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October 20, 2016

What Is Wrong With Hillary Clinton? Strange Behavior At Final Debate Creates A Firestorm On The Internet

- 'Creepy' Smile And Constant Nodding Send Social Media Into A Frenzy


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

During ANP's livestream open thread event for the final presidential debate, dubbed "fight night" in Las Vegas, readers noted some very strange behavior on the part of Hillary Clinton, and throughout the night and into this morning on social media, specifically over her creepy smile, along with her constant nodding even as Donald Trump was calling her plan a disaster, and last but not least, her penchant for looking down almost as if she was reading her answers.


Daily Mail collected some of the earlier social media reactions about Hillary Clinton's "Creepy Grandma' grin, asking in their headline "Could Hillary's smile cost her the election? Twitter mocks Clinton's 'creepy grandma' grin as she smirks her way through presidential debate."

The Democratic candidate faced a flood of insults as she took to the stage at the University of Las Vegas, with many viewers confessing they were 'creeped out' by her stubborn grin.

Hundreds took to Twitter to describe her smile as 'scary' and 'creepy'.


Reactions became even more brutal this morning as social media users not only continued on about Hillary's "scary" and "creepy" smile, but also noted that this is not the first debate performance where she exhibited strange behavior.


It is simply not normal to continue smiling when people are criticizing, insulting you or pointing out how disastrous your policies have been. As writer Elvin Bartley points out, one specific set of comments did wipe that smile off her face, specifically when Trump highlighted how Russian President Vladimir Putin outsmarted her at every turn when she was Secretary of State, shown below.... Bartley also notes that after that "knockout," she never really did regain her momentum.


Other strange behavior by Hillary Clinton that was heavily noted on social media was constant nodding, as Daily Caller headlines "Hillary’s Strange Head Movements Were The Talk Of The Debate." The note that "Viewers at home quickly noticed Clinton’s strange behavior," then provide a number of examples.



More reactions can be seen at Daily Caller.

It is noteworthy that this is not the first debate Clinton has done the "bobblehead" routine, as evidenced by the viral GIF created after the second presidential debate, shown below, where she did a shoulder shimmy, with the creepy grin, and looked like a bobblehead all together in a matter of seconds.


After that second debate, liberals decided that noting Hillary Clinton's strange creepy grin was "sexist," but The Atlantic rebutted that charge by pointing the hypocrisy and double standard from liberals that had criticized males for their "smiles."


Another thing ANP readers noted during last night's live debate thread was how Clinton appeared to constantly look down as if she was reading her answers, with multiple comments relating to this issue. One stated "She is READING ! Her eyes keep looking down!" Another said "I really think she was totally briefed ahead of time. I did see tho at times she was unhappy with whatever he said. I too was watching her eyes, she kept looking down while she was rebutting I think the answer was somehow being fed to her." Finally commenter Dar, stated "It has been proven that she gets questions upfront. But she has special augmented flexible contacts made by darpa...that type words in and she can read them. Which is why she was looking down. The contacts show foreground print and back ground print. She also has an earpiece."

The reference to the fact that it has been proven that Clinton gets questions upfront, stems from the Wikileaks hacked email releases, where one from March 12, 2016, showed that Interim Democratic Party Chairwoman Donna Brazile, admitted in internal emails "From time to time I get the questions in advance," and in that email chain she directly quoted a question that would later be asked during the Democratic primary debates.


While Fox News' Megyn Kelly has lost much popularity of late with conservatives, she does deserve credit for her recent major face-off with Brazile over helping Clinton during the primaries by providing her the questions in advance.

Brazile's defensive answer also brings up the issue of how liberals continue to criticize the leaks, blaming them on Russia, claiming they are interfering in the U.S. elections, yet they seem to be using that line of argument to distract from the information that has been revealed showing massive corruption within the Dem party ranks. These leaks have been responsible for forcing the former DNC chair, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to step down after it was shown she deliberately, against Democratic charter rules, helped Hillary Clinton prevail in the primaries by actively working against Bernie Sanders.

In last night's debate Wallace asked Trump if he would condemn another country attempting interfere in U.S. elections, and he rightly said he would condemn them (shown in the first video in this article), but Trump missed a major point he could have made, by pointing out there is a difference between interfering and exposing the truth of the corruption the Wikileaks hacks have publicly proven within the Democratic party.

Wikileaks may have leaked the emails, but they did not create the corruption exposed in those leaks, and the corruption should be the main focus of the narrative, not where the hacks originated.


From her creepy and strange constant smiling, even when being reminded of her disastrous political career and failures, to her bobblehead nodding, to her abit of looking down when preparing her answers, Hillary Clinton's behavior continues to get stranger by the day and it isn't only being noted by conservatives or Clinton oppenents, but has created a firestorm online with her every appearance.

There is definitely something wrong with Hillary Clinton.

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