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November 5, 2015

Congressman Tells Shocking Truth: 'Now It's Totally Gone To Hell' - Warns 'Our Worst Nightmare' May Await Us!


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher of California has a few minutes to go head to head with the US State Dept's Ambassador Anne Patterson over Syria, Russia and the Middle East as seen in the 1st video below and delivers a powerful message that Russia, Washington DC and America needs to hear. The "Russians were supposed to be our friends and we gave them hostilities" and then quite bluntly, "now it's totally gone to hell."

Telling us that 5 years ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin tried to work out a compromise with the US over the situation in Syria, Rohrabacher deserves praise for telling Patterson our govts policy in Syria has caused our nation great harm and tells us that he believes that it is our hostility towards Russia that is preventing the world from coming together to work out a more stable policy for the entire Middle East.

Rohrabacher speaks cold hard truth, telling us that we go around the world making deals with dictator's and then breaking the deals when things don't quite turn out the way we want them to, only for our dictator to be replaced by someone much worse and more dangerous to our own security here in America, such as ISIS. Did Libya turn out better with Gaddafi gone? "No, because half of Libya is now controlled by those who want to murder us....because they're radical Muslims" Rohrabacher trumpets.


At the 5 minute mark, Ambassador Patterson responds to Rohrabacher's question: How do you know that whoever might replace Syrian President Assad wouldn't be worse than him? Patterson's response is mind boggling. "I know these people. They'd never do such a thing." Really? How soon they 'forget'. As Rohrabacher questions, how does she know they won't be 'our worst nightmare'?

For those who would like to contact Congressman Rohrabacher to voice your opinions of his stance in this video, his phone #'s are (202) 225-2415 and (714) 960-6483. More on the unfolding situation in Syria that could potentially turn into WW3 and nuclear annihilation below this excellent video including Alex Jones talking about the unfolding 'ghost war' in Syria where Barack Obama has set the stage for a showdown with Russia and "there's bound to be some shooting".

Are we about to witness a proxy war between Russia and the US in Syria? While we are no fans of Assad and know quite well of Vladimir Putin's role in the KGB, with Syrian refugees now swarming into Europe and America, wouldn't the world be better off without war in Syria? What if war does begin between the US and Russia in Syria, couldn't it quickly explode into an all-out nuclear confrontation? From a Washington Post story called "How The Syrian Conflict Could Get Even Bigger And Bloodier".:

President Obama says he doesnít want to turn the Syria conflict into a proxy war. Unfortunately, thatís already happening, as combatants join the battle against the Islamic State with radically differing agendas that could collide.

Whatís over the hill, if the outside powers donít find a path toward de-escalation? Hereís one grim hint: I had visits over the past several weeks from leaders of Kurdish political movements in Iran and Syria who envision the day when a greater Kurdistan dissolves the borders of those nations, as well as Turkey and Iraq.

If Russia, Iran, Turkey and the other proxy fighters donít help put the pin back in this grenade, a more devastating, regionwide explosion lies ahead.

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