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January 18, 2017

Davos Elite Freak Over Trump While Cowering In 'Silent Fear' Over The Collapse Of Their Globalist Agenda


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

The elite, globalists, world leaders, tech and social media giants... the ultra rich in other words, nearly 3,000 of them are all having their annual meeting at Davos for the World Economic Forum, to discuss issues such as "How to fix the middle class crisis," during a panel titled "Squeezed and Angry: How to Fix the Middle-Class Crisis."

Anybody else see the irony of people like "Ray Dalio - a billionaire who encourages spying on his employees; Christine Lagarde - a convicted criminal and tax evader, head of an organization that takes from the poor and gives to the world's creditors; and Larry Summers, a firm believer, and doer, in wealth redistribution from the middle classes to the wealthy," leading panel geared to understanding why "populism" is on the rise as globalism suffers blow after blow, and why the middle-class has utterly repudiated globalism in 2016?

We have largely stayed away from this years Davos event because frankly after Brexit, Trump's election, the Italy referendum and the rise of so-called "populist" movements across Europe, their complete disconnect from reality and their world view has become largely irrelevant, as their  goals and attempts to create a New World Order and One World Government, have collapsed around them like a house of cards.


The spectacle can no longer be ignored as attendants that pay up to $50,000 per person, sit around eating $48 salads, $38 hots dogs, $42 Club sandwich, and $41 burgers, while crawling on the floor on their hands and knees pretending to be refugees that have to flee from advancing armies, all the while bemoaning what a Trump presidency means for them.

In a Bloomberg article describing why Trump is not officially sending a representative to attend this years echo chamber of the rich and elite pretending to understand "ordinary peoples" concerns, because the President-Elect "thought it would betray his populist-fueled movement to have a presence at the high-powered annual gathering," they have a category titled Income Inequality, which underscores exactly how disconnected the Davos men and women truly are.

A study by the World Economic Forum released ahead of the Davos gathering concluded that the weak economic recovery following the global financial crisis of 2008-09 has widened the gap between rich and poor, fueling a sense of "economic malaise" that’s led to the rise of populist parties.

Think about that for a minute.... who benefited the most by the widening income gap since 2008-2009? Yes, the very same rich and so-called elite globalists, government ministers, titans of industry, academics, philanthropists, and royalty from around the world,  are now meeting  in Davos to discuss said income gap, the same people who pushed globalist policies over the last eight years, that benefited from them at the expense of the middle-class they are claiming to be concerned about..

(See: The list of Davos attendees for 2017 - Mouse over any of the colored dots in the graph for the name, company and position of this year's attendees."


Make no mistake, the Davos men and women are directly responsible for the chaos the world has become, as their own mission statement clearly highlights "The Forum engages the foremost political, business and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas."

Believe it or not, none of the above alone is the "spectacle" that prompted me to write about the Davos meeting, but rather it was a Politico article I read this morning, titled "Trump fear and loathing in Davos," which encapsulates everything that nationalists and populists across the world have repudiated in 2016, stripping these globalist "destroyers" of the power to continue leading the world down the path to total destruction.

Perhaps with the exception of parts of Brooklyn and the San Francisco Bay Area, it would be hard to find any place as deeply anxious about the inauguration on Friday of President Trump. Before and, more worryingly for them, after his election win, Trump has gone out of his way to openly question seemingly everything the Davos crowd holds dear: Free trade and globalization, a Western alliance of democracies, American-funded security for Europe.

Free Trade and Globalization: Trump promised to put America first, as any elected leader of any nation should. A look at what the "free trade and globalization" has done for America shows that as of October 2016, the trade gap for goods and services surged 17.8% from a month earlier to a seasonally adjusted $42.6 billion in October, called the "steepest one-month rise since March 2015, and took the deficit to its highest level since June." (Source)

Using China as an example, shows us why  during Obama's term, it was the first time in history the GDP, which is an indicator of economic growth, never reached 3 percent. has not published the final numbers for 2016, but we do see that the US ended 2015 with a $367 billion trade deficit with China, where U.S. exports to China were only $116.2 billion while imports from China hit a new record of $483.9 billion.

That is why we heard so much about everyone coming out ahead of the U.S. during Trump's campaigning, because we do not have "fair trade" at all. To globalists the term free trade, means anything that benefits others but not America.

American-funded security for Europe: Newsflash to the people of Davos that "hold dear" the notion that American should be funding security for Europe when we are nearly $20 trillion in debt ourselves. That one line actually had me shaking my head at the audacity of world leaders, where anybody not disconnected with reality would understand the U.S. has pull itself out the hole before even considering helping others. 

Moving right along to the next paragraphs of note in the Politico piece:

Trump spoiled the Davos party before it started. Speaking to German and British dailies a day before the Forum kicked off, he repeatedly criticized Angela Merkel and said he trusted the Germany leader no more than Russia’s strongman Vladimir Putin, declared the NATO military alliance "obsolete" and rooted for the further unravelling of the European Union in the wake of Britain’s vote to leave the bloc.

The comments dominated the rest of the week, leaving the "globalists" (to borrow the phrase used, derisively, by Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon) mostly appalled and confused. "No one knows whether to take him seriously," Emma Marcegaglia, head of lobbying group Business Europe and chairman of Italy’s oil giant Eni, told a panel co-hosted by POLITICO. If Trump does what he says or tweets, she added, "then it’s a disaster."

First off, Angela Merkel deserves all the criticism being leveled at her since her open border policies have created "the suicide of Germany," with terror attacks mounting up, as "German streets descend into lawlessness,"  bringing about a rape crisis of massive proportions.

There is also a very good argument for why the U.S., under Trump, should invoke Article 13 of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to withdraw.

We should not be in the business of pledging to send our brave soldiers to risk that last full measure of devotion to defend Estonia, Latvia, or Lithuania from Russian aggression, or Croatia or Albania from Serbian attack. Their sole duty is to defend the citizens of the United States who pay their salaries and owe allegiance to the United States, which Estonians, Latvians, Lithuanians, Croatians, and Albanians do not. For that reason among others, the United States should invoke Article 13 of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to withdraw.

As the article linked to points out, the main benefit of our participation in NATO is to inject U.S. dominance in Europe, which we have no business doing just as other nations have no right to inject their dominance over America, using the argument of adhering to "international norms" and the "international rule of law," taking precedence over the U.S. Constitution which governs our laws.

It is under the category of "Trump nowhere and everywhere," in the Politico article, that we see the real issue the Davos men and women have with Trump and why they are  conducting "a lot of impromptu therapy in between invocations of the apocalypse," with the following paragraph:

Trump’s style as much as his substance grates. Some of the 3,000-odd Davos men and, though still a minority, women are unused to a billionaire being uninterested in them. The people who come here are used to assuming the world revolves around them.

BOOM! Trump didn't just run against Hillary Clinton, who had the help of Barack Obama, Democrats and the mainstream media, all proponents of globalism, Trump ran against everything the Davos men and women stand for, all of which line their pockets even as 63 percent of American households don't even have enough savings to cover a $500 emergency, with the majority of those that are attending this years Davos meeting all fighting against him..... and Trump won.

That is why Davos attendee, outgoing VP Joe Biden, said the progressive Democratic world order is facing a collapse. That is why the Davos "elite" are freaking out. That is why they are cowering in "silent fear" and "struggling for answers."

The days, years, decades where they controlled the world, are over (at least for the next 4 years), and they know it.

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