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October 9, 2016

Insider Warns Of Calamity - Jeff Berwick On The NWO Race To Destruction

- The Collapse Of All Fiat Currencies Is Coming & War Is On The Horizon


Submitted To All News PipeLine by Tony K of A Minute to Midnite

"The collapse of all fiat war III? No..... those things will never happen. No one would be silly enough to start a nuclear war, and there's no way they will let the current monetary system collapse."

That probably sums up the collective thoughts of a huge number of people in the world as they stare at you with glazed over eyes if you try to tell them we are on the cusp of these things potentially occurring very, very soon.. They just can't fathom those scenarios ever REALLY happening. No..they snicker and scoff as they go back to their Pokemon's or farmville games, or switch on the idiot box to see latest television discussion on the Kardashians. It's called normalcy bias. Here is a description of that condition as found in Wikipedia:

The normalcy bias, or normality bias, is a mental state people enter when facing a disaster. It causes people to underestimate both the possibility of a disaster and its possible effects.

Right now we are staring down the barrel of converging "engineered" events that could see the world going to war, and a massive collapse of the global financial system.


Episode 072 of The A Minute to Midnite Show sees Jeff Berwick join the host Tony to discuss the global economic situation, and the potential for catastrophic war as the Elites’ push for World Government and a global currency.

"Central banking is actually a tenet of communism" says Jeff in this interview. "It has nothing to do with capitalism." He then adds some interesting further thoughts: "Capitalism doesn't have taxes, doesn't have regulation, and certainly doesn't have central banks and forced fat currencies."

This interview covers subjects such as the potential collapse of Deutsche Bank, The 1988 Economist Magazine’s prediction of a global currency around 2018, the end of the Shemitah and Jubilee years, and the hyper-inflation in Venezuela. America and other western nations could potentially face a similar scenario of hyper-inflation. The criminal elites are moving their plans into high gear, in their attempt to bring us into a New World Order.

"Putin is warning almost daily that we are on the verge of a nuclear war," says Jeff. He also believes that it is the criminal banksters that are actually trying to crash the system. They know it can't last forever. Their goal will be to replace the current system with a one world government, one world currency, and one world central bank and with it a global taxation system. But most people have no clue that any of this is going on. Western economies must be brought down, to fit in with the level playing field of all countries for this totalitarian word governmental system planned by the criminal elites. A level playing field for everyone except them of course! Ultimately they want to enslave humanity.

Jeff offers some great insights into what is currently happening on The World’s stage, and also gives some very useful advice on how he believes people can safeguard their money at this time. Preparing ahead of time for what Jeff believes is a certainty ie. the collapse of fiat currencies is something he says we should be actively doing now. Gold and silver are certainly two of the options that are recommended in this show. Owning hard assets such as precious metals should be an important part of one's preparations for the coming "very hard times". Other places that listeners could potentially also look to invest at this time are also discussed by Jeff here. Many other interesting topics around war and the global economy are covered in this thought-provoking interview.

072- Jeff Berwick - The Collapse Of All Fiat Currencies Is Coming!

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