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September 1, 2016

'Demon' Hillary Awakens A Sleeping Giant - Why All Conservatives Should Embrace The Label 'Alt-Right'


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Are you exasperated with "establishment" conservatism, or the "crony web of institutions, pundits, and politicians which share the blame for America’s decline," by rushing to their favorite conservative 'news" outlet to criticize proposals and then turn around and casT a congressional vote for those very bills?

Are you opposed to the "scourge" of political correctness that has infected not only American politics with mainstream conservatives criticizing PC excesses then 'self-censoring' themselves on critical issues because someone may take offense to the truth?

Do you fear the direction of Western Civilization, believe traditional values are under attack and think liberal, globalist ideologies pose an existential threat to America?

If you answered yes to one or all of the questions above.... you are the "alt-right," according to a contributor at The Hill publication, a forecaster that analyzes political prediction markets like Betfair and PredictIt, and who has spent time analyzing whether the "alt-right" will shape political outcomes in the future.

After his research was concluded he made the following determinations in an article titled "Hillary's 'alt-right' smear will backfire."

There is no alt-right manifesto as far as I can tell, but three main ideas seem to unite the movement:

(1) Exasperation with establishment conservatism. The alt-right calls them the “respectable right” These are the gatekeepers at National Review and Fox News who marginalize the alt-right and their intellectual progenitors for the sake of mainstream respectability. They are, in the alt-right narrative — the “crony” web of institutions, pundits, and politicians which share the blame for America’s decline.

(2) Opposition to political correctness: The alt-right sees political correctness as a scourge that must be defeated at all costs. While mainstream conservatives accommodate political correctness — criticizing its excesses, but dutifully self-censoring on delicate issues — the alt-right takes a different approach. The alt-right not only defends free speech in the abstract, it pushes the boundaries with every conceivable offense it can muster. If the mainstream considers certain ideas to be off-limits, the alt-right treats them as invitations to provoke.

(3) Fear about the direction of Western Civilization: The alt-right’s edgy commentary on race and gender is more than an attack on political correctness. It stems from a worldview that sees Western Civilization as fragile and besieged. According to the alt-right, the erosion of traditional values could spell the end of a heritage worth preserving. What unites the laundry list of the alt-right’s enemies — illegal immigrants, feminists, multinational corporations etc. — is a commitment to liberal, globalist ideologies that the alt-right regards as more than naïve and distasteful. In the alt-right view, they pose an existential threat.

The writer ends by stating "Clinton instead chose to smear the alt-right with the same tropes that it once wielded against today’s conservative establishment. Perhaps once a passing fad, Clinton may have turned the alt-right into a genuine force."



Last week when we reported that Hillary Clinton had a new meme, a regurgitated version of her 1990's "vast right- wing conspiracy" simply changing the words "right-wing" out with "alt-right," I literally yawned and said she had 20 years to come up with new material and that is the best she could do? Laughable really, but she continued her attacks against the so-called "alt-right," declaring war upon them on her Twitter account with the following graphic, as well as in recent speeches.


What Clinton is attempting to do, with the help of her puppet media defenders who are busy eating their own and scalping any other traditional media outlet that dares report the truth about Hillary, while attacking Trump, his supporters and family members of his supporters, is define "alt-right" to mean what she wants it to be. The press helping her declare war are the same people that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange recently called out for "falling over themselves to defend Hillary Clinton" and stating they "are erecting a 'demon' that is going to put nooses around everyone’s necks."

Hillary Clinton and the MSM does not and will not define me....... and no one else should let her define them.

What those that consider themselves the new alt-right do "hate" is watching our supposed conservative politians sell us out, watching them help destroy everything great about America.

What they "hate" is watching truth sacrificed to political correctness, where colleges tell their students to "only speak when 'necessary'," to "avoid microaggressions," aka avoid the truth, such as the term "illegal alien," when referring to those that cross the border illegally, are in the country illegally, making them an illegal alien, not an "undocumented immigrant," as the PC crowd would prefer they be called.

What we, those declaring loudly and proudly that we are the new alt-right, do "hate" is the liberal globalist policies that have shipped American jobs overseas, destroyed our economy, have led to record numbers of people living on welfare, have put us so far into debt we can never repay it, and that are attacking our Constitutional rights, such as our right of free speech, our right to bear arms, and our freedom of religion.

What Hillary Clinton has done by attempting to label millions of Americans as a "hate movement,"  is "awakened a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve."

The resolve to take this country back from the liberal social justice warrior crowd that need "trigger warnings" when truth is going to be told so they can run off to their "safe spaces" to avoid it. The resolve to not allow the PC crowd to tell us what we can say, when we can say it, or where we can say it. The resolve to fight against the globalists "one world government." 

Our resolve to make America great again.

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Hillary Clinton is a physically and mentally sick, corrupt, one trick pony, attempting to delegitimize any argument that is opposed to her political ideology, trying to run out the clock until election day (and failing!), and assuming her recyceled old material , along with the MSM defending her at every turn and attacking her opponents, will win her the election.

It shouldn't, because this nation cannot survive another four years of Obama policies, on steroids, which is what we will get with Hillary Clinton.

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