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August 21, 2017

Class Action Lawsuit Against CNN For 'Criminal Targeting Of Americans,' To Be Filed By California Attorney


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

On August 18, 2017,  in an article here at ANP titled "The Endgame Is To Overthrow America By Anarchy," I made the argument that according to the logic used by the media and liberals, MSM support for Antifa terrorist groups, makes those very same media outlets terrorists themselves, by default.

While I am not a legal expert, it seems that there is a legal case to be made that media groups, such as CNN, are putting "targets on Americans backs," via "cyber bullying, menacing and harassment of the American People," by labeling Americans that do not espouse the political ideology of hate groups such as SPLC, according to Joni Turner, a highly respected San Diego litigation attorney, who has announced her plans to file a criminal & civil lawsuit against CNN on behalf of the American People that are being targeted as “Radical Terrorists” in their own country.

The two videos below were taken from Ms. Turner's Periscope account where she announced her plans to file a class action lawsuit against CNN, stating "I'm determined to use my Legal Career to hold CNN and Southern Poverty and Law Center Responsible for Criminal Targeting of Americans! Join the Fight!"

Ms. Turner will be setting up a website, where she will be asking Americans that have been targeted, especially those that have had physical altercations with the alt-left (Antifa groups) when attending a rally, a Trump event, or were attacked because of MSM targeting, to add their names to the list of litigants that can be used as proof that CNN and SPLC are deliberately targeting Americans for harm.

She explains that this type of case has never been approached before against a media organization, but that it comes down to the fact that CNN has given up on being a "bona-fide" news organization in favor of becoming the "the mouth piece for the alt left."

Via Pam Jones For Liberty:

Joni states that CNN is conducting a covert civil war against the American people and this can be felony. Though CNN claims to be a bona-fide media outlet, Joni claims they are not, stating “they let that organization go a long time ago and are now the mouth piece for the alt left.” She will be announcing a new website in a week or so for Americans that may want to join the lawsuit as plaintiffs. She is also looking to contact any Americans that has had physical altercations with the alt-left, while attending a rally. She emphasizes the need for everyone’s participation in the Class action lawsuit against CNN, “the trick here is find a district court that is conservative, we must venue shop for one.”

This is a “first impression case” that needs to get into the supreme court to finally call out CNN for their destruction of the United State and take down of America. She said it is not going to be easy and that her and others will need our help! She asked everyone to watch for updates on her twitter.

Ms. Turner explains in the two videos of her live Persicope chat, that as she had been observing how media outlets, specifically CNN, was deliberately inciting violence by groups such as Antifa, which she refers to as the "alt-left", against conservatives across the country, she kept looking for a way to hold them legally accountable, so she started researching  cyber bullying and menacing laws, and she thinks she can prove in a court of law that CNN, working directly with SPLC, to the point where they even used the SPLC hate map to target conservative groups before taking the map down four hours later, that " CNN is conducting a covert civil war against the American people and this can be felony."


Menacing Law and Legal Definition: "Menacing is a crime governed by state laws, which vary by state, but typically involves displaying a weapon or a course of conduct that intentionally places another person in reasonable fear of physical injury or death."

Harassment Law and Legal Definition: "Harassment is governed by state laws, which vary by state, but is generally defined as a course of conduct which annoys, threatens, intimidates, alarms, or puts a person in fear of their safety."

Cyberbullying, via Find Law: The term "cyberbullying" refers to the use of Internet and/or mobile technology to harass, intimidate, or cause harm to another."

You can see her Periscope announcement of her plans, where she details her research and why she believes she can argue this in a court of law, as well as explaining why she needs those that have been attacked by groups like Antifa to "join the fight." In order to sue on behalf of the American people, there must be enough participating in the lawsuit to justify that claim...... the more people, the better the case she can make against CNN and SPLC.

According to Ms. Turner's bio at her law website, she has had her own practice for 12 years and she worked as an assistant prosecutor at the start of her legal career, then went on to  head up the litigation department at Holbrook and Associates, where she led a team of 10 lawyers.


Over the past six months we have seen countless discussions online and on social media with conservatives across the nation wondering how CNN  and other news outlets, can be held legally responsible for their fake news stories and inciting violence against free speech proponents, conservatives, President Trump supporters, and patriots in America.

Now we see an attorney with a pretty impressive resume, who believes the establishment media can be held accountable by law. As she states, it won't be easy, this type of case has no precedent, but if she is successful, than there would be a legal precedent set to hold other MSM outlets, doing the same thing, responsible for the same behavior.

The bottom line here is Antifa groups across America have been terrorizing towns and conservatives and have been incited relentlessly to do so by the MSM.

Kudos to Ms. Turner for being willing to take on the liberal propaganda arm of the Democratic party aka the mainstream media. We can only hope some big names in the legal industry will join with Ms. Turner in this battle against terrorizing America.


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