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February 5, 2015

Heading Towards 'Disastrous Final Doom' - Will Destruction Ride In On 'Beam Of Light'? 'Just Darkness' Will Remain...


By Live Free Or Die - All News Pipeline

With North Korea recently promising America a 'disastrous final doom' as shared in the 1st video below and new revelations coming out of China that they have developed cutting edge electronic pulse weapons as shared in this story and the 2nd video below, we take a look at claims a recent power plant explosion in Michigan's northern neck was caused by similar light-pulse weapons, directed energy weapons believed by 'conspiracy theorists' to have been used on both the Fukushima power plant and the Gulf of Mexico's BP Deepwater Horizon explosion as shared in the 3rd and 4th videos below, and look at the possibility that our final 'end' will be ushered in on a 'beam of light'...leaving 'just darkness'.†

While All News Pipeline has been informed by our weather source that the 'beam of light' seen in the recent Michigan power plant explosion was merely light reflecting off of ice crystals in the lower levels of the atmosphere, causing a 'light pillar', a military source contradicted them by warning a 'top secret' military operation had taken place.

First, from China: Directed-energy weapons are said to be the future of advanced technological warfare.

China has achieved a technological breakthrough that could help introduce pulse weapons to the People's Liberation Army's arsenal, reports the Global Times, a tabloid under the auspices of the Communist Party mouthpiece People's Daily.

According to the report, the Xian Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has successfully developed a third-generation X-ray pulsar simulation source. The technology, which can create an X-ray pulsar source in X-ray tubes to generate arbitrary waveform pulses, officially passed evaluation tests on Jan. 17.

The evaluation committee found that the creation's performance indicators were at an advanced international level and concluded that it is an advanced technology with original and practical applications that could lead to important economic and social benefits.

An X-ray pulsar consists of a magnetized neutron star in orbit with a normal stellar companion and is a type of binary star system. They are a class of astronomical objects that are X-ray sources displaying strict periodic variations in X-ray intensity with ranges that can vary from microseconds to several minutes.

As a natural beacon, X-ray pulsars have important applications in aerospace, astronomy, science and engineering. In terms of military applications, simulated X-ray pulsars may help China develop new weapons that can challenge America's dominance in the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapons sphere.

How could China or North Korea bring America to a nearly-instantaneous 'end'? Space-based weapons systems and their capability of delivering a knockout punch that have been warned would leave 90% of Americans dead within a year to 18 months and would completely destabilize our nation within hours. Taking only 60 seconds to be launched, WND warned about this possibility and just days ago, former FERC Chief John Wellinghoff in this Forbes story.:

Radio, televisions, telephones, and, yes, power stations would all essentially fry from the inside out if exposed to such an event. Permanently.

Still seemed far-fetched? It really isnít. A very small and unsophisticated nuclear device (which is or could be in the possession of many American foes) could be attached to a weather balloon launched from a boat in the Gulf of Mexico or off of California and floated to the countyís mid-continent where its detonation would have the greatest effect. America would literally go dark. No phones. No money. No heat. No running water. No medicine. No police. Just darkness.

Congressional studies quoted by (Former CIA Chief Jim) Woolsey estimate that two-thirds of the population would die of starvation, disease, exposure or violence related to social breakdown in the first twelve months alone.

And to make matters worse, we would never even know what hit us, because we would have no means to investigate, to say nothing of respond. Just darkness.

Other methods of getting at the power grid include cyber-attack or a coordinated set of bombings (with conventional explosives similar to the Oklahoma City in 1995) aimed at the regional nodes, or major substations that interlock the nationís grid.

At this time we certainly don't have all of the answers as to whether or not the explosion at the Escanaba power plant in Michigan was caused by sabotage, an accident or a 'test' for further actions against our power grid in the future but the final video below featuring a government insider tells us why we all should be deeply concerned about the events we are now watching unfold in China, North Korea and here in the USA.

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