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October 13, 2016

'Bill Clinton Is A Rapist' Goes Viral - Young Hillary Voter On Clinton Sexual Abuse Allegations 'This Is The First Time It Has Been Mentioned'


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Alex Jones from Infowars offered $5,000 for a visual/audio of anyone who could be "vocally heard saying 'Bill Clinton is a rapist' while wearing the shirt or displaying similar imagery," on local or national television, and $1,000 to anyone that wore a  Infowars “Bill Clinton Rape” shirt on television for at least 5 seconds.

By October 6, 2016, when Infowars published the following three-minute video, multiple clips of men and women wearing the shirt, or carrying a sign, all screaming "Bill Clinton is a rapist," had been captured on national television, and since then, Hillary Clinton events, Bill Clinton events and now even an Obama/Clinton joint appearance have been disrupted with people yelling "Bill Clinton is a rapist."

While many conservatives are chuckling quietly with amusement, and Democrats are not amused in the least, this is not just some "stunt" as many in the MSM are portraying it, it is an attempt to educate younger voters on the history of Bill Clinton and the multiple allegations, the $850,000 settlement to Paula Jones, and sexual misconduct that was documented back in the 1990's, on the part of Bill Clinton and the cover-up by his wife Hillary as many claimed she "threatened" them for exposing Bill's crimes.


A perfect example of why younger voters need to be educated on the history of Clinton's sexual abuse allegations is shown clearly in the following video, where a young women, at a Clinton event tells an Infowar reporters that she doesn't think Trump's claims in the debate about Clinton's victims have anything to back it up, further stating "If that had been true, it would have came out at least. This has been the first time it has been mentioned."

That portion starts at the 1:25 minute mark in the video below:

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Readers can hear three of Clinton's victims,, Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, claiming to be "terrified" of Hillary Clinton below in a Breitbart interview.

The fact is there are tens of thousands younger voting-age men and women who are too young to remember, or they were too young for their parents to allow them to hear what Bill Clinton did, in the White House with an intern named Monica Lewinsky, or the rape allegations by Jaunita Broaddrick, or the $850,000 settlement to Paula Jones, etc....

Ignorance on the part of these young men and women, like the one shown in the video claiming that these allegations have "never been mentioned" before, is no excuse in the day and age of the Internet, where all of the documented facts, including testimony published during Clinton's impeachment proceedings, and how Hillary Clinton attempted to silence the victims, are all out there.

Kudos to Jones, because while many Millennials will choose to stay willfully ignorant of the facts, curiosity is a powerful thing and many will start researching, learning and then act accordingly.


While the MSM is busy trying to deflect and distract with Trump "groping" stories and comments from over a decade ago, with quotes from people using "song lyrics" to decribe alleged misconduct, there is actual testimony and documented victims of the Clinton's, that are public record.




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