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January 4, 2016

CERN To Turn The Key To The Bottomless Pit - Message From Anthony Patch 'The Grand Deception Is In Play'


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

In the video below FaceLikeTheSun details an overview of events at CERN in 2015 as well as delving into the new "Awake" experiment planned in early 2016 with a specific message emailed by Anthony Patch (transcript of the email below the first video) who asserts by the conclusion of his message that "The Grand Deception is in play."

Patch will be joining FaceLikeTheSun for a live stream event on January 6, 2016 on the FLTS YouTube channel, discussing the information heard below where we are told what the new "Awake" experiment will be doing, how it will be turning the key to the bottomless pit and opening a portal as well as why the so-called CERN preferred terminology of the "Lord" particle should really be called the "Satan Particle."

For those that are not experts on CERN and have not researched it in the in-depth manner as Patch has, he provides a list of terms and what is meant by them on his 'about' page which he has explained in many interviews.

The ones relative to the message you will hear below, are noted below.

"Strangelets" - the most powerful explosive in the known Universe, rendering all nuclear devices as obsolete firecrackers", are the 'Cousin to the Black Hole' ", are being produced by the LHC, and being weaponized.  “Stangelets are Pentaquarks, the ‘Satan Particle’, not the ‘Lord Particle’ “

Patch believes the puppet-masters behind CERN want to "recreate the Golden Age of Kronos,"  by re-generating a plasma envelope around Saturn and another around Earth in order to "re-ignite Saturn," to which he has stated in previous interviews the "leadership of the Fallen Angels" are "imprisoned within Saturn."


Futhermore it is his assertion that the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), akin to being a man-made Black Hole, will generate Birkeland currents and the the plasma conduit will be a twisted helix of Birkeland currents, but since they "cannot re-align the orbits of the planets, as in the Golden Age," they will try to reconnect  Earth with Saturn using Birkeland Currents, which will open the "portal" or the bottomless pit and allow "demonic entities as digitized DNA"  to use the portal like a "freeway allowing vast quantities of demonic entities to move from their realm into ours."

Transcript of the message from Anthony Patch below.

No graviton. Forget about the Gravity Model of the Universe. Disinfo. by mainstream science community. Distraction from what they are really doing.
Think: Strangelets. Comprised of quarks and gluons, as a condensate.

If one holds to the Big Bang theory, then following the Singularity, were Strangelets. Next in the timeline, the Higgs Boson. And so forth.

Strangelets, or the condensate of quarks and gluons, are formed in a particle accelerator, at the threshold energy of 10 TeV.

The RHIC at Brookhaven produced the first strangelets in April of 2014, and announced this in August of the same year.Briefly, the RHIC achieved 10 TeV.

Since April of 2015, the LHC has been operating at and above 13 TeV. Thus, producing larger quantities of Strangelets.

On Oct. 23rd, I announced the LHC is designed to hit a maximum of 1.15 PeV. Not "T", but "P". Terra (Trillion) to Peta (Quadrillion) electron volts.
3 weeks later, CERN announced they had achieved 1 PeV, (actually 1045 TeV) same as I announced they would, while employing ions of lead in head-to-head collisions, rather than at-angle collisions of protons.

What this means is this: Vast quantities of Strangelets having been produced during these collisions of lead. 

Last week, CERN announced the discovery of so-called Pentaquarks. An arrangement of 5 quarks.

This is what they will soon be calling the "Lord Particle". Actually, like the Pentagram, and associated with the Peta Electron Volt levels, this should more appropriately be called the "Satan Particle".

From this point on, I shall correct CERN's coming use of the "Lord Particle", in my interviews and videos, as the "Satan Particle".

Why? Because, Strangelets, the Pentaquarks, have been and will be produced for the purpose of breaking the "Strong Force", the nuclear bond between WIMPS, the Weakly Interacting Massive Particles comprising the Higgs Field.

Breaking of the "Strong Force" ("May the Force be with you"), tears the fabric of space, ie. the Higgs Field. This is the opening of the portal.
New magnets are to installed this year. Superconducting magnets consisting of Niobium and Tin, replacing the Niobium and Titanium presently in place in the LHC.

These have the ability to reach between 20 and 30 TeV, according to their "advertised" information released to the general public.

However, they've already hit a peak output of 1 PeV with the old magnets. I know they are able to achieve higher power in the PeV range, on a sustained basis.

The PeV range is where the portal opens. The portal will be opened, controlled and sustained by the Adiabatic Quantum Computer.

The soon-to-be-named particle, the "Lord Particle", Strangelets, or Pentaquarks, will be all over the mainstream media. You will never hear CERN speak of this particle as "Strangelets". Why? Because it would stir up fears among the ill-informed public to use such a name.

They, CERN's PR office, love to use "God" and "Lord", because it sounds better. When in reality, they and their handlers and promoters of the real, and hidden agenda, are all about Satan.

Remember, it is not about gravity and the graviton. No such thing.

In fact, gravity does not exist.

You heard me correctly.

What we think of as a gravitational force, or attraction, is really electromagnetic attraction. Magnetism. Electric Plasma. Oppositely charged particles and objects, attracting one another.

There is no such thing as gravity. Sorry Einstein. But Tesla, had it correct.

So when the PR machine at CERN, cranks out words and terms such as: gravitons, Lord Particle, God Particle, Higgs Boson, Dark Matter, Dark Energy....remember those are words meant for the ill-informed masses.

The real story is: Electromagnetism & Plasma.

Check out their latest toy, due to come online in 2016: The AWAKE Experiment at CERN. Collisions of Matter and Antimatter.

Real PeV's there.

The LHC will be merged with the AWAKE plasma-based particle accelerator, generating massive quantities of Strangelets in the PeV ranges.
That is how the key to the bottomless pit will be turned.

That is how the "plasma conduit" connecting Earth with Saturn will be achieved.

That is how the "plasma envelope" will be created around not only Saturn, but the Earth as well.

That is how the portal is opened.

This is how they will return mankind to the "Golden Age of Kronos".

Or, so Satan has them to believe.

The Grand Deception is in play.

Below viewers can listen Patch's previous interview with FaceLikeTheSun, titled "CERN WATCH: Digital Biology and Demon DNA with Anthony Patch," conducted in October 2015.


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