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June 18, 2018

Epidemic In America Reaches Critical Level: Dangerously Dumbing Down Children Before Sending Them To Radical Liberal Members Of Society, AKA College Professors


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Pew Research recently conducted a survey which found that when U.S. adults were shown statements and asked to identify them as either "factual," meaning they could be proven with objective evidence, or "opinion," 28 percent correctly identified "two or fewer" factual statements, 21 percent correctly identified three statements of fact, 24 percent correctly identified four factual statements and only 26 percent could correctly identify all five factual statements.

Those with a high political awareness were more likely to identify factual statements, as were those who were very digitally savvy and very interested in the news. That makes sense since those that consider themselves news junkies would be more likely to know the difference, and those digitally savvy are generally more likely to open up a search engine and look for the information.

It was initially surprising to see that another group listed as having a higher percentage was those that "had a lot of trust in the media," until digging into the number to discover that Pew only associated three news outlets in their survey.

In a separate part of the study, respondents were shown eight different statements. But this time, most saw statements attributed to one of three specific news outlets: one with a left-leaning audience (The New York Times), one with a right-leaning audience (Fox News Channel) and one with a more mixed audience (USA Today).

Overall, attributing the statements to news outlets had a limited impact on statement classification, except for one case: Republicans were modestly more likely than Democrats to accurately classify the three factual statements in this second set when they were attributed to Fox News – and correspondingly, Democrats were modestly less likely than Republicans to do so. Republicans correctly classified them 77% of the time when attributed to Fox News, 8 percentage points higher than Democrats, who did so 69% of the time.5 Members of the two parties were as likely as each other to correctly classify the factual statements when no source was attributed or when USA Today or The New York Times was attributed. Labeling statements with a news outlet had no impact on how Republicans or Democrats classified the opinion statements. And, overall, the same general findings about differences based on political awareness, digital savviness and trust also held true for this second set of statements.


Note: I was extremely disappointed to see that Pew did not also include outlets like CNN and MSNBC, it would have been the perfect opportunity to see how well their audiences were capable of separating factual statements from opinion.

Readers can take the quiz to see the statements the respondents were asked to identify as either fact or opinion at Pew: Quiz: How well can you tell factual from opinion statements?



Schools these days are what Stefan Stanford recently dubbed "re-education camps," where liberal activist teachers and professors are now more concerned with "teaching" their ideology to students, basically indoctrinating them, than they are about educating them in basic subjects such as english, math, social studies, history, science, etc.....

Throughout the past few decades standards for graduating out of high school have gotten lower and lower. For example, in July 2017, it was revealed by Psychology Today that 33 percent is now considered a "passing grade" in math, and more students are failing to even meet that low standard.

In January 2017 PBS highlighted an incredibly high number of students enrolling in college who are not prepared for a higher education, despite graduating High School.

Data from 911 two- and four-year colleges revealed that 96 percent of schools enrolled students who required remediation in the 2014-15 academic year, the most comprehensive recent numbers. At least 209 schools placed more than half of incoming students in at least one remedial course.

At least 569,751 students were enrolled in remedial classes that year. The true total is likely much higher because of inconsistencies in the way states track this data that may not capture adults returning to school or part-time students.
For years we have seen documented evidence that in order to increase graduation rates, schools have consistently been lowering the standards needed to be met to graduate. The latest example of this was reported in January 2018, where the San Ramon Valley school district passed a policy change to "redesign high school graduation requirements," by reducing the amount of credits required to graduate.



While the dumbing down of America is occurring from K-12, the  indoctrination into liberal activism, begins in college, where dangerously radical professors then have two to four years to "re-educate" those students.

Just looking at the front pages of the College Fix and Campus Reform websites, where they detail the day-to-day activism versus actual education, being "taught" to students across America.

Let us take a look at just a few of the things seen on the front page of Campus Reform today: Prof claims Google search algorithms 'privilege whiteness'; The American Association of University Professors "censured" University of Nebraska-Lincoln for disciplining an instructor who publicly berated a conservative student on campus last year; Human rights prof says Venezuelans 'better off' under socialismLiberal speakers outnumbered conservatives 11-1 at Indiana U; Harvard Medical School has removed 31 portraits of its former department heads from a lecture hall because all of the individuals are men, and 30 of them are white; Muslim prof made students praise Allah before entering office; Georgetown called out for urging donations to left-wing groups; Prof warns of ‘theocratization’ of Constitution by conservatives, and ; Course applies 'feminist methodologies' to scientific research.

All those were just some of the examples just on the Campus Reform main page.

College Fix: College that funds Planned Parenthood rally, ‘God is Dead’ event but shuns pro-lifers hit with discrimination suit; New high-profile Columbia Journalism School professor donated to Hillary Clinton 40 times since 2015; Occidental College changes queer housing policy after College Fix inquiry (Housing option originally appeared to exclude straight students);  Sociology department website encourages parents to let children engage in ‘sexual play’, and; Public university lets Quidditch Club choose its own leaders but not Christian group: lawsuit.

Via Campus Reform we see how students are so indoctrinated into liberal "opinion" that when questioned about the recent Supreme Court decision regarding the baker that refused to design a wedding cake for a gay couple, they were more than willing to suggest the baker should have been forced, by law to bake the cake, yet when asked if the same applied to a black baker being forced to design a cake for a KKK event, they were stumped. The look on their faces was like a light-bulb just went off, showing they never once considered any other "narrative" than the one they have been programmed to focus on.

The dumbing down of American school children, in conjunction with the "re-educating" and indoctrination of college aged students for the past few decades, could be a large factor in why so many U.S. adults today have a hard time separating fact from opinion.

The dangerously dumbing down of our nation's students is an epidemic that has reached critical levels.

The good news is by the end, we see there are still a few that have not allowed that programming to stick.


From the headlines and articles alone, it could be reasonably assumed that if a student is religious or white, or male, or pro-life or conservative, the universities and colleges, along with their school officials and their professors, teaching our nation's students, are consistently hostile against those students.

This is blatant indoctrination to force students into liberal activist ideology or be punished, mistreated, castigated and discriminated against.

Below Jordan Peterson explains how "Dangerous People Are Teaching Your Kids."

"Dangerous people are filling the heads of young people with dangerous nonsense. Who are these people? They are what Jordan Peterson calls “the post-modernists:” neo-Marxist professors who dominate our colleges and universities. And here’s the worst part: we are financing these nihilists with tax dollars, alumni gifts and tuition payments. Time to wise up."


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