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January 20, 2017

Violence Escalating - Arrests, Pressure Grenades, Pepper Spray And Rubber Bullets As Police Attempt To Stop Anarchists In The Streets Of DC - Protests After The Trump Inauguration


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

While continuing to watch one of the live feeds we had up in the all day Inauguration thread, the coverage went to the streets of DC, where a reporter got caught up in the midst of violent protesters facing off with police. Law enforcement has arrested about 25 people in this one area already for vandalism and rioting, then brought out the rubber bullets, pressure grenades and pepper spray as they attempt to bring these protesters who the majority of which showed up after President Trump was inaugurated.

Refresh often, updates continue to be added.

The short clip from the live feed I am still watching is shown below, the live feed beneath that, where the chaos on the streets of DC is shown about 5 and a half hours after the live feed began.

The pressure grenades and such shown in the live feed below, which covers a variety of events happening throughout the day, from parades, to the inauguration lunch to the protests, and other videos below that show the violences occurring in other parts of DC. The reporter informs us that the protesters are from the #DusruptJ20 and they are throwing bottles and rocks at the police, attempting to incite more violence.

LIVE STREAM †BELOW -†Inauguration Day - On the streets - protests - Multiple locations

According to CNN 90 have been arrested so far.†

Via Reuters:†Black-clad activists smashed store windows and blocked traffic in Washington during U.S. President Donald Trump's inauguration on Friday, and fought with police in riot gear who responded with tear gas and stun grenades.

About 500 people, some wearing masks, marched through the city's downtown, using hammers to claw up chunks of pavement to smash the windows of a Bank of America branch and a McDonald's outlet, all symbols of the American capitalist system.


AP reports that at one point police †chased a group of about 100 protesters who smashed the windows of downtown businesses including a Starbucks, Bank of America and McDonald's as they denounced capitalism and Trump. Police in riot gear used pepper spray from large canisters and eventually cordoned off the protesters.

Read More -†Police Arrest Dozens of Protesters During Trump Inauguration Protests

More raw footage- Protests in the streets of Washington continued to escalate following the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States

Trump Inauguration Riots break out among protesters in Washington D.C. over Donald Trumpís inauguration

GREAT commentary on the video below where after showing the protests on American television, he shows what China's television is showing and discusses how while the left claims they are scared of Trump, it is the so-called "tolerant" liberals that are terrifying him and how they are making America look in the eyes of other countries.

Developing.... more raw footage will be added as things continue to escalate.

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