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July 24, 2016

CNN Reporter 'Slammed To Floor' By Wide-Awake Trump Voter - Reporter Walks Away With Tail Between His Legs - Did You See This On The 'Clinton News Network'? We Didn't Think So

DNC Censors 'White' From Red, White And Blue To Avoid 'Triggering' Voters!


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Every once in a while we come across a video which so perfectly tells us the 'mood of the rapidly-awakening American people' that we have to put it out on ANP and the 1st two videos below are two such videos.

When a Donald Trump supporter in Cleveland was recently asked WHY he supported 'racist' Donald Trump, he proceeded to metaphorically SLAM the "clinton news network" reporter to the floor as heard in the outstanding 1st video below.

Holding absolutely no punches back, he proceeds to give cnn the mental shellacking that every Bernie Sanders supporter and potential hitlery voter needs to see and hear. He begins: "I'm out here making sure that I show my support for Donald Trump and I'm fighting back against people like 'black lives matter', which CNN supports, along with the hillary clinton foundation and bill clinton foundation, the traitors to this country."

Cnn reporter: "What do you think about the fact that 'white supremacists' support Donald Trump?"

Wide Awake American: "It doesn't matter. That's their right to free speech. I'm sick of this racial divide and cnn is perfect at doing that. It's always divide and conquer. People have the right to choose whatever they want. What the hell does that (question) have to do with Donald Trump. He's not a racist. I'm sick of that. It's a scam. And I know this is not going to get on cnn. We're sick of you media. Trump is not a racist. It's the media that gives us that perception. You see, the democratic party, they always control the black people. It's a plantation. As long as they are on the mammary glands of America sucking down their food stamps and getting their welfare, they're not dreaming for the stars. Society is killing the 'American' dream with their globalism. To hell with globalism because globalism takes away America's wealth."


When the cnn reporter is asked soon after if the 'black panthers' support barack obama, he sulks away with his tail quite obviously hidden between his legs.

While this video only shows us one American and gives us only his opinion, we see that America is very rapidly awakening to the lies of the mainstream media that Trump is a 'racist'. Of course Trump isn't a racist, he only wants to put America first and not the needs of the globalists who have been working to destroy America for a very, very long time. If ANYONE running for president is racist, this story proves it's hillary clinton who has called disabled children 'ree-tards' and called Jews 'k***s' while billy-bob clinton himself dropped the 'N'-word on Jesse Jackson.

In the 2nd video below, we hear all about the "Latino's For Trump" group that is completely destroying another msm narrative as the globalists attempts to completely divide Americans along racial divisions continues to fall apart. 


As we hear in the final video below, with prozac, binkies and diapers descending upon the 'city of brotherly love', the democratic national convention in Philadelphia is on the verge of breaking down in absolute hillarity as they've censored 'white' from 'red, white and blue' to avoid triggering their voters. Telling us that the dems have changed the 'white' section to 'Ashburn Alley' leads us to ask, has the left gone completely insane?

As Susan Duclos has previously reported on ANP, we are getting more and more signs that 'special snowflakes' are being weaponized to stifle debate and the dnc could quickly break down into absolute chaos with potentially 50,000 or more angry Bernie Sanders supporters planning on crashing 'queen hitlery's' coronation party. With the fallout from Wikileaks already putting a major damper on hitlery's parade, we see that the entire democratic party is now in self-destruct mode

With 'queen hitlery' obviously suffering from brain damage or something possibly even worse as Susan also pointed out in this recent story on ANP, it may now be the time for those still sitting on the Bernie Sanders train to switch over to the
'Trump-train' before it leaves the next station. Of course, if you want a hateful, racist 'war criminal' for president who has a body count following her around, you can always vote hitlery.

(I will no longer Capitalize the 1st or last names of globalist war criminals or those who support them within my stories on ANP.)


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