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April 6, 2017

'You Have No Right To Speak' - Social Justice Warriors Are At it Again: Communism Taught In U.S. Colleges

- These colleges and universities are now day care centers for activists and snowflakes


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Snowflakes demanding heads roll when a University President refuses to support "safe spaces," while "hate spaces" are being created by demands from the LGBT and "people of color", and college children throwing temper tantrums and threatening to "shut down" an event because they do not like the speaker, are just a few recent examples of the ongoing out-of-control actions being allowed on campuses across America today.

We'll start with the Northern Arizona University, where snowflake students are demanding President  Rita Cheng's resignation because during a forum event on March 31, 2017, she was asked "how she could support safe spaces," and she did not reply in a manner that was expected.

The question was asked of her because students were "offended"  by a preacher's visit the previous week, which they claimed "he was promoting hate speech against marginalized students," then again, as we have documented extensively here at ANP, anything uncomfortable or to which does not match their ideology is often labeled "hate speech," a "microaggression," or  offensive, with so-called social justice warriors demanding "safe spaces" to hide from the real word and anything they do not agree with.

Cheng's response, which I should add she did not offer a trigger warning before answering, was "As a university professor, I’m not sure I have any support at all for safe space.  I think that you as a student have to develop the skills to be successful in this world and that we need to provide you with the opportunity for discourse and debate and dialogue and academic inquiry, and I’m not sure that that is correlated with the notion of safe space as I’ve seen that."

Well, that did it! NAU Student Action Coalition members up and walked out while the forum was still in process. By April 3, 2017, the NAU SAC took to their Facebook page to call for... yet another protest.

*PROTEST AGAINST NAU ADMINISTRATION AND PRESIDENT CHENG* There have been too many micro aggressions,and bigoted actions that's have taken place on campus and on social media that had threatened the safety and lively hood of our current student population and administration has done nothing about it. We will protest today at 11:15am, starting at the statue on the right side of the Düb, opposite of the McConell side, south quad in front of the nursing building to demand that administration sets in place a clear, concise set of consequences for when these things happen. Step 1 of this process will be a silent walk through campus, with posters of pictures of the unacceptable incidents NAU has let slip by. Posters will be provided. Please show solidarity by showing up wearing all black **NO CLUB AFFILIATED GEAR** This is a student issue and we'd appreciate the support.

Before going into the subsequent demand for her resignation if she won't give them safe spaces, it is noteworthy that their FB post specifies "microaggressions," as recently Psychology professor Scott Lilienfeld of Emory University, has called for the "abandonment of the term “microaggression," as well as a "moratorium on microaggression training programs and publicly distributed microaggression lists pending research."

In a research paper from January 2017, titled "Microaggressions: Strong Claims, Inadequate Evidence," Lilienfeld asserts that the five core premises of microaggression have no basis in fact.  The Professor was interviewed by telephone by College Fix, where he explains the fundamental flaw with the term, which he also says should be eliminated completely, by stating the following:

"Because they are totally in the eye of the beholder — anything you say could be labeled as a microaggression. In the current literature, if someone is offended by something, it is a microaggression. You simply cannot progress scientifically in this way or expect to resolve racial tensions on a college campus."

That is what is being seen all across campuses, and being legitimized by school administration officials and college professors by offering courses into a topic which has no basis in psychological science, including: psychometrics, social cognition, cognitive-behavioral therapy, behavior genetics, and personality, health and industrial-organizational psychology, according to Lilienfeld.

Now the NAU SAC is demanding Cheng give them safe spaces or resign, and in answers to questions posed to her administration by News 12, we see she stands behind her resistance to safe spaces.

Q: What does President Cheng think about the NAU SAC asking for her resignation if she doesn’t provide a safe space for all students?

A: NAU is safe. Creating segregated spaces for different groups on our campus only [leads] to misunderstanding, distrust and [reduces] the opportunity for discussion and engagement and education around diversity. Our classrooms and our campus is a place for engagement and respect – a place to learn from each other. NAU is committed to an atmosphere that is conducive to teaching and learning.

Contrast Cheng's stance, believing a college is a place to teach students how to navigate the real world by refusing to allow them to hide in "safe spaces" in order to avoid the fact that there is a diversity of opinions found outside the campus, to that of school officials at Columbia University, that are now allowing students to self-segregate, by making newly vacated rooms in the student center to become de-facto "safe spaces," by making them "exclusively reservable by identity-based groups that cater to LGBTQ students and students of color."



Over at University of California, LA, (UCLA) we see that free speech and an open exchange of ideas and debate is long gone already as Black Lives Matter students once again "stormed the stage" with their childish chanting, to disrupt a speech by Heather Mac Donald, a Manhattan Institute scholar, who was invited to speak by the Bruin Republicans to give a “Blue Lives Matter” talk about her 2016 book “The War on Cops." One of the protesters was quoted as stating "You have no right to speak."

McDonald is also slated to speak at Claremont McKenna College tonight where she will "will explore the data on policing, crime, and race and argue that policing today is driven by crime, not race, according to the event's description, and of course snowflake students that do not want her to be allowed to provide actual documented data, are planning to "shut down" the event.

Via the Claremont Independent:

A Facebook event titled, “Shut Down Anti-Black Fascist Heather Mac Donald” and hosted by "ShutDown Anti-BlackFascists" encourages students to protest the event because Mac Donald "condemns [the] Black Lives Matter movement," "supports racist police officers," and "supports increasing fascist 'law and order.'"

"Heather Mac Donald has been vocally against the Black Lives Matter movement and pro-police, both of which show her fascist ideologies and blatant anti-Blackness and white supremacy," the Facebook page adds. "Let’s show CMC that having this speaker is an attack on marginalized communities both on campus and off. Together, we can hold CMC accountable and prevent Mac Donald from spewing her racist, anti-Black, capitalist, imperialist, fascist agenda."

The protest organizers do not state specifically how they plan to "shut down" Mac Donald’s lecture, though they do urge students who attend to carry posters, wear black, and "Bring your comrades, because we’re shutting this down."

They even provide a handy graphic to go along with their attempt to stifle any speech that doesn't fit with their ideology.



Other nonsense being seen on college campuses across the nation, which shows that they are no longer "educational institutes," include a "civility flag" at Arcadia University, which is lowered for a week at a time every time "an incident of bias or hate is reported."

Considering the type of absurd issues that are consistently reported with the claim of "bias" at a variety of colleges, as we have detailed in previous reports, it would be surprising if the "civility flag" ever gets flown again.

A Professor is actually teaching an "anti-Trump course," at the University of California, Santa Cruz, which will include teaching students about "oppositional liberation movements."

George Mason University feminists held a "Make Your Own Damn Sandwich" event to help them "recognize everyday sexism."

California State University San Marcos has officially set up a monthlong campuswide celebration of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning and ally community," which they are calling "gAyPRIL," where they will be exploring animal-based sex fetishes.

You can find updated news on what is happening at universities across America and Campus Reform and College Fix.


These colleges and universities are day care centers for activists and snowflakes that cannot handle the reality of life outside their "safe spaces," rather than educational institutes, and donors should refuse to provide funds until these colleges get back to actually teaching students, stop coddling the "victimhood" mentality, and stop indoctrinating our nations college-aged students into communism.

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