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November 16, 2014

Chemtrailing Evidence - Sky Devils & Genocide Of The Human Race

By Susan Duclos

A fascinating and frankly chilling email hit my inbox this morning, forwarded by a friend of ANP, which provides 100% proof that not only is the topic and dangers of chemtrails not just a conspiracy theory, but the chemical dispersal patents included, shown in the images below, with the testimony of the military veteran that provided video and photo evidence, is indicative of a plan, agenda of genocide against the human race.

Readers may remember an ANP article written on September 14, 2014, titled "Deaths Coloring Book - (Sky Devils) Visit Steve Quayle - Amazing Photos Of The Day! - Updated With CIA Death Bed Confession," where outrageously clear photos taken by Mr. Quayle were published showing a "gravity wave" and controlled chemtrails of different colors, where were warned again that this is what we are all breathing into our bodies.

What we see below is more evidence of those assertions.

According to veteran Donald J. Potts, "I am one of several military veterans that is trying to help awaken mankind. Please share this information with as many people as possible using Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Email, or whatever. This is hard evidence and 100% proof of chem-trailing. These 4 pictures and 7 videos are 100% proof that chem-trailing is TRUTHER information and not a conspiracy theory."

Mr. Potts names three coinciding purposes of this depopulation agenda and provides links to 7 videos which he believes are conclusive proof of his assertions.

The three reasons are as follows;  1) to poison the populations of the world as in genocide, and to cause cancers, brain problems (Dementia (aka Senility), Alzheimer's Disease, Lou Gehrig's Disease (ALS), Multiple sclerosis (MS), Morgellon's disease (nanobots), brain cancer, & many others; 2) to put up cloud covers to hide celestial events such as extra planetary bodies coming into our galaxy [think Planet X system with brown dwarf sun, planets such as Nibiru, and their moons], and to hide large space crafts in our atmosphere; and 3) to re-terraform planet earth to cause global warming....

Read the rest at Mr. Potts' Facebook page.

The photos provided by Potts are shown below as well as the 6 videos on chemtrails and a link to the 7th posted at Facebook here.

They are still coloring in "death's coloring book," we are still breathing it all in.... and coincidentally, there are a number of "mysterious illnesses" sickening, paralyzing and killing people across the US.





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