort girl smartwatch, we are inside your beloved banks and we are reading your assets. You wont be safe anywhere near electricty anymore."

The Mystery comes by way of how the "message to the people" and the "message to the WealthY Elitico-Political 1% RIChEst dominant pr*cks" is typed, with capitalization randomly interspersed throughout the entire text, the wording itself, specific references to wife's mobile, and daughter laptop, and the weird reference to the favorite escort girl smartwatch... among other strange statements in both messages.

(Click here or the image below to enlarge, it will open in a new tab)


It appears there may be a message within the message, which may an interesting mystery to try to solve.

A side note is highlighted by an RT article about the Bilderberg hack, pointing to the bottom of the message placed on the Bilderberg website, where it says "cheers to Phineas Fisher."

A cryptic note at the end of the hackers’ statement praises Phineas Fisher as the “greatest human alive.” Fisher is a self-described hacktivist who claimed responsibility for hacking the British-German surveillance company Gamma International in 2014 and cracking the Hacking Team in 2015. He also took credit for taking more than 300,000 emails and documents from Turkey’s ruling AKP party in June 2016; the documents were subsequently published by WikiLeaks.

Since the Wikileaks documents were so prominent during the 2016 presidential election cycle, with emails from the DNC and the Clinton campaign released almost daily heading into election day, we have to wonder if that reference is one of the messages within the message, implying that they, or Fisher, were behind the original leaks, perhaps countering the Obama's administrations assertion that Russia was behind them?



The message, specifically the one to the Bilderberg group itself, which the hacks called the 1% richest dominant pr*cks," shows, as described in the details of the video below, that the "elites have no safe spaces," is not just an ominous warning, but a direct threat.

In conjunction with the major blows the globalists have already taken after the Brexit vote, the U.S. election of Donald Trump, and the failure of the globalists in the Italy referendum, all highlighting that their worldview of globalism is being rejected in favor of nationalism all across the world, this latest threat from these unknown hackers most likely has the bilderberg elites scrambling to protect their secrets, their deviancy, and their assets.

As we have already seen from Barack Obama's latest temper tantrum over the U.S. election, where his globalist vision was repudiated, as he attacks Israel and Russia in a last bid attempt to prevent Trump from destroying the New World Order the globalists have been systematically implementing across the globe, these so-called "elite" are dangerous when cornered.


If this group truly has information that could destroy the globalists of Bilderberg, which admittedly includes some of the biggest names in the international community, it begs the question of why they do not just release it all now, why give them a chance to "change" when it has been clear since their first meeting in 1954 that they will never stop trying to create their New World Order?

Either way, these hackers have fired a warning shot across the bow and we should all keep our eyes and ears open for some type of "international" response, because a cornered animal is the most dangerous animal, and the globalists are in the corner right now.


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