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November 28, 2017

Disturbing Trends In Our Dangerous New Reality - FemiNazi And Media War Against Men Has Reached A Tipping Point


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

As we continue to watch the fall of Hollywood, major media personalities and politicians under a tsunami of sexual harassment and/or abuse allegations, we are noting a few disturbingly dangerous patterns that have emerged.


One of the trends which I have noted before is the conflation of men that flirt, have some very bad "lines," hit on, or otherwise attempt to start a relationship being mixed in with men that actually abuse, rape and harass women.

A recent example of this came from the reports of the existence of the "Sh*tty Media Men" list, where women claiming that men had raped them, attacked them, physically harassed them sexually were listed on the same Google document as men "flirting" and "weird lunch dates." In other words men that had done nothing illegal, unethical, harmful or in any way wrong were being lumped in with men that physically assaulted women, yet this "whisper" network was being passed around to women in the media industry and destroying the reputation of some innocent men along with the guilty.

Many men on this list that had their behavior described as rape or actual sexual abuse, have been publicly outed, resigned or fired after claims went public where victims finally named names, but others have had their reputations damaged for simply being on the list without accusations of any actual wrongdoing and now that stigma will always hang over their heads and careers.

This brings us to another concerning trend, where the new wave of feminists seem to think that a compliment, simply telling a woman that she is "pretty" is somehow treating her like a "sex toy," aka sexual misconduct.

That is not an exaggeration as we can see examples online, such as a bartender over at Salon, who took issue with receiving a compliment and headlined her rant over it with "I’m a server, not your sex toy: Some advice to the next dude who wants to comment on my looks."

Make no mistake, the quotes below are not from a "satire" article, it is written in complete seriousness.

Recently, a young man walked into the bar where I was working, sat down, and told me that I was pretty. It just flew out of his mouth by accident; he’d obviously had a few. His vibe wasn’t slimy or aggressive. He just seemed excited to discover that a woman he found attractive would be opening his next beer. Convention suggests that the most normal and appropriate response from me would be a display of gratitude, but I wasn’t thankful. I just felt instantly beleaguered in a very familiar way.

I blankly responded that his thoughts on my appearance were not interesting to me and asked him what he’d like to drink. He stood there, drunk and caught off guard by his own boldness as well as my reaction. He tried to focus, knowing that the next move was his, his face reflecting the hazy fear that any dude who is at least trying to come correct feels when facing one of modern courtship’s classic gambles: I really do not want to be "that guy" versus this might just be crazy enough to work. He chose to hedge both ways and began slowly trying to dig himself out, struggling to enunciate and choose his words carefully but choosing the wrong ones. He bumbled between a handful of partially formed apologies before announcing that he felt awful, because I was clearly annoyed and he “would hate to offend such a pretty girl.”

I was so flattered that I instantly got super wet. Just joking! I was disgusted. It was 1 a.m. and I was tired. I wasn’t feeling combative enough to tell him to get lost immediately, especially knowing that he wouldn’t necessarily see the straight line between his actions and the punishment. But I also wasn’t in the mood to rah-rah a drunken stranger toward a potential enlightenment. Attempting diplomacy, I gave him a beer and put him in time out, instructing him to take 10 minutes to think about why even just his final statement was offensive. He wandered to the end of the bar and sat there in a fog.

I am not going to bother quoting the rest of her screed, I think her "attitude" comes through clearly from just the small portion above, where a man giving a woman (and I use that term loosely) a compliment, is some sort of huge offense, when most normal women would find it a compliment, say thank you and move along to the next customer, rather than thinking they had the right to "instruct" him to take time to think about why such a nice thing would be considered offensive.

These examples can be found all over the internet, where Donald Trump tells a woman she has a nice smile, and feminists roar "sexual harassment!!!!" 


Heaven forbid you call dare call a woman "exotic," because then you are guilty of "racial microagression," as this 5:46 minute video explains, which I am not embedding, people can click if they want to hear this babbling bimbo opine about how horrible it is to be complimented. Doing a search for how compliments offend feminists brings up whole how-to articles on how to compliment a woman without offending her.

Frankly after reading a Cosmopolitan piece on "14 Things You Should Know Before Dating a Feminist," if I were a guy, I would run as fast and as far away from a feminist as I could get. Is it any wonder why feminists are now whining they cannot find a decent date, even in the Bay Area? It has gotten so bad that women have taken to creating sites like the one titled "Women Against Feminism," detailing a number of reasons we cannot stand modern day feminism

It doesn't help that during their feminist Vulgar Vagina Marches, women hold up "slut" signs, paint the word on their chest, call themselves whores, yet get offended if a man calls them any of the aforementioned names? 


Another highly disturbing trend seems to be seen across party lines, where democratic feminists argue that some accused and where visual evidence back up those claims, shouldn't be cause to ask a politician to step down because he (Al Franken) is a democrat, and that is more important than sexual harassment.

Harding, the author of “Nasty Women: Feminism, Resistance, and Revolution in Trump’s America” admitted that having Democratic abusers resign would be harmful to her own political goals, and thus those sexual assaulters and harassers should be forgiven. Franken is accused of forcibly kissing a woman and there is a photo of him groping her while she is sleeping.

She argues that there are probably other Democrats who have committed sexual misconduct, so “if we set this precedent in the interest of demonstrating our party’s solidarity with harassed and abused women, we’re only going to drain the swamp of people who, however flawed, still regularly vote to protect women’s rights and freedoms.”

That is just as bad as conservatives arguing that a Republican politician shouldn't be removed, simply because he is a Republican, or excusing flaws when those flaws haven't even been proven, allowing the MSM to label a man on the basis of nothing more than "claims" without any type of supporting evidence.


Finally, the most disturbing and most dangerous trend in this new reality we seem to be living in is that no one seems to require proof any more, insisting that all women making accusations should be believed, despite the countless examples of mens lives being destroyed over false allegations. This is a mob rule mentality from the #MeToo crowd.


Political party aside, when you have a claim that a sitting Senator groped a woman's breasts while she was sleeping, accompanied by a picture of him doing so as evidence (shown above), it is a far cry from a woman making a claim without any type of evidence and not even a police report filed, or even a public statement about it for 40 years, only speaking up a month before a high profile election, as is the case with Judge Roy Moore.

In Franken's case other images have been revealed showing he likes to grope, whether it is with permission or without, establishing a pattern of behavior, yet with Moore, women are making claims, saying things happened more than three decades ago, but there is nothing to support those claims, yet the media is deliberately conflating all claims as "sexual harassment" or abuse.

There is even support for the claims against John Conyers, not just the 'word" of women claiming he sexually harassed them, but as in monetary settlements paid out to keep those allegations out of the public eye.

Moore was never sued, never offered financial settlements, no one has produced any type of proof, via images, audio, video or witnesses, yet Republicans across the board piled on the bandwagon insisting he drop out of the Alabama Senate election.


The disturbing trends the media would like to make into our dangerous new reality where any woman can claim anything and automatically be believed without a shred of evidence, where careers can be destroyed with nothing more than a "claim" of wrongdoing, while redefining wrongdoing as nothing more than an innocent compliment, is perhaps the scariest part of what we have been watching play out since the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke.

FemiNazis and their media enablers are blurring the lines between what is actual sexual assault and what is simple flirting in order to get a date, yet we see nothing of how men are consistently attacked, verbally and sometimes physically by women without any consequences, as well as blurring the lines between claims with some type of supporting documentation or evidence and claims that do not offer one bit of evidence to support them, then lumping them all together to convict a man in the court of public opinion.

It is time for normal women to speak up against modern day feminists and their attempts to destroy men, whether by emasculating them, being allowed to make claims with nothing to back them up and then insist all women should be believed, or their attempts to shame men into silence or risk being called a sexist misogynist, which is exactly what would happen if a man had written this article.


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